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  1. I really liked that RP scenario Thumbs up for my first time getting robbed! I also appreciate you not taking all my gear! Most people would just rob me blind, but your philosophy on the "New World Order" and the thing about using pain as a weapon was great! Keep up the great RP guys! So glad we found you on the forums here. I love the experience, it was great to get into your characters back story a little with the RP. I hope he did well not having glasses anymore! It was great to have a hostage actually start to think about what we were saying instead of screaming for mercy or asking us to kill you. Great RP. Sorry bout the glasses BTW, but I had to get something for my collection! :troll: Hahaha, "And here, the glasses of a hopeless drunk." I didn't know if you guys noticed or not, but I RP'ed falling over and running into trees when you told me to run, I sprinted all the way down, and waited for someone to find me with my broken rib and poorly dressed wound. Unfortunately nobody showed, so I went to sleep. But I definitely appreciated the RP, it was very convincing that you were friendlies. Totally took me by surprise.
  2. I really liked that RP scenario Thumbs up for my first time getting robbed! I also appreciate you not taking all my gear! Most people would just rob me blind, but your philosophy on the "New World Order" and the thing about using pain as a weapon was great! Keep up the great RP guys!
  3. GRK-Atlas


    This was the best one I took this month.
  4. GRK-Atlas

    Before and After .60 (Screenshots)

    Oh god, those night time colors look so sexy. I am in love.
  5. Where do I start. > More guns, and variants, making it harder to find clips, making it harder to survive. In turn more realism. > Make Military Bases and Airfields INFESTED with zombies, making it harder to find the best gear. Better gear should be more challenging to get. > More Character models, both male and female. Older and younger looking ones for immersiveness. (Maybe even a character creation system) > More Civilian clothing. > More Food options. > Storage containers, (Useful for hoarding items on a server like RP at a base or settlement) > Wild Animals, (IE: Coyotes, Bears, Zombie Dogs, Regular Dogs, Cats, Goats, Sheep, Horses etc.) > More building variants. (IE: All police stations look the same, and shouldn't.) > More crafting items. (IE: natural medicine from plants but not as effective as regular medicine, making tea that helps with sickness, etc) > The Ability to save/claim a vehicle for a group or clan. > Bigger cities infested with zombies. > Animated Heli Crashes (IE: You witness the heli flying overhead whilst on fire and spinning out of control until it crashes, attracting tons of infected to the crash site. Making the gear harder to obtain) > Spotlights (Large and small) > Glowing radioactive zombies that cause radiation damage. (Perhaps at the Tisy Military Installation) > A Skill/class system divided up into certain professions. (IE: Pilots can fly aircraft, Doctors can most effectively use medicine, Soldiers have better gun stability or find ammo easier, Hunters have a tracking ability, etc) > Night Vision Goggles > Infrared Scopes
  6. Fox Stevenson. Nuff said. (Seriously though, he's great) https://soundcloud.com/foxstevenson
  7. GRK-Atlas

    I'm leaving, and I hope I'm coming back

    Best of luck, and be safe out there!
  8. Pretty sure you've just hit it right on it's head haha, that's exactly how I feel when seeing new faces, and it's also exactly how I RP my character. I have however become a bit more brave recently, meeting a few new faces. The thing is, I'm not at all a nervous or shy person in real life, that's what got me. Gear is never the issue, I'm very much a civilian, basic clothes, basic weaponry etc. Not only does that diminish the fear of having to gear up again, I also prefer the look, so win-win lol. With a game like this, you never know what's going to happen. It's loud, the gunshots are scary as hell, and you know that unlike the shit franchise that is Call of Duty, one shot can easily kill you. The map is huge and we know so little about it. The zombies sprint at you, and the players are mostly psychotic. I understand your fear, it's fear of the unknown. It's a primal instinct to be afraid of the unknown. Don't beat yourself up about it. I've talked to several players in this community who have the exact same fear that you do.
  9. GRK-Atlas

    Would you consider this abuse of game mechanics?

    I think it's creative, and at the moment the zombies are dull and dumb, and don't really understand obstacles. They just sort of sprint around until they find a way to kill you. I think as the Dev's update the zombies, we can look at it as them "Evolving" to be better predators, (IE jumping barriers, running faster, crawling under obstacles), but for now in their "evolutionary state" they can't do that, so I think at the moment if it keeps them out, it's not abusing the game's mechanics.
  10. Fear is a tool. Use it. Being afraid of other players could just be how your character feels as well. Avoiding any and all potential conflicts, and just fending for yourself is a great way to RP a character. There are not many Lone Wolves out there, especially one as cautious and realistic as yours. Would you want to talk to everyone you saw in a world where people have lost themselves? I sure wouldn't. I still get hella nervous too, I was extremely lucky to find a friendly group who took me in on my first real day on the server. Getting nervous is normal for DayZ. I still get nervous during shootouts AND when I see people I don't know. (IE: Heart races, hands sweat, arms & legs get shaky) It's all normal. I've been playing DayZ for two years now as well. Good gear is tough to find, and we certainly don't like losing it and starting over. That's also a reason you get nervous. Your mind is trying to tell you subconsciously that you do NOT want to get involved in something that will potentially result in your character's death.
  11. GRK-Atlas

    RP Age

    I think 16+ would work. The player models are far too mature looking to be any younger than 16. That's just my opinion. If Bohemia decide to add more "Teen" looking or younger looking models, then the younger you could go. I personally hope they add more older looking models. (IE: Grey/white hair, more aging to the face and body, that way you could realistically RP as like an older 50+ year old person if you wanted. But that's off topic.
  12. This happened a few days ago, but Hoth and I from Auxilium were at the Airfield, and we ran across "preacher" as we called him. He was trying to start some sort of church here in New Chernarus. Nice guy, I think his name was Bastion, if you see this man, excellent RP, it was awesome rolling with you. I couldn't let you get taken by the Lopatino Kings.
  13. People tend to try and join a more populated server, and when they see the 12 of us who actually DO play on S2, they ignore it, because they wanna be part of that 50/50 and will spend an hour trying to join a full server. (Why is beyond me)
  14. My current character is your average American male nurse, regular voice, fit for a regular American guy. No huge change needed for this one.