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  1. Jay Buchanan was once a journalist for national geographic. Now he is a scavenger that spends his days going through cupboards, looking for something to eat. He regrets everyday that he took the job, writing a story about some bullshit endangered bird, because of course,the day when he came to Chernarus the shit hit the fan. Everyone in his crew died. Some due to stupid things like dysentery or falling off a cliff. some got shot by military and some got infected. Jay currently is now just a lone wanderer that is trying to find a purpose.
  2. Server and location: S1. west of Kamenka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Around 19:30, 25/03/2017 Your in game name: Jay Buchanan Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: I was walking west out from Kamenka, towards the road checkpoint to loot the area. Whilst being there, I met a friendly survivor who was also looting, we had a nice chat and after a couple of minutes , we decided to part ways. At that exact moment another stranger walked towards us, wondering who we were, which groups we where apart of. Answering the stranger's questions, I felt uncomfortable and explained that I was leaving . I jogged maybe 5-10 meters from the stranger when the man shouted " put your hands up". I did a 180 degree turn towards the man, being compleately shocked. I said "Ok" , but he immediately gunned me down. He gunned me down maximum 3-4 secounds after intiating on me. I believe that this was not enough time for a person to show if he or she would comply .
  3. *He listens to the man's broadcast and feels relief* " Sometime... tomorrow, during dayligt would be perfect. Just so you know I am dead tired right now so after this broadcast, I am going to turn off the radio. See you tomorrow then, sir." *He turns off the walkie, writes down the frequency and passes out on a mouldy sofa*
  4. *Buchanan looks down at Camp Indigo from the forest through his binoculars. Surprised to see that ,at the moment, no one is visible. He turns on his walkie talkie and speaks in a tone of exhaustion* "Hello, testing, one, two three, one, two, three. Is this thing even on? Uhh, Hi there, the name's Buchanan and I heard on the radio that You people are, good people, that you can provide refuge to those in need." *He becomes quiet for a brief moment.* " ...if it's alright with you guys, I would like to meet you people tomorrow, during daylight. In the mean time , I am gonna take a long (!) nap in the next village. So, uhh... yeah"
  5. Got to agree, it was great fun convincing the guy that we were part of the NA Yeah, you guys played me like a piano, but it was very fun.
  6. Scotch

    S2 East Novaya Petrovka: Mass RDM/ KOS

    Jay buchanan Here. There are several things I do not understand here. why did Rob Smity come back to the firefight when the firefight did not involve him. How could Jimmy Hand see smoke frome the fragmentation grenade when it does not create smoke. Why Jimmy Hand felt the need to just rush in without explaining it to the survivors(Zar). You people having a nice chat just after, when it clearley says in the chat log that Rob smity did not write anything. And the FACT that you did not see anybody of the grenade throwers. If Hands were so close that he could see smoke why did it take 3 minutes until Zar shot Hand , 3 minutes is enough to tell any survivors of your presence. I have nothing more to add
  7. Scotch

    Killed without Initiation

    You may have talked to some of us but not all of us agree with you. I would like to follow through with this report. You still did not obay the no value for life rule.
  8. Scotch

    Killed without Initiation

    Sergei Igorvit´s point of view My friends and i met a groupe and we decided to travel together. As we closed up to the city we saw a groupe that was follwoing us. We caught up to one of them asking why he was following us. He tried to not answer the question. And when we asked where his friends were he said he was alone. After a while Wulf miller was evasive and was not answering fully our questions and out of nowhere terrel Johnson pulled out his pistol and aimed at Wulff Miller and told him to put his arms up. Interupting Terrel Johnson, wulff miller raised his gun and aimed at terrel johnson. They started firing each other and i reacted immediately gunning down the stranger. Leo Broker will soon have a video which may be of use