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  2. GaryCash

    Gonna try to hop in game later today

    First day off I’ve had in a while that I’m not totally tied down with obligations gonna try to hop in game if possible hope everyone here has been doing well and has had a fun summer look forward to gaming / roleplaying and speaking with you all again soon! *A helicopter with Potius Cras symbol can be seen flying low to the sea across the horizon.*
  3. GaryCash

    The Mountain Men

    I’m really excited to see that you guys are back in action eta for me to be able to get back in game is about two months, I look forward to seeing you all in game when I do
  4. GaryCash

    Canceling premium subscription

    Hey I’m sorry I see now the error was on my end. I’m on my phone right now so I can’t do it at the moment, but I’ll take care of it soon. Sorry to everyone for wasting people’s time, thanks for pointing this out to me as I would have continued to overlook it. If it hasn’t been refunded yet, don’t bother doing so it’s alright, sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. GaryCash

    Canceling premium subscription

    Hey I sent in a support request to have my premium subscription cancelled — I was just billed for this, can you please undo that charge? Also how do I go about cancelling my subscription? Thanks in advance
  6. GaryCash

    Potius Cras

    I don't think we will have enough activity between now and September to keep up with the requirements most likely. It will end up dropping below the required amount likely during August or late July, as I myself won't be able to play for a few weeks probably during these months. Please archive this for now. We'll be back. Also I plan on continuing to play these characters when I can, and anyone else who wants to is welcome to join us and do so until we become more active and official again. ------ Unless if the admins will be okay with this happening our groups activity to continue to dip during the coming weeks. Then by all means keep it open, because we will continue to play when we can. If not -- then archive away for now.
  7. GaryCash

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    Yo this song is fucking fire

  8. GaryCash

    The Corporation [Open Frequency]

    Hollywood got on the radio and said. "I botched the objective do you copy." He was trying to reach out to Wolverine but other members of his organization were quick to intercept his message first and to berate him and tell him to fix his errors. Hollywood had no idea how he was going to to be able to fix the situation and get back what Corporate was interested in.
  9. GaryCash

    Potius Cras

    Don't worry bro, that time will come I assure you. And thank you I really appreciate it. Spooky is a really good adjective to describe the vibe we're going for.
  10. GaryCash

    Potius Cras

    Hey if your insinuating something nefarious is going on I can assure you its not. I a lot of times right now can only log in for like an hour after work for instance, and that probably isn't going to change much for a couple of months unfortunately as summer gets very busy. If your speaking about @MrPizzaFrog, his microphone has not been working across any games, and we are trying to fix it. If anyone knows anything about rolling back software updates I'm actually sure he'd appreciate the help. His sound is actually also messed up with most games I believe, but thats just with VOIP. He can fix in in overwatch by doing a ton of work arounds, the sounds that is, but his microphone hasn't worked yet again at all since it first stopped functioning properly. Unfortunately though I myself like text RP, some people don't find it quite as appealing. This group is not suffering from a lack of motivation on behalf on any of its members, we all are still very much interested in RPing this group and its characters, just many of us are busy, and many of us who are not currently on the roster/CP but who are members of the group are waiting for Beta to drop. I come home from work I'm awake for forty five minutes or so before I pass out and am at work again. I wish I could just wake up every morning and play day z. I know many of our groups members feel the exact same, and the moment they have more spare time on their hands they will be more active in game, and we will continue to produce the best possible story telling and RP we possibly can provide for the server. I hope this helps to explain.
  11. GaryCash

    Potius Cras

    Very happy to be introducing @Midas to the group!! Looking forward to meeting your new Potius Character in game soon!!! Cheers!!
  12. GaryCash

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    That avatar is awesome

    1. GenericName


      Well thank you my good sir.

  13. GaryCash


    The Rick Grimes to my Morgan Its good to have you back brother Godspeed in game Godspeed
  14. GaryCash


    Hey last time people told me where people were generally it was about 5 days ago and the bulk of the players were in the towns of Lopatino and Severograd good luck out there!! if you are interested in having an RP mentor feel free to send me a private message or we can chat on team speak!
  15. GaryCash

    Potius Cras

    Very excited to be welcoming @MiK to the group!! Really looking forward to some cool RP with our new members!