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  1. I was the third bambi you were talking about in your own statement, I was there as much as you. So what you are saying there is wrong. Okay, that was my mistake, so nevermind what i was talking about. Nothing to add.
  2. Hello Fred, thanks for your point of view. Why do you try to judge this hostage situation? So you saw how he got unconcious, yes, but you and your mate didnt: 1. hear anything about the "conversation/ situation" 2. know that he already killed me 3. why he got punched till he was unconscious Fred, you joined in after the most of the situation was done. So stop try to evaluate the hostage situation. Thx
  3. Your temp ban has been removed, please keep an eye on this report as you may be required to answer further questions. Thanks, yeah dirby and me will take an eye on this report.
  4. Awesome lightweight guide! im totally in love with it and will have a try
  5. Welcome dude! Have a nice time on dayZRP! I'm really interested in your background story, maybe u'll tell it to me if we see us in chernarus King regards
  6. Hello guys, at first: i've to apologize for my late response. Dirby and me were running in front of cherno and just met those 'third guy'. We started to gut in roleplay and his Story was great. After a few minutes he told us about a guy, who is aiming at us down the street. Dirby and me discussed a short time in teamspeak before we decided to get to him. We (dirby and me in the following text) decided to take him as our hostage, cause ourselfs were taken as hostages and we wanted to start this kind of roleplay. Now lets have a look at your behaviour Shikaka. We told you to drop down your weapon, and u told us that u just got robbed. Fine, everyone could try to tell this 'sad' Story. I guess i would tell it by myself if i got robbed or get in this situation. However, you dropped some ammo of your mosin and thought (maybe, im Not sure at all) that we will be happy with it. But we werent happy... We told you that you are a hostage. We told you that we will not forgive if you try to beat us. We told you what we want and what could/ will happen if you react in a different way. You made the wrong decision and tried to run away. But why you stopped instead of keep running away? Cause you realized that the magnum of dirby were emtpy. So u pulled out and shot me down. Great shot, both of us were really surprised. The following was already given back and i have no new information. At least: i was really confused as i got those mail in my inbox and felt kind of shocked cuz i had no idea that we did anything wrong. Im done by myself with those 'kos - kiddies' But this was a completely other situation. Mind is open for any other views on this situation. Sorry for bad english our any mistakes, i just got up and had no Coffee so far Best regards crimeson
  7. Hello to everyone, my name is crimeson and i'm really glad that i found DayZRP. I'm 21 years old and live in Germany and working as IT-Supporter in a big hospital. Just passed my first attempt on the Whitelist process and now im waiing for my review. I like to play friendly and helpful, and done with normal servers cause of the many "kill on sight" players... guess that everyone here is knowing them King regards! crimeson