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  1. GaryCash

    Group cap

    Irrelevant you outnumbered us, and we adapted, RPed it out There is absolutely no reason to limit a huge number of RPers on the server, or to limit the unique experience we bring to the server. I implore you to try out an alternate character one day and RP with us and see what our RP is all about. I am 100% sure you would have a good time with us and reconsider your opinion, and realize that extremely large groups provide for immense amounts of RP at all times of the day which is amazing for those of us with obscure work schedules. Really Eagle you should honestly hop in game with us some time, it'd be great to have you on our side for a couple of days and to have you RP with us, again I think your opinion would be entirely shifted after you did
  2. GaryCash

    Group cap

    I guess what I’m also surprised about is that as far as I know our group has never gone about impeding another groups or another persons RP, so I don’t get why people would try to limit us or the RP that can be gained from a super group— you got a problem with a super group? Form a coalition of little groups to fight it — you can solve anything through RP— again though I literally spend a couple hours each day recruiting— so if anyone wants help on how to recruit for their group let me know— but don’t try to limit other people’s RP or chances at a story line — especially when it doesn’t effect you— if you don’t want conflict with a certain group too, avoid them, it’s what we’ve done in the past and it’s what we did when @Eagle ran a larger group than us with the green dragons — it’s all about strategy — but again we shouldn’t limit role play — I think we should all be ecstatic that we have a group and a server this active right now and should hope more super groups pop up on the server this comes from a guy who RPed as a lone wolf for 2 years and loved it when I ran into the massive super groups of the FRench foreign legion and the Zbor of the old lore because they created so much lore, story arch and politics for the server
  3. GaryCash

    Group cap

    Had a feeling one of these would turn up at some point honestly I think every group that wants too should have hundreds of members that way they could actually fully staff a base 24 / 7 instead of just getting looted during afk raids — and that’s just one reason — I also love having 24/7 activity we usually have at least 5 members on no matter what time I get online with a group of 25 that would be impossible unless we were all getting paid to play day z at our job, so no -1 from me no group caps— per the RP and the groups and game play form naturally— think the other groups are too big? Start recruiting — want tips on how to recruit more members to your group? We pm me for advice — I have strategies that have been working for Potius that could work for you and your group as well
  4. GaryCash

    Potius Cras

    In business terms we are scaling Scale, scale, scale we need to hit 4000 south Zagoria employees by December
  5. GaryCash

    Base Raiding / Destruction Time

    It should take wayyyyy longer to break into any base 20 minutes plus for a wooden wall and 40 minutes or more for metal wall
  6. GaryCash

    What kind of group do you want to see?

    I have a second group in mind that would serve as a Lore Enemy of Potius Cras -- would be awesome to have this come to fruition soon--
  7. Operator: Flood Status: Alive Years employed by the Corporation: 8 Specialty: Assault. Mortar Team. Logistics. Background: Classified Current Situation: Operator 'Flood,' has spent a lot of time in back at the FOB 75KM north of Chernarus for a large amount of his time since the Outbreak. He was just recently dropped in with Crow and Celtic along with some of the others to help get a handle on the situation in the area. He specializes as the teams Mortar support, bringing his equipment with him wherever he goes, usually working in close proximity with Sniper Teams and intelligence teams on the field. However for the last year or so he's been back at base firing off shells into the air at the oncoming enemies attacking them during the skirmishes, and at the infected swarms that would at time threaten to overwhelm them. He is making his way now back to the others to regroup with the main force on the ground. The Corporation is finally able to get a enough boots on the ground to begin preparations for phase two of their plans, and a permanent base location for them in the years forward is already being scouted out and construction is nearly about to go underway. Flood is a good friend of Celctic, who he helped recruit to the organization, they are not blood, but they consider eachother brother's and they have a strong bond.
  8. GaryCash

    Potius Cras

    We got a few great newcomers and a few great returns that joined us just recently — looking forward to hopping in game with some of the new characters joining the group and some of the old as well!!
  9. arttu

    • arttu
    • GaryCash

    good robbery today, was quite spooky but i wish your friends weren't so much trying to take everything instantly

    1. GaryCash


      Im glad it was spooky, Im sorry we robbed you, we normally don't however, it made perfect sense based off the situation we were in at that time last week --  from our perspective RP wise, it was the smartest thing we could do at that moment-- the characters you encountered had just been robbed themselves, and our entire camp had been marauded and raided, we had absolutely no guns in store-- and were RP cut off from our supply lines briefly because what had happened at camp.

      I thought it was great RP too though, I enjoyed your character not being able to speak, maybe my character have a lot of internal conflict-- if we hadn't been raided that day-- We would have brought you back to our new camp to protect you -- however when discussing it, we agreed we couldn't risk Op Sec, especially without having your samples tested.

      Cheers man

    2. arttu


      Oh, a bit late response but yeah, just though it was a bit weird when your friends were spamming a and d while talking to me.

  10. GaryCash

    hey guys

    Got you, welcome man!
  11. GaryCash

    Death = PK

    So if they are out of characters then they just can’t play the game? seems wrong to me— way to heavy a punishment for losing your character losing your character already sucks
  12. GaryCash

    Death = PK

    Naw -1 role play over realism— if I have some good story arch’s going on with a character I don’t wanna end it because of some stupid death that just blows up all the RP we’ve been building for weeks also as much as I hate to say it— you really do need certain players not perma-ing their character to give continuity to the story— if every year everyone’s characters were dead from last year and no story line couldn’t continue because everyone’s already dead— there would be nothing to connect the past storylines with the present this is why though I can have my reservations about them depending on who / and how a person plays them... ‘hero characters’ that continue to survive death after death are necessary— they allow the storylines and arch’s to continue in a way that if everyone was permed already the stories would feel meaningless
  13. GaryCash

    hey guys

    Woah you were originally a day z console player and switched to PC? Or your just a console player in general?
  14. GaryCash

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    I’m all seriousness though— if you can’t find anyone and you really are craving hostile RP why not start hostile RP with a group member? Get some good internal RP going if the RP comes to gun fire you’ll likely draw more RPers in if they mistake the shots for people clearing out infected — just a thought in the middle of our fire fight last night I initiated on one of my own guys then when the rest of the guys came back they were like WTF ARE YOU DOING and I lowered my gun and was like OH NOTHING but if you knew me and Zeds story arch nothing made more sense for our characters to have guns drawn on each other at that point even while we were in a fire fight all I’m saying is internal RP is the bomb now for you Lone wolves out there... hmmm I RP by myself a lot when I’m alone but I understand that being by yourself you have less reach and it’s harder to RP also you don’t have a buddy for internal lone wolf RP is amazing though and I did it for years — honestly in a lot of ways it’s what the game is designed for ‘Standalone’
  15. GaryCash

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    I hide in game because people scare me and I’m a pacifist
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