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""Iz zer aw pwobwem offiza?" - German Man"

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  1. Shrimps are pretty rich.

  2. I was raised on bread and Baloney

    1. Chewy



    2. Honda


      Fried bologna best bologna

    3. Worthless
  3. Don't go to the store hungry. You end up leaving with a stick of pepperoni, cheeses, meats and other random fooddss. 40 dollars gone. And in my tummy. Help me. Oh and I urge you suckers to try seawead snacks. So damn good.

  4. Look dude, we get it. You’re having a hard time. If you need people to talk to, just go hang out with them. Trying to make everybody feel bad for you and trying to guilt trip others into talking to you is not the way to go. 

    1. Dustemane


      I’m not trying to shit on you with this. I understand depression and deal with it myself. If you need people to talk to, come talk to me and Kara. 

      But guilt tripping people is not the way to deal with this.

    2. Worthless


      This is exactly what I didn't want to do.  

      I typed that when i just woke up,  felt like ass,  and i thought what you said but i didn't care.  But now i feel normalish again and realize what you're saying. My mentality is, if I ask for help. It's attention seeking so I never do it unless I'm like really bad 

    3. Dustemane


      Yo fam, we care. Come hang out with us today

    4. Worthless


      I guess I know. Someone cares. But when I have my minor depression outbursts, I feel like nobody does bro.

  5. (Null)

    1. Popet


      Hey dude. Come in TS if you need someone. 

    2. YNW Jasper

      YNW Jasper

      I'm not at home right now, but I will be in about an hour or so. Shoot me a PM or something dude, or come into TS and you can come chill in our channel if you want.

  6. Please change your name back. The cringe is triggering my crippling depression.

  7. The happiest are usually the saddest

    1. Phoenix


      Not true tbh

    2. Worthless


      In my experience it's true. It's my opinion. I'm sure others feel the same.

    3. Eagle



  8. Bruh are you a meme

    1. ShanePVP


      bruh you are ***

  9. Hanz and his brother, Fritz, where born in Berlin, Germany in 1979. They were born into a world of fun and dance, by age 5 they were dancing to music their parents would play at home. By age 18 Hanz joined the German Coast Guard and was at the end of his contract at age 22. So Hanz and Fritz went to their first disco and they quickly knew what they wanted to do in life, Own a disco club! So the two brothers went all over Germany learning all about the disco and they learned about Techno at age 37. They loved techno so much that they wanted to start a club dedicated to techno. They did lots of research into areas that were cheap to start a business and they found a place called Chernarus. So it was they would set up the first German Techno disco in a warehouse in Cherno. Hoping for it to be a success they worked hard to make it a huge hit in the city and country. When the outbreak of infected came they decided to go in to hiding in a cave until it was safe enough to travel on the surface to spread their happiness and fun wherever they went. And they would go to start the Traveling Disco.
  10. The kingdom 2.0 leaked info. Click here for the full story!! www.fakelinkthattakesyouknowwhere.com

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