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  1. King of the Castle - Lopatino (Melee only - OOC Event)


    This sounds fucking epic imma definitely be there if i can be i used to be unusually apt with two hander weapons due to time hunting gun shots as a Bambi on the shores of the public servers
  2. Not enough crazy sadistic people.

    What!!! I’m an American Frat boy!!!!!!!!
  3. What do you listen to ?

  4. I’d say if you wanna have an RP camp in a town that’s a smart / good idea but always expect that when your looking at it it’ll be the last time you see it any gear or valuables in game you really care about you should hide off in the woods some where in a green barrels your best bet or in those golden fields with yellow bushes and a yellow barrel until we get base building in game soon tm, it’s gonna be hard to secure stuff you don’t log off with at this point in my days career I simply assume that my base camp or vehicles are already gone the second I log out Unless they add a new rule for storage protection in cities I don’t see this changing im really sorry you found this frustrating for your RP hopefully though you’ll get to day z someone else soon when you stumble across their camp!!! Or you can leave it in tact these days when I find a camp I generally just take what I need from them and replace it with things I dont
  5. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    10/10 I’ve worked with a few people from Kazakhstan in real life at my job 2 jobs ago
  6. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    21/10 I guess you never made it to the party back in Kab
  7. Not enough crazy sadistic people.

    I’ve in the past played neutral / (borderline) good characters but since the lord wipe I’ve almost solely engaged in hostile characters and RP, I have had a few situations where I’ve ended up working with some one I’ve recently initiated on because it made for an intense and epic storyline being built but for the most part I’d consider almost all the RP I’ve been taking part in antagonistic now mind you none of these characters have come even close to crazy with most of them being mentally stable but I feel as though after playing a neutral character for so long and so much of my time here in the last lore wipe I owe it to the server to play a character who’s going to stir things up a bit and who I woulda loved to encountered on my more ‘normal’ and neutral character ive been debating playing a crazy character as I got some ideas for how to go about it but I’ve been enjoying what I’ve currently been taking part in in game to try it yet
  8. Garry Jackson

    This character is ALIVE! This character is KOSable! You may KILL this character on SIGHT! South Zangoria was worse than any other place they had been sent to. Their losses were high and the number of infected were staggering. Hordes of them would roll through wiping out everything in their path. It was the first location they were forced to retreat from at one point due to the sheer density of the infected. Things had changed though now, hordes were less likely to come by it seemed and the infected seemed a bit more spread thin, making it so it was no longer impossible to move through them on foot. When Garry 'Shadow' Jackson was first deployed he knew not everything was likely going to be going according to plan, but complete chaos and lack of control over the situation was not what he was anticipating. He and his colleagues were now working their hardest to continue on their tasks and with standard operations to the best of their ability. There is much work to be done by the Corporation still in South Zangoria.
  9. Kristoph Wesley

    This character is ALIVE! This character is KOSable you may KILL this character on SIGHT! There is a lot to know about Kristoph Wesley. For instance he was born in New York, New York in 1973. Not your average bloke the man was a gentlemen of high intelligence. He was also exceptionally strong and athletic in his later years even though he was a runt to begin. These traits were some of the ones that were going to help him survive when the outbreak eventually occurred during his own life time. He went to college with a fully paid tuition by the school for in return for him playing D1 sports there. And when he graduated he went to work for a bank for two years before he went back to grad school for more education. He eventually joined the army at one point because of his feelings about politics, but was wounded and later discharged, though he made a full recovery eventually from his injuries. For a while he went back to work for some of the banks that existed on Wall Street, but one year he was approached by the government to take up a new job. The information about this job is classified. What is known is that he is now here working with his compatriots to find out what they can about a nefarious Corporation they are aware is operating currently in the greater South Zangoria area. The people who he works for had been monitoring the actions of this Corporation long before the infection, but now what remains of the government and this branch of it he works for fear that the Corporation may be researching the infection and using it and the chaos that is ensuing around it to their advantage. Kristoph and his people need to find out what the hell is going on, and what exactly are the long term goals of this odious Corporation.
  10. Where is everyone.

    Hey most recently when I’ve played that was a few days ago I was finding people in Vybor and Severograd any towns surrounding these areas should have a decent chance of finding someone too
  11. Hello all and good day!

    Welcome man!!! Good luck!!!
  12. Features relying on logs have been disabled

    Can you still access hit and kill logs in game? + connection logs?
  13. Upcoming community changes - February 2018

    Well with numbers come many advantages and with this new rule they have share-able KOS rights, over ANY distance... Pretty huge advantage. And I get that, I understand that we want to give incentive to people to play together and make interesting and unique groups for the servers, but groups are also a style of play that is very different for what many people look for in day z. I understand and I love the RP that can be gained by working and playing in a large group, but that is a completely different style of play from operating alone or with just one person. Different style, different feel. Playing alone, or with one other person can be a pretty terrifying simulating experience in this game, which is what some people, like myself look for in the game when we are playing. I bought this game because I thought it was a Zombie MMO Horror game when I bought it and I wanted to be scared. When your operating in a large group, vastly different and great kinds of RP occur that you can't have when alone or operating in a small group, but its also, again, VERY DIFFERENT. Working with other players in a large group is hardly scary game play at all, it becomes much more like an action war game, then it is a horror game, the same feeling of being all alone is taken out of the way, which is after all in the games, name, Day Z Standalone. All I'm saying is that I don't think we should force our players to join massive groups if thats not their particular play style and they prefer being lone wolves -- one thing that comes with being in a group a lot of the time is Teamspeak, which I usually avoid all together when I'm RPing cause I find it immersion breaking most times. I know people can be in a group and turn off their TS, but you get the point, its a different kind of play style. There's also the whole beauty of organic dynamic groups forming in game through pure role play, which I think this will likely have some sort of effect on. Hopefully people will still form their groups just as often in game even if they then have to take these naturally forming groups onto the forums eventually if they want to have the same advantages as others when they are playing