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    The Corporation [Open Frequency]

    "Lead, Vector. Bring him in." @About400Crows @Brokenkaliber @SheepyMcSheepface
  2. GaryCash

    The Corporation [Open Frequency]

    "Spore to Jaguar, how copy. You were the last one who was seen with Boar. Yes?" @Elijah Johnson @SheepyMcSheepface
  3. GaryCash

    Deer Isle shutdown

    IM IN
  4. This character is KOSable you may kill this character on sight. Montell Dundurst's is part of what should be a now defunct portion of the UN Peacekeepers... Time and power has corrupted the higher up's controlling the section of the organization that he falls under and this whole portion of the organization he's apart has become malignantly ill... It has become brutalistic and totalitarian, unbeknownst to Montell, the commander in charge of the operations that he was a part of was murdered by two of his subordinates in a power grab. Since then they've ruled this section of the Peace Keepers with an Ironfist. They kill and slaughter those who refuse to give into the order that they command. They kill those who steal and punish those to disobey. They are ruthless and brutal. They care mostly for themselves taxing the people around them, and they force the people to return to the city by night fall under curfew, under threat of if they come back in the night they will be assumed to be mauraders and will be shot. No one in the towns or cities under their control is allowed to be armed unless they are venturing into the wilderness and even then they have to fill out a request at one of the 'UN' Controlled armories... if you could even call this branch of the 'Peacekeepers' that. They are working closely with a cunning task force from Interpol. Jericho is the first of the 'Peacebreakers,' to arrive in Chernarus during the Corporations third wave… he and his people have been fighting the Corporation for a long time now... both before and after the apocalypse.
  5. GaryCash

    The Time.

  6. GaryCash

    A Prisoners Journal

    Yo your website content is always so awesome
  7. GaryCash

    Hey everyone!

    Good luck out there!
  8. GaryCash

    Poll to remove Prison Island

    But wait if you get rid of the Island, how am I supposed to go there to avoid RP?
  9. GaryCash

    Allow KOS during queue

    You could do this by displaying a public message saying KOS IS allowed then when there is no queue KOS IS NOT ALLOWED would make for some interesting conversations though when that ping comes across and your middle of dialogue with somoene
  10. GaryCash

    Allow KOS during queue

    Allow KOS in general If its abused-- ban the person If its for good RP-- allow it For A Better Tomorrow
  11. GaryCash

    Odezva (Open Recruitment)

    @SaltySully Very Cool man As some one whos made a group page and knows all the time and effort it takes / goes into one, I gotta say I really appreciate that touch. Its very cool and a very cool motivator for your members also its cool to see us as a potential objective / reward for conflict etc. Cheers!
  12. GaryCash

    Potius Cras

    Updated the group roster with the corporation characters the members are playing I also went through the list of active members and have found the 3 that have still not signed the KOSable contract that we all agreed to sign here on the forums They have all been notified they need to sign this contract They will have 24 hours to do so before I remove them from the roster Please let me know if theres anything else we need to / can do to become official. Thanks @Randy
  13. GaryCash

    Should offline base raiding be allowed?

    Other than banning base raiding of offline players all together there are ways to incentivize people not to raid off line like for instance if we made it so if you died in an enemies base you were automatically pked or we gave official groups official bases and the immediate areas surrounding the base they could KOS from inside the base— maybe they would always be KOSable inside their base though idk just saying these are just examples of ideas that you could incentivize people not to raid offline with rather than out right banning it — cause truth be told also someone can always hide in their base I disagree bases greatly promote RP
  14. GaryCash

    The Corporation

    It wasn’t long after this radio transmission was sent out that Operator R and his team arrived in Chernarus. After biding his time, he transmitted on the frequency. ”I can tell you where to find them.” The distorted voice ringed out over the broadcasting waves.
  15. GaryCash

    Potius Cras

    @Randy Updated the page for Wave 3, part 3 Also reoroganized the page to add more flow to it and better continuity-- adding the current member roster list now
  16. GaryCash

    Potius Cras

    Sounds good I’ll try to do it today
  17. GaryCash

    Potius Cras

    Wow if it isn't The RIck to my Morgan, for Gary Cash, hope all is well, its cool to see your still playing toby, let me know if you'd ever wanna try a new style of RP!
  18. GaryCash

    Potius Cras

    We are indeed KOSable, you just gotta be sure it’s one of us playing as a Potius character and make sure you don’t shoot Civilians that are with us, it’s like an old style arcade game, you can shoot the bad guys but you lose if you shoot the good guys
  19. GaryCash

    A better tomorrow - DayZRP Movie

    Always working towards A Better Tomorrow Potius Cras wave 3 fill out your employee application today
  20. GaryCash

    Potius Cras

    Potius Cras and The Anarchists actually have a history from wave 1
  21. GaryCash

    Potius Cras

    @Randy thank you!! Will update the wave 3 roster and some of the lore in the next few days Cheers!!
  22. Spore slammed his fist on his desk. "HE WAS SUPPOSED TO REPORT IN DAYS AGO!" He rolled his eyes and waved at his compatriots. "Put him on." "Poacher here... I've finally touched down on the ground with the rest of my team. We apologize about going dark there for a few days. We ran into some -- complications." "We trust that its all taken care of now?" "Poacher to Tidal. Yes can confirm. Everything is squared away. Our boat is secure and we arrived on the shores of South Zagoria at approximately 0700. We are going to continue towards the designated objective and continue to wait for further directive once we reach the first check point. Any word on the other teams?" "You will be the first to know when we hear word that they have also arrived in the country. Remember, what you are doing here right now requires the upmost discretion, due to our resources needing to be spent else where at the moment, you men are practically on your own right now, help is days away at best, and that's if they don't run into the same problems that you and the other teams did on the way down." "Poacher and company understands Tidal. We won't let you down." "Poacher, don't fuck this up. You were selected because of your track record, don't let this be the first or last blemish on that record." "Poacher reads, we'll get it done Spore. Out." Poacher's Team finished hiding their boat under camouflouge and began to move inland, with extreme caution, they had seen the reports from both waves 1 and 2. And none of them had any intention in turning into another sunk cost or lost expense. ____________________ This character is ALIVE This Character is KOSable, you may kill this character on site at all times.
  23. GaryCash

    Anarchy [Open Recruitment]

    The Anarchists have made a return? i need to inform the higher ups immediately
  24. GaryCash


    How is the game these days? Best state it’s been in yet? New glitches? Anything I can look forward to that’s come out in the last 3 to 4 months

    1. GaryCash


      *Potius Cras helicopter rotars can be heard thumping in the distance*

  25. GaryCash


    Hey gamers, hope everyone had a good summer and is doing well— hopefully I’ll have some time to hop on now and then now that it’s fall




    For a Better Tomorrow

    1. Mugin


      Did someone say "Hunting season"?

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