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  1. Hello

    Hey man best part of luck getting accepted! Good luck out there bro!
  2. Garrick Stryker

    Garrick Stryker, was notorious in Hollywood for his narcissism. Though those who really knew him that was also an act. A way of making himself feel more grandiose. But Garrick had made quite a few achievements throughout his career that were at least note worthy, despite what some people would have called mediocre acting. He had a ton of action movies and comedies he starred in. He was described as the Steven Segal --but way worse of his time, with way more cringy lines and acting then Steven would have ever delievered. Garrick had been an actor in Hollywood since he was 3 years old, when his mom auditioned him for a sitcom where he played the child of one of the title characters on the show. From there Garrick's childhood acting career boomed. He was one of the few childhood Hollywood stars who would actually go on to make a career for themselves after there years as a childhood star was over. One of the reason's that people thought Garrick was incredibly narcisistic in Hollywood, other than his general attitude after meeting him, was that all of his main action movies, where he played the title character, was actually him playing himself. Garrick Stryker played himself in the entire 'Stryker' Series. In Stryker 1, Stryker 2, Stryker Strykes Back, Stryker Strykes Again, and in his new prequel installment that was coming out, Stryker Strykes. The premises of the films were actually great concepts, with wonderful story boarding, but Garrick's overbearing influence in the writing room and the directors booth often skewed what could have been a good film into a bunch of mood lighting close ups of Garrick saying really cringy yet bad ass lines after he beat up some bad guys or something. Garrick was filming on set in Chernarus for Stryker Strykes, as the producers wanted to use some of the beautiful land scapes in Chernarus for some of the out door scenes to give the film a specific majestic feel that only Chernarus had to offer, and when everything went down, they still had three weeks left of filming. As things first started to happen, the crew ignored what was going on and continued shooting the film, but by a day or two into the epidemic, people were scared, and within the first week, members of Garrick's cast were infected. Garrick was separated from the others working on the film when riot police breaking up a mob shuffled him away from some of the others he was there with, and luckily for him, he wasn't with them for what happened after because as far as he could tell they were all shortly after ripped to shreds by infected. Now Garrick is alone...
  3. Gary Cash

    Gary Cash was a band member back in the states before the entire apocalypse went down. He was born in New York city and spent some time performing at some of the Casinos in Las Vegas before he and his band started touring in Europe.
  4. Any important recent rule changes?

    Thanks a lot guys I appreciate the responses!
  5. Any important recent rule changes?

    Haven't been able to game in a few months, but I was thinking if I had some time in the next few weeks when I have some free time hopefully any important new changes to take note of in the rules? also what patch are we on? Is .62 on experimental yet? thanks in advance and cheers!
  6. Glad to see 60/60

    This gave me a good lol
  7. Glad to see 60/60

    This isn't really a introduction / I'm back post or a good bye, more of something in between, I haven't had much time to be in game recently but I've been peering at the forums now and then when I find I got a few seconds Not really sure what happened, but I got to say I'm really glad to see our server is 60/60 I never doubted we would recover from what ever happened, and I know this community will only grow going forward I really look forward to re immersing myself into the world of RP with you all when I get a chance Until then, I wish you all the best and keep up the epic story lines that you all create to make this place the amazing hub on the internet that it is
  8. Anyone else get this sometimes?

    of course!
  9. Website quality poll

    The new website has grown on me though I used to have an easier time finding out different things I was curious about on the old site. But I'm becoming more accustomed to finding out things on this one The new website has grown on me though I used to have an easier time finding out different things I was curious about on the old site. But I'm becoming more accustomed to finding out things on this one
  10. More so than creating a permadeath rule, I think keeping server 3 up and alive is a step in the right direction. So far I've only played server 3 for a few hours and haven't had any player to player encounters but running around on it scared for your life that you could take shots at any moment was honestly amazing and fun as hell. I eventually got off because the server population dropped from 4 to 2, but even with the small number of players the intensity level was jacked up so high. A lot of public server players just join servers based off their populations, opting to always join the high pop or full pop servers. I think server 3s potential has gone totally unrealized because we haven't had an opportunity to fill it up yet. Once we do, it will naturally fill and replenish it self as it becomes a server on the public players play history. I really think a server 3 event should be organized ASAP, and we should be promoting the more dangerous sort of RP that server three is currently presenting us as an opportunity!
  11. We are all actors in eachothers stories. We do not decide when the stories we are acting in end. We only decide when our story ends. If this changes at all I will be very disappointed. Only the person who is playing the character knows truly whether or not a death for a character is a legitimate death in terms of RP quality. Because only they have been their for the full story.
  12. Solved

    loooooooooooooool Edit: I think this thread can be closed as it is being solved VIA PM's, thank you!
  13. Solved

    solved thanks
  14. Survivors: Looking For Group

    Looking for a group particularly a faction to join on character, my character is of a neutral alignment
  15. Will We Bounce Back?

    Can confirm, DayZRP has just bounced back. *Inception music*