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  1. tnkydoe

    Whats your Career , or are you studying? :)

    Ran sales for my family business for 3 years, was head-hunted by a couple big companies in California but ultimately wasn't ready to make the change. I left sales a few months ago and currently work as IT support for a hospital in Cali.
  2. tnkydoe

    What's a good first car?

    This is my first car/current and it's been a blast if you don't mind outrageous insurance rates haha If you aren't down with the finance game like me, there's a lot of fun little cars you can get in that price range. If I was in the snow I'd personally buy an SUV/Truck. Maybe an old 4x4? I have an old Nissan Pathfinder that i picked up recently for no particular reason other then it could be cool in the future. Just to name a few; Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Liberty, Nissan Pathfinder, Nissan Frontier, Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger. Just filtered 4x4/AWD | >100,000 miles, on auto trader and came up with some really good options. You're not in california so no point in sharing links but; (I have no idea what the market on these cars is like so i'm not sure if the prices are high/low for the what they are) Used 2006 Subaru Impreza 2.5i Sedan for $6,299 Used 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4WD Limited for $7,675 Used 2005 Volvo XC90 AWD T6 w/ 3rd Row for $5,995
  3. tnkydoe

    Tattoo thread - Show us your ink!

    Guess while i'm here ill post a picture of my other tattoo since it's been a buried in this thread or something idk, I think this picture was a screenshot of a video so it might look a bit off.
  4. tnkydoe

    Tattoo thread - Show us your ink!

    My most recent tattoo
  5. tnkydoe

    DayZRP Mod Nostalgia Thread

    Were you there when one of the BoS guy threw a can and right when he threw it I shot the guy he was throwing it at he he thought he killed him with the can. I was in CRA at the time and we were in a firefight or something, idk that's my best description of the story lol Had some good times in BHM with probably one of the most stacked rosters at the time, I think tom posted a picture of it somewhere in here. The best times were def with al-Takizh, I wish the videos were still around
  6. tnkydoe

    Meeting Community Members IRL.

    So Cal Bhillin hmu
  7. tnkydoe

    T-shirt design contest

    "pls my name is nathan'
  8. tnkydoe


    Are you lost?
  9. tnkydoe

    Failed Robberies Thread

    Officially going to think twice before trying to fuck with Boston. Fuck me dude you smashed them both. The guy's never knew what hit them. Idk, I had to do all the work today in stary Don't make me have to dust off my DayZ
  10. tnkydoe

    Tattoo thread - Show us your ink!

    Made the mistake of getting my tattoo on my forearm in the summer lmao. Long sleeves for 2 weeks, fml
  11. tnkydoe

    Tattoo thread - Show us your ink!

  12. tnkydoe

    Tattoo thread - Show us your ink!

    Hey, As a man with a lot of tattoos and a good friend of yours I received an message in a dream from the Old Brigade Raven and it told me that you should get this tattoo. Done
  13. tnkydoe

    Tattoo thread - Show us your ink!

    Getting my first tattoo later today, will update.
  14. tnkydoe

    [21] The Men from Container 21

    container 21 with 12 members, that's a scam
  15. tnkydoe

    Profile Props

    I like mine