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  1. Strider

    BeanZ WAR

  2. Strider

    BeanZ WAR

  3. Strider

    Old man out!

    Bye bye
  4. Strider

    Sobaki [Media Thread]

    @Covert why tho
  5. Strider

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Dont forget about me, the guy sitting at base.
  6. Strider

    Why so many groups with very similar or dull goals?

    Hmm, idk if people should be "forced" to fill their media threads since some people just can't afford to record or whatever. I just think general activity, quality of the group thread/lore and the judgement of the LMs should determine if they get official status. Just something "more" than what we have right now would satisfy me tbh.
  7. Strider

    Why so many groups with very similar or dull goals?

    Ah ok I get you. I would also like the old system back, the groups just had more effort back then because of the system.
  8. Strider

    Why so many groups with very similar or dull goals?

    I don't think LMs are in charge of groups anymore. Unless that's been changed again, Admins handle the groups for now.
  9. Strider

    Most intimidating/interesting accent?

    - User has been warned for this post. -
  10. Strider

    BeanZ WAR

  11. Strider

    BeanZ WAR

  12. Strider

    Proposed Settlement Rule Change

    Have fun!
  13. Strider

    Proposed Settlement Rule Change

    I got a good idea, fuck all the settlement rules. The less OOC interferes with IC stuff, the better.
  14. Strider

    Journal of Kelsie Abrahms

    Nice one.
  15. Strider

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      I posted this already Strider, jeez.

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      You right.. RIP.

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