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  1. Whats up dudes

    Yooo welcome back, not sure how long you've been gone but there's been some crucial rule changes fairly recently that are gamebreaking if you don't know, hope you have fun in game bro!
  2. The Aegis Corporation

  3. GaryCash


  4. "'Hammer' to Olympus, come in Olympus." Break in the channel as static erupts, the man's voice is heavily distorted by his gas mask. "'Hammer' moving to check Tango Kilo currently pending confirmation that you've received coordinates, have secured multiple samples; awaiting orders."
  5. The Aegis Corporation

    I've only been in game three times on my character since I've started playing him, but this is why I enjoy playing him so much, the RP is so different then any other character I've played yet because the motivations to the characters actions are unlike any other I've played thus far, leading to some truly unique RP
  6. The Aegis Corporation

    yo thank you mason, yo honestly this has been some of the genuinely most interesting RP i've ever been privileged to take part in, being in game is so much fun right now its rediculous
  7. The Aegis Corporation

    Had a great time RPing with you all today, looking forward to the story line that unfolds with this group!
  8. 'Hammer' spoke into his radio. "Secured samples from a civilian named Jango. Requesting permission to bring the civilian back."
  9. 'Hammer' heard 'Zeus,' over his radio and took it out and answered. "Team Status is Pluto, Hammer falling in."
  10. Safe Zone Trial

    Only thing I'd say about this is that I feel like the safe zone should be run by a good or hero group to help make the 'safe zone,' to make more sense, I feel like The Corporation may be a little too evil / chaotic to run it, just my opinion though
  11. Safe Zone Trial

    I think that some crazy RP can happen that way, or just by being shot at, if someone starts shooting at you, yeah they might hit you, or they may not, in which case you get to role play running for cover or fighting back ---- Edit continued thought -- what im saying is RP can happen both ways, and I mean, maybe theres a warning zone wehre what your describing happens, the caution zone, then theres the The Danger Zone
  12. Safe Zone Trial

    Okay so, I didnt agree with the idea of a safe zone so thats why i havent posted, I've heard mixed reviews about it when I've asked, but it makes me wonder If we have a safe zone, could we maybe also have a KOS zone? _________ This is a serious question as I think it could lead to some interesting RP, like maybe inside the fences of the NW airfiled is a KOS zone, but anyway I can't resist making a Kenny Loggins Joke, I like to call this Idea The Danger Zone Perhaps there could even be a highway to it... okay i'll stop, but seriously, i think it could be a GOOD idea, esepcially because I feel like its totally complimented by the idea of there also being a safe zone!
  13. The Aegis Corporation

    Hell Yeah!!!! This group has me one of the most excited I've been to hop in game since like when I've started playing, honestly!! Really looking forward to playing with you all in game!!!!
  14. Odin Range

    DOB: Classified Place of Birth: Classified Birth Name: Classified Specialization: Reconnaissance and Balisitics Background: Not public record. Military Service: Navy Discharged: Reason Not Given Time employed by the corporation: 6 Years Allergies: None Resting Heart Rate: 31 BPM Last location on GPS: Dated weeks ago, current location unknown Team Status: Unknown Current Condition of Health: Unknown Personality traits documented by the corporation upon being hired: Task oriented. Determined. Loyal. Hard to break. Cold, but not unfeeling. His tendencies for attachments were a concern to his superiors at one point, but he was conditioned and re-socialized repeatedly before being deployed in the field by the Corporation to prevent this from ever hindering any of his objectives. He has a spotless record with past missions for the Corporation. Contact with him and his team has been lost for some time for unknown reasons. He was sent initially with the first team that was deployed to South Zagoria by the Corporation. Has a record for disobeying orders only when he see's a way to complete the mission faster and or more efficiently / more cost effective for the Corporation, regardless of how ruthless the strategies or tactics may be. His superiors have found this to be a problem with other contracted employees but let it slide with him in general because of his outstanding results over his career in the field and because he never does anything that does anything to compromise the Corporation or jeopardize their missions assigned to him, with his focus always being the primary objective at all costs. Has been shown to regard the life of both humans and ants in a similar manner, both in psychological testing and in the field. Both are expendable at any chance that the corporation might stand to benefit. Does not regard the infected as humans past. Views them as specimens. Current Mission Status: The Corporation had been in steady contact with Odin Range, 'Hammer' during their initial deployment to the region they were sent to in South Zagroria from the start of the infection through the first few weeks. Intel they were gathering was being relayed back to their command but it abruptly stopped out of no where and has yet to be explained by anyone. Repeated attempts to reach the team have left more questions then answers and the teams missing status for this long fit nothing with Odin's profile or his teams. The Corporation has far too much invested in what is going on here to let anyone or anything that is one of their assets to go missing for long.
  15. Create the WORST group idea

    A group of Sandra Bullocks that recently crash landed from their satellites and that are unclear on whether they actually made it back to earth or it is all a sequence in their imaginations and they actually died back in space with George Clooney