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  1. I'll be back
  2. Hello and welcome. Have fun and see you in game!
  3. Well good luck on the whitelist bro, See you in game later ^^ Have fun!
  4. Good luck and welcome!
  5. Welcome and good luck next month ^^ Have fun lurking around and I'll see you in game!!
  6. Hey welcome to the community. Go and have fun and remember the rules! See you in game.
  7. Welcome and have fun!
  8. Good luck and I hope you have fun !!
  9. hello, Welcome to the community! Have fun here ^^
  10. You goofed it up :(

  11. Welcome and have fun here!
  12. *Emily presses the transmit button and speaks.* "If anyone needs some help or food I'm willing to step in as well." *She releases the transmit button.*
  13. Send food nerd I'm hungry. 

    1. 5MILE5


      *Sends Food*


  14. Hello and welcome ^^ Have fun out there!
  15. Looks pretty good, a few mistakes, but hey I can't complain I'm not English speaking either. It was enjoyable to read, but yeah good luck out there being a person that wants to help and all