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  1. GaryCash

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed]

    Hello! I hope I run into your guys group in game soon, I've heard mention of it during my RP with other players Cheers! Good luck out there!
  2. GaryCash

    My Current Character is KOSable

    My Current Character: Named: Stewart Carmichael Alias: Penguin Affiliation: The Potius Cras Corporation is also KOSable feel free to KOS this character on sight
  3. This Character is ALIVE ---- This Character is KOSable. YOU MAY KILL THIS CHARACTER ON SIGHT AT ANY TIME, FOR ANY REASON! Background / Operators Upbringing: Classified Date Hired: May 04, 2011. Temperment: Calm cool conditioned. Bio of past operations: Worked closely with the Operators Wolverine, Cinderella and Battery in the past. Was supposed to have been deployed with team 3 along with ***** and *****. But he and ***** were injured by an explosion a few weeks prior, requiring them to stay at med bay for medical examinations for a bit while their minor wounds healed. Because of this he never made it down with the rest of team 3. When Wolverine came back to base without a hand. He had asked to be deployed down there immediately but he was kept back to help keep security detail as some of the situations had grown worse with them receiving supply shipments in the area. He was escorting convoys for a bit, until everyone was pulled back north besides Gunnar for 6 months. He was deployed with Reaper and ***** to go back to the area and find Gunnar, which Hollywood had succesfully done before them. But Reaper, ***** and Penguin were split up from one another early on and had trouble reestablishing contact from one another after they were first dropped in. Penguin had been working on setting up a satellite base of operations for them, but it was recently raided and destroyed by marauders, so now he thinks it would be best if he set out on foot and try to find his compatriots, and if possible hopefully call in more of their associates to the area so they can get a handle on the situation on the ground
  4. GaryCash

    Top 5 DayZRP PVPers

    I never played back then I just watched that gameplay on mute it looks so different that’s wild I hope they get all that stuff added back in
  5. GaryCash

    Top 5 DayZRP PVPers

    My pvp skills are still sung about by the bards to this day
  6. GaryCash

    I can't join the servers

    Thanks guys!
  7. GaryCash

    I can't join the servers

    Do we know if this is part of scheduled maintenance or just random by chance? Or any idea of the time frame we might be looking at. Thanks in advance for any answers! Cheers!
  8. GaryCash

    My Current Character is KOSable

    Had you ever heard of my old group?
  9. GaryCash

    DayZRP Seasons / Chapters / Episodes

    If we're gonna do it, maybe reset it the day of Christmas Eve this year, just a thought
  10. GaryCash

    What's your favourite dayZRP Jargon!

    Reading this got me hype af!
  11. GaryCash

    DayZRP Seasons / Chapters / Episodes

    I think once a year may be to often, once every two years sounds closer to right to me, but that being said the start of the lore is amazing fun people are confused by the infection ect
  12. GaryCash

    My Current Character is KOSable

    So I have been giving clues of this actually in game announcing my position on the radio as I try to contact my compatriots, so if you keep an ear glued to the radio you will probably find me pretty easily conversely I could add you on steam to give you more clues
  13. GaryCash

    My Current Character is KOSable

    Yeah as I stated before the traditional Potius Cras uniform is a red sweatshirt hoodie, some cargos a gas mask and a pink arm band the red and the pink were chosen specifically to make us stand out more
  14. GaryCash

    My Current Character is KOSable

    Yo honestly, it was so epic the experience was cinematic like, it was amazing, we went from walking / driving down the street vigilanttely but calmly to completely freaking out in chat / over coms radio that we were under attack and needed to regroup and take defensive positions outside the town my adrenaline was sky high it was intense / cool af Yes I was both attacked and KOSed, and it was awesome every time, some of our other members were attacked outright but I think maybe only a few of them were killed in their random fire fight encounters edit: three are coming to mind currently that were killed by KOS, but I think there was more You can try!
  15. GaryCash

    My Current Character is KOSable

    It didn’t avalanche last time, and we aren’t inept to rules we just our voiding our right to not be shot outright on sight Potius was 20+people in its prime and we were never a problem for the server thank you btw! It is probably some of the most fun play style I’ve ever been a part of on the servers — good luck to you Lemon! I mean if you’ve run into me before and your confident it’s me, you can just kill me, also, you wouldn’t have to initiate on me if your character wanted to shoot me, so it’s not quite the same for instance back in the day I used to shave spooky convos with people then follow them around doing surveillance and recon, there was a few times where I was spotted and they randomly opened fire on me after words even though no traditional hostilities had been had before —- no one had initiated on either side