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    How did you name your character?

    Tommy DeCarlo, I chose it because Tommy will be the name of my first born and the last name is from this guy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angelo_DeCarlo and Tammy DeCarlo, if my first born is a girl then that is why I chose Tammy. The last name has the same reason.
  2. ColSheridan

    The Roamers 117.2

    *Tommy leans over and grabs his radio* This is Tommy DeCarlo, I would like to have a box of .357 ammo and painkillers if possible to be delivered to Dolina. Just drop it off at the police station if I'm not there. I'm near Cherno so I'll be making my way back home. I'll trade some good supplies in return. *he puts his radio away and begins his trek back to Dolina*
  3. Hello ladies and gentlemen! I'm Lucky or Colonel Sheridan in this case (if you wish to call me Lucky by all means you can), walker of the gaming realms, novice in role playing and many more that I rather not say! I tend to be calm in most situations, and most of time I don't talk, so please bare with my shyness. I hope I'll get accepted into this community so we may create wonderful memories in games together and I sure hope we can all get along. With that, I'll see you lot in the field.