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  1. No, not in every situation. But when an individual that i tried to robb and is armed and runs away all of a sudden, i guess thats the right way of handleling it, rather than running away. Because that individual, after your rules, can take revenge on me.
  2. How is what i wrote down considered flaming? The thing with me trying to punch you was, because you started running away all of a sudden and did not react the way it was supposed to be. Therefore i try to punish you, what in my opinion, still is a reasonable reaction. So what would you have done in that kinda situation, where a guy with a sniper rifle runs away from you? Would you just let him escape / take aim at you from a further distance? No. It's the same way that you would act like in real-life. You would try to kill the guy with the rifle. End of the story.
  3. Hello, I'm sorry Shikaka but you are very wrong and missed alot of points in your report, like in the other one you tried to catch me with. First of all we where indeed roleplaying and yes as you noticed the magnum was empty. Still i told you that you should drop your weapons for us, since you haven't done that and ran away, we decided to follow you and punch you unconcious which is the right way to handle that situation in my opinion, because if we would have not done that you would have shot us both. who knows. Also this has nothing to do with "public DayZ mentality". Because it is a normal reaction to hit a guy that you tried to robb and who is armed. Also you actually interrupted us while we where roleplaying with the other guy that was there the whole time, you stood in the middle of the street and took aim at all of us, which in my opinion doesnt have to do anything with RP. Maybe you should go a little bit slower with you'r Reports about people, you didn't even get killed in the whole situation so why do you have to complain? I got shot yesterday by a guy who gave me 2 seconds to react to his demands and I did not report him. Sometimes you should just accept the fact that you got outplayed by someone else.
  4. I did not see your Text-messages, maybe i just didn't pay attention to it because i was focusing on hearing noises of you too, however i am deeply sorry for this case and cant apology more.
  5. I dont record while playing. Don't know about the two guys.
  6. Because i was about to play with my csgo team
  7. Hello, i am sorry for that what happened i guess something went wrong there. I heard you both speaking in the house as i was approaching it in the night, i then started shouting at you guys that you should come out or i woudl harm you. since you didn't respond i decided to rush the building and i was firing 3-4 bullets through the front doors. Idk if you didn't hear me or if my microphone maybe was disabled.
  8. Hello there =), Quick update : just got whitelisted ! woohoo ! see you ingame guys =)
  9. Hi DayZRP Community =) Just wanted to greet you guys, im Jonathan from Germany, currently waiting to be whitelisted (: Hope we can enjoy some Roleplaying together soon. Have a good one, Jonathan alias d1rbY