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  1. *He listens to the man's broadcast and feels relief* " Sometime... tomorrow, during dayligt would be perfect. Just so you know I am dead tired right now so after this broadcast, I am going to turn off the radio. See you tomorrow then, sir." *He turns off the walkie, writes down the frequency and passes out on a mouldy sofa*
  2. *Buchanan looks down at Camp Indigo from the forest through his binoculars. Surprised to see that ,at the moment, no one is visible. He turns on his walkie talkie and speaks in a tone of exhaustion* "Hello, testing, one, two three, one, two, three. Is this thing even on? Uhh, Hi there, the name's Buchanan and I heard on the radio that You people are, good people, that you can provide refuge to those in need." *He becomes quiet for a brief moment.* " ...if it's alright with you guys, I would like to meet you people tomorrow, during daylight. In the mean time , I am gonna take a long (!) nap in the next village. So, uhh... yeah"
  3. Got to agree, it was great fun convincing the guy that we were part of the NA Yeah, you guys played me like a piano, but it was very fun.
  4. Enforced Medical RP

    I'm 50/50 on this one