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""Iz zer aw pwobwem offiza?" - German Man"

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  1. *Radio static starts* "Hey, I'm not sure if you'll hear this. My walkie died before I could respond. Someone came to my rescue." *There is a pause for about a 10 seconds* *Transmission begins again* "I appreciate someone who is willing to help a stranger, hope to hear from you again.... Take care out there friend" *Transmission cuts*
  2. *Radio Hums* *In a very tired sounding manner, A young sounding males voice starts to talk* "Hello, I- I need help. *Inhales* I'm gonna die. I need food very badly, I cant find any and I'm not gonna let my birthday ski trip cost me my life. Please.... Someone come help me. I'm in some town called like Stary Sober or something. I'm hiding out in the church." *Radio transmission stops*
  3. Travis Graham was born on February 24th, 1994 in Keystone, Colorado to Brian and Denise Graham. In his early years growing up in a well-off family, he never had to worry about not having food on the table or a roof over his head. He was taught at a young age you must work for everything in life, nothing is handed to you. His mother was a nurse and his father was a police officer and eventually made it to be the Police Chief of Denver. Travis’s parents introduced him to snowboarding at the young age of 8 and he seemed to grasp onto the sport quite quickly, spending a large amount of his free
  4. Please note the dead bodies still in the vehicle
  5. dont climb trees

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