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  1. marksman48

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  2. marksman48

    Nothing special

    Poked my head in the TeamSpeak, was told there is no more Hostile RP allowed. So, this is me telling you all: Drop weps, you got 10 secs.
  3. marksman48

    At Armageddon's Edge [Unofficial Altis Lore]

    Probably could have shown this to the Staff and had them decide if it was worth dropping into Global chat rather than just poking random people with it.
  4. marksman48

    Public Streaming Channel

    My suggestion is to have the channels open, but you can easily have verified streamers be channel admins. This idea was more of for people who want to just stream with the public though, but I agree that being able to choose who's in the channel with you is absolutely something I would want.
  5. marksman48

    Public Streaming Channel

    I was thinking, we have quite a few streamers in the community, and sometimes they want to be able to stream with the public community members instead of just within their own groups. So generally, they'll just sit in either a temporary channel that says they're streaming or in one of the public channels. The problem with both of these is that if they're in one of the public channels, it doesn't proclaim that our streamers are actually streaming. If they're in a temporary channel, you have to scroll to the BOTTOM of the TS just to see them, which I doubt most people do. So my proposal is this: within the Community Channels, create a Public Streaming Lobby, with 3 subchannels within it. That way, it's at the top of the TS, our streamers can get the numbers and the coverage they want with their channels.
  6. marksman48

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  7. marksman48


    Thought a year would change this community for the better and would maybe smoke out some of the snakes within it. Now there's just a bunch more that I don't know about. Instead it's lost a lot of the freedoms that made this community so special and charming to me.



  8. All in all, Steven was a decent person. Just a tad misguided.
  9. marksman48

    Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    Thanks for the invite gents. I appreciate it. Think I'm gonna have a lot of fun here.
  10. Mademoiselle

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    Welcome back!!!!!!!!!! I missed you!!!!!!!!

  11. Hebee

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    Thank you, and welcome back.

  12. marksman48

    What do you listen to ?

  13. marksman48

    Hope you come back soon, Lukeh.

    1. Noxious


      Broke my hand in my Sport Grand Final, so we'll see after some Physio xDxD x 

  14. marksman48

    Get out of jail card idea

    Also good ole Johnny
  15. Ever since I was 10, I’ve always wanted to make the world a better place and help people. I watched my best friend die and was powerless to help him. His death and the circumstances surrounding his death have driven and molded me into the man I am today. As soon as I was old enough, I signed up to become a paramedic. I learned the ropes quickly and became pretty proficient at taking care of gunshot wounds; Detroit’ll do that to you. I was also taught how best to avoid coming into contact with diseases and how to prevent it from spreading further. I didn’t realize how important that would be for me back then; I’m glad I paid attention to that fuckin’ class. A little over a year ago, an old friend of mine contacted me asking for help. Albeit, it was help moving, but they still wanted my help. The tiny country they’d moved to was having near constant riots and there were rumours of some form of an infection going around. I hopped onto the next flight out and arrived in Chernarus October 21st, on the last plane to arrive safely in-country. Well, shit went sideways and my friend, the man I’d known like a brother, had been killed. Trapped here, I dedicated as much time as I could to assisting in the Northwest aid tents. In due time, the foreign aid camp was overrun and we scattered like fuckin’ rats. I laid low for a long time- too long of a time sitting around on my ass not helping anyone, just listening to the radio broadcasts.