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  1. The Merry Men [Recruitment Open] [W.I.P]

    We are currently working on this! I'm sure it was a pleasure
  2. The Merry Men [Recruitment Open] [W.I.P]

    That would be great! Also can't wait to meet in game!
  3. The Merry Men [Recruitment Open] [W.I.P]

    Don't really know anyone who does it sadly http://www.dayzrp.com/t-DayZRP-s-Graphic-Artists-Megathread Could look there, it's a list of people who do graphics Thanks I'll have a look!
  4. The Merry Men [Recruitment Open] [W.I.P]

    Don't really know anyone who does it sadly
  5. The Merry Men [Recruitment Open] [W.I.P]

    It's a pleasure to have you and glad you appreciate what we are doing!
  6. The Merry Men [Recruitment Open] [W.I.P]

    Thanks everyone can't wait to meet you guys in game!
  7. http://i.imgur.com/fZ1bfv4.png[/img] Sit back and enjoy the legend of "The Merry Men" Despite what people may think we weren't always "The Merry Men", we were wanderers just trying to survive this so called "Apocalypse". We came all around the world for hunting trips, fishing trips, new life, and so much more just to get thrown into all this. At first none of us knew each other at all we just began meeting one another on our various wanderings and decided it's safer being together. So one by one we would meet and the group of travelers would get slightly bigger. We never fought each other and we all got along fairly well. All of us were like minded men with one goal, and that goal was to survive. One day we were traveling into a place called Kabanino so we could get hydrated and look for some food or maybe trade with the locals. However in this town we found two things that changed every one of our lives, a man and a book. This man looked like a very wealthy man for apocalyptic standards . What shocked us the most was this man was picking on a not so lucky bystander who looked considerably less wealthy. At this time our group was searching the store in town and one of us came across a book. When he picked it up he opened a page and began reading his eyes got really big and he called us over and we huddled around him. He said look at this! The book said "We steal from the rich and give to the poor that's right!". We looked at the cover and it was called "Robin Hood and His Merry Men". We all looked at each other then looked back at the wealthy man and sprung to action. All of us had the same idea we surrounded the man and told him to immediately return all he has taken from this man and also made him throw in some extra. We were being just like the Merry Men from the book we had just seen, robbing the rich to give to the poor. When this was all over with we made the man leave town and as for the man we had just helped he was very grateful for our help and asked who we are. As if it was planned we all at once said "We are The Merry Men". He tried to offer us supplies but we respectfully declined and told him, "Don't help us, help those who need help the most" Ever since that faithful day us Merry Men would travel preying on those who could be considered too wealthy and giving to the less fortunate. We would go after those who have abused the wealth they have and give to those who truly need it. There has been times with even after the warnings given to those who we have helped where they have gone mad with the wealth and the cycle would simply repeat itself and their wealth would be stripped away. We help those who need it and take down those who abuse it, we are The Merry Men. Merry Men Daunte Aguilar Khan Aitmatov Jayce Alexander Danny Savov Eddie Strong Friends: n/a Enemies: n/a For now it we will do some OOC recruitments but soon it will be strictly IC recruitments. TEMPLATE TO PM TO Jayce Alexander In Game Name: Forum Name: DayZ SA Hours: What You Can Bring: Why You Want To Join: Background:
  8. KoS/Bad RP at GM/Pogorevka

    We were 800 meters away I checked it and how did you check this?? Over Izurvive its a very simple way of checking. We were 800 meters away I checked it I think you need to understand something here. If you shoot a guy, take him hostage and let him go. He has EVERY right to come back and shoot you down. Unless I am misunderstanding something, why is there any debate about how far out he was? We let him go to just forget about everything. He shot me in the chest once and missed the 2nd time without ever properly initiating while still at green mountain which turned into him getting broken legs and released shortly after.
  9. KoS/Bad RP at GM/Pogorevka

    We were 800 meters away I checked it
  10. KoS/Bad RP at GM/Pogorevka

    Yes he first warned me in steam chat (which I didn't reply to since it wasn't RP) then in text in game so we couldn't follow his voice. After releasing him we ran down into Pogorevka and almost instantly started taking shots. 10 mins at most.
  11. KoS/Bad RP at GM/Pogorevka

    Server and location: Server 1 at Pogorevka/GM Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 07-10-2015 02:20 Daytime or Night-time: Night Your in game name: Jayce Alexander Names of allies involved: Rumle Skaft, Clinton Smoke, Daniel Smoke, Jacob Aqissiaq Name/Skin of suspect/s: Ryan Sherman Suspects weapon/s: 1st time blaze 2nd time not sure Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Detailed description of the events: We were all at Green Mountain when Ryan started acting weird so we pointed our guns at him forcing him to leave after we tried calming him down. It was at that point I began receiving steam messages saying if we kept pointing guns at him one of us would die. Since it wasn't in game I did nothing to reply. At this point he became like a ghost a practically stalked us while not using voice chat but only text chat saying not to go on the tower or he'd shoot. He did this so we couldn't follow his voice and actually RP with him. (I honestly see this as breaking RP and giving yourself an advantage) He then took the first shot at me and hit me in the chest ruining my shirt and vest. I went inside bandaged and began searching for him. He shot at me again and hardly missed and we continued searching for him. A few minutes past and then we found him on the road running. We warned him to stop and when he refused and ran we broke his legs with a single bullet. We bandaged and gave him a splint. We brought him restrained into the jail cell at Green Mountain where we were stopped by two heroes who misunderstood what happened. They made him run without turning back and we all left down to Pogorevka. Where we all drank at the pump and began looking for food. We all went back on the road and at that moment I was shot unconscious without him saying a word. I was bandaged then upon getting back up was shot again but this time I was shot dead. He never said one word but killed me.
  12. [S2 GM]: BadRP Execution|Ruleplay over Roleplay

    Me and some friends were headed up to GM after hearing practically horror stories about the cannibals and one of us being robbed by cannibals in the past and another having an encounter where a friend was eaten. So we decided to see if we could find any cannibals to RP some sort of revenge or torture for the lost friend. (Of course we would only be able to find out by chance of them admitting or of catching them in the act.) So we got to GM and were there for about 15 mins before the robbery. We met one man before the robbery named Ryan who actually was with the group of gentlemen who came in to save the day. (We had no contact with him after he left) Then Donut showed up, he seemed like a nice enough guy so we began to trust him and when he was "taking a piss" we heard him reload his gun in the bathroom. We were then a bit curious but pretended as if we never heard it (give a chance for rp) He asked me how I learned to make my Ghillie Suit and I told him. He then asked the steps to make one so he could one day, so I did. It was at that point where he told us to get up and put our hands up. So we all did. Then the gentlemen (with Ryan showed up and saved us) I then thanked the men and the rest was out of my control. The kill was determined by and done by another member of the group. However I do see why they decided to kill him instead of torture. Torture seems like a more inhumane thing to do and would not fit the current character of the guy who killed him. After all he committed a hostile action against the group and now some people would torture him, but we are not the type that likes to draw out the pain. It just doesn't fit the character for any of us. So as I see it, it was swift justice.
  13. [S2 GM]: BadRP Execution|Ruleplay over Roleplay

    In my POV I was only thanking the men who saved my life along with my two friends and they determined to kill him for what he has done. I had not even brought up the idea of killing nor did I pull the trigger. I also do think it could of went a bit better but I really had no say in it at all.
  14. Greetings Fellow Survivalists!

    In no way will I John Cena someone here
  15. Greetings Fellow Survivalists!

    Thanks! Thank you! I've been on edge waiting