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  1. Just wanted to write it too But I think horses would be perfect in the infected Chernarus. Another important thing to do is character personalization. Maybe not the whole models, but just hair color, maybe facial hair for start. Anything that makes differences between people's look.
  2. Thank You all for welcoming me. It's nice of You. I have been already whitelisted. But thank you anyway, appreciate it! Naah. You know, writing is always easier than talking - I can check spelling before submitting, think of what I want to write. But it would not be so easy when somebody will put the gun against my character's head, haha
  3. Hello everyone, my name is Peter and I come from Poland. Firstly I have to apologize for my English - it's not as good as I want, but You should understand me with my eastern-european accent in game. Secondly: thank You all for keeping alive such a great community! I'm not pretending to be a significant part of it so far, but I already know it would be a significant part of me. I have some experience in role-playing, but it all was just texting. This is my first game where RP happens via microphones... and not in Polish. So it won't be just fun, it will be learning through fun. I can't wait to meet Your characters in game! PS. Just want to say hello to anyone who has been playing Neverwinter Nights on RP servers - it took a few years of my social life, but it was very precious and intresting years