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  1. Meeting Community Members IRL.

    So Cal Bhillin hmu
  2. T-shirt design contest

    "pls my name is nathan'
  3. Hey

    Are you lost?
  4. Failed Robberies Thread

    Officially going to think twice before trying to fuck with Boston. Fuck me dude you smashed them both. The guy's never knew what hit them. Idk, I had to do all the work today in stary Don't make me have to dust off my DayZ
  5. Tattoo thread - Show us your ink!

    Made the mistake of getting my tattoo on my forearm in the summer lmao. Long sleeves for 2 weeks, fml
  6. Tattoo thread - Show us your ink!

  7. Tattoo thread - Show us your ink!

    Hey, As a man with a lot of tattoos and a good friend of yours I received an message in a dream from the Old Brigade Raven and it told me that you should get this tattoo. Done
  8. Tattoo thread - Show us your ink!

    Getting my first tattoo later today, will update.
  9. [21] The Men from Container 21

    container 21 with 12 members, that's a scam
  10. Profile Props

    I like mine
  11. What dirt bike

    Can i ride on the handlebars?
  12. What dirt bike

    Getting back in to riding but ive been off for about 10 years so im not to sure what bike to get. Thinking about financing a new ktm 250 factory edition but idk. Ive had a kx and crf and loved them. Any opinions or experiences would help. Im pretty set on a 250 4 stroke, not a big fan of 2 smokers.
  13. Real life picture Thread

    I have the same problem, people either say I look way older than I am like 21/22 or people think im like 16. Sucks lol
  14. A family in need/gofundme

    As a very fortunate person who was raised in southern california (still live here, currently in Catalina) I understand the hardship of trying to stay here. Very expensive place to live. A few places that you guys could look into moving to are Victorville, Lake Havasu, and Buckeye (Last 2 are in AZ.) Very affordable places to live and not insanely far from the OC. Also something else to look into https://www.naca.com/home-save/
  15. Lil Dicky Appreciation Thread