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""Iz zer aw pwobwem offiza?" - German Man"

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    I haven't seen you on in ages!

  1. DayZRP Community Memes

    Brian fries his motherboard trying to install drivers before he learns about DayZRP @Galaxy
  2. Hanz Weinert

    Hanz and his brother, Fritz, where born in Berlin, Germany in 1979. They were born into a world of fun and dance, by age 5 they were dancing to music their parents would play at home. By age 18 Hanz joined the German Coast Guard and was at the end of his contract at age 22. So Hanz and Fritz went to their first disco and they quickly knew what they wanted to do in life, Own a disco club! So the two brothers went all over Germany learning all about the disco and they learned about Techno at age 37. They loved techno so much that they wanted to start a club dedicated to techno. They did lots of research into areas that were cheap to start a business and they found a place called Chernarus. So it was they would set up the first German Techno disco in a warehouse in Cherno. Hoping for it to be a success they worked hard to make it a huge hit in the city and country. When the outbreak of infected came they decided to go in to hiding in a cave until it was safe enough to travel on the surface to spread their happiness and fun wherever they went. And they would go to start the Traveling Disco.
  3. The kingdom 2.0 leaked info. Click here for the full story!! www.fakelinkthattakesyouknowwhere.com

  4. Quarantine Status Update. [Open freq.]

    *Hanz Reaches for his radio with excitement and holds the PTT in* "Oh my my" *laughs* "zis iz guut for Ze Techno Kaizers ja?!" *Hanz turns his head to his teddy bear called Otto* "Isn't zat vight Otto?" *Laughs once more* "Ohh vat if vee provide private disco for ze VDV ja?" *Hanz releases the PTT, puts the radio away, grabs Otto and goes to bed*
  5. VDV Quarantine zone?

    -User has been cautioned for this post-
  6. VDV Quarantine zone?

    How are you guys supposed to enforce a quarantine zone that large. Its just not realistic
  7. What do you listen to ?

  8. What do you listen to ?

    What is that, Doom metal? The singer is a Girl by the by
    • Aiko

    I hate your profile song. I'm gonna cry

    1. Aiko


      T_T I cried as I looked for things for my profile.

    2. DoAxKenney

      I had this as my profile song before the lore wipe 

      Best anime tbh

  9. Sound and Mic issue

    IG my mic won't send any sound and VoIP is stupid quiet and its max volume. its like a whisper help
  10. [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    Mine wins . But guy above me is like 3/10
  11. Debating on using 2-stroke and 4-stroke compilation as a profile song or Spirit of the North by Eldamar. Probs the engine compilation... 

  12. Waiting for someone to ask me what time it is at 3:14 pm so i can say "The time is Pi"

  13. Did you know its hard to get into your friends locked house house just for a bottle of hot sauce that he left for you and he is out of state so you have to find a way in so you climb up the balcony all while its raining harder than a fat dog pissing on a flat rock? Quite fun though.