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  1. Neither me or Timingle have any recordings.
  2. Server and location: Server 3, near Stary. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 28/09/15 at around 16:00. Daytime or Night-time: Night-time. Your in game name: Mikhail Myshkin. Names of allies involved: Vlad Myshkin. Name/Skin of suspect/s: Too dark to tell. Suspects weapon/s: Some kind of SMG, may have been silenced. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): No vehicles involved. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): No screenshot or video evidence. Detailed description of the events: Me and my friend joined the server for the first time in the day. I proceeded to walk out on to the street and meet two people. They told me to put my hands up and to not pull out my weapon. I complied with everything they said. My friend was watching nearby while the whole event took place. As they become more and more threatening my friend was forced to shoot one in order to help me. The other robber proceeds to shoot me while i am still complying with my hands up, without saying a thing.
  3. crabgam

    FN-FAL WIP Preview

    Can't wait to hear how it'll sound
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