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  1. When Gotham needs it’s Bane, I’ll be there.



    1. Malthis



  2. I’ll probably be on in the next week at some point, definitely in the new lore, unfortunately I can’t be active at the moment; but once I can be I plan on bringing this back in the new lore in an alternate reality version that will be fitting to the new lores format; I am grateful to all of my 150+ members over the last 3 years that have made for some of the most epic gaming experiences I’ve ever had, and i look forward to gaming with you all in the future and hope you all stay happy safe and healthy until then, see you in this lore or the next thanks for helping bringing my hopes of playing a zombie role playing mmo To life, everyone inside and outside the group — I couldn’t have asked for more epic experiences
  3. More doors can / should be added, im all for adding in mods that don't effect server performance, but base building base game mechanics should be left in game.
  4. Removing base building from the game is one of the worst possible decisions we could ever make
  5. We RP in our bases, make Base Role Play Great Again!
  6. I “Gary Cash”do solemnly swear to do base RP and RP outside of my base; as a gamer and a role player I who enjoys a large volume in variety of role play! //Signed GaryCash i promise Shepherd!
  7. Link: Supporting stuff: N/A Feedback: I think that As Shark/Neckrorazul said above I think that what staff did in this situation was optimal and I’m glad that no one was found guilty with a verdict on either side. As a group leader I appreciate when my members are given the opportunity to settle things OOCly with other players if they are able to even when a report has already been initiated and is being reviewed by staff So thank you guys for doing your job and simultaneously not giving out speeding tickets for driving 35 mph in a 30 Good work! Suggestions for improvement: I plan on releasing a pvp montage soon with pro gamer tips and clips— will link footage once available!
  8. Base building is great for RP, just because you are denied access to someone’s base doesn’t mean you are denied RP or you are RPing with a wall wel you shouldn’t be RPing with a wall— you should be RPing with the people inside— and if your turned away you should be grateful for the realistic RP, if no one responds to you and you want to go inside; you break into the base as simple as that if you want to unrealistically press your luck by repeatedly requesting entry and getting denied rather than initiating on the compound at that point— that is your prerogative but your being given RP when you are denied access to a base; good and realistic RP— no one like strangers during the apocalypse— sure you might help someone out; that being said, you might not. Have you ever seen the opening scene of 28 weeks later— The reason they wouldn’t do it amongst others are for reasons like that, they have no idea the number of infected you might have in tow; or what kind of diseases you might have so they’ll send you on their merry way
  9. I see this as likely being a good addition if it doesn’t effect server performance im basically for adding any mod that makes sense and doesn’t tank the server
  10. its epic that some artists are taking advantage of this strange strange period in our world and creating a ton of great new music

    1. Mercer


      A lot of home time makes for good music bro

  11. Larger than the 3% less minority that wants to remove it!
  12. Base building should stay The people have spoken! *Begins playing Wakanda T’Challa music*
  13. @Roland More people are now listed as pro base building
  14. Bingo! welcome to the group man, thank you for joining us
  15. The Oil Rig is completed actually however it is currently floating on hovercraft stilts which is why it is easily missed by those on the ground level; we looking for a good place to touch down and land. These guys are professional fence builders; but in light of the new regulations being passed I guess they will have to get jobs as hesco buillders now.
  16. @Dinkle did some work on the roads and added in the yellow building I requested, he said he’s gonna remove the rest of the gates and add some more road i think he did a great job it looks connected now
  17. Base building should not be removed as it is a great game mechanic that gives physical RP objectives and the ability to accomplish things over time
  18. No don’t remove base building it’s amazing game mechanic that allows for improvement over time and actual ‘physical’ RP objectives that exist within the game mechanics which are rare enough as is
  19. Thank you sir!! hopefully later on when @Dinkle gets on and we remove the fences @Voodoo pointed out that I missed we will regain some item count and have some unused items to work with to build more road! @Aristocrat cheers friend!
  20. Hey @Hofer I went to remove the inactives from our CP but it appears that either staff or our leadership culled the inactive before I did; I think we’re up to date now let me know if anyone else needs to go! Thanks!
  21. You would need to be Zealots believing your cause is righteous I feel like so you should create a cause that is righteous at least from your perspective— even if it’s morally dark Or grey from an outside perspective I didn’t play war hammer though but I know some of the lore— so that’s at a glance; but yeah you should come up with some goals for the group that the loyal followers would be willing to die for but to outside onlookers may appear extremist— I could try to help you brain storm on this if my take on empire of man is off let me know
  22. I think cities and apartment complexes and sky scrapers in general are under used personally— urban environment is epic in the zombie apocalypse
  23. To anyone else who may be looking for the pass phrase; make sure you are logged in when searching for it!!
  24. I never noticed the chain link fences; I can ask him to remove all the fences as I never wanted walls or fences around any of our prefab designs anyway, we can build those with nails and planks; no need— thanks for pointing this out I never saw it — I’ll message dinkle now
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