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  1. Hey, I removed all the inactives from the group CP, I will try to get the forum roster and the lore updated as well soon too / add some of our new goals for this wave that will be coming with our stories progression this time around
  2. I hope someone KOS’ me later today I could use it
  3. 4th time we’ve been brought back— I probanlbly never would’ve ended the last wave had life not gotten too complicated as far as differences go if you haven’t RPed with us too much in the past you may not notice from the outside especially considering the clandestine nature of our group — however we’ve already been discussing some themes and story lines that will be making this RP very different from other waves though we are keeping certain themes from the last wave for example: the resource grab i really don’t like spoilers and I don’t like ooc talk about ic issues because of the amount this group gets meta gamed naturally— but since you asked here’s a teaser — We have family’s on the ground this time around; at least in Livonia, this isn’t some shady backwater operation near patient 0; part of the idea of Livonia is that this area of operations is a far more permanent settlement than other areas where people have come in to contact with us in the past; we are the good guys here and we stand to have a lot to lose but yeah on the other topic I had EDIT: something very serious happen recently and have been in recovery— it was only a few days ago I was able to sit up right again and leading up to the event I wasn’t spending much time in game for obvious reasons If you know what happened— now I have more free time on my hands and am relatively immobile ive said to my members that because of other real life things that wave 4 may not be our longest wave coming up because of things I’ll have to take care of in the future between what will likely inevitably be wave 4 and wave 5; however I anticipate this wave— wave 4 to be one of our best waves— especially with all the new lore and RP ideas we plan to be running with; the families were just one spoiler but are a minute detail on the grander scale of Potius RP — hope this gives some clarity and answers to what you were wondering
  4. Good luck this time around, we’ll be seeing you soon
  5. I’m looking forward to RPing with this group in the near future as I return to gaming soon hopefully
  6. Can we get laptops back in game? Is that possible?
  7. I’ll try to fix this later, as always I plan on playing day z at some point soon real life happens some times and this game can be so demanding it makes effectively playing it impossible at times but yes though I am inactive and my group is we all have full intention of returning at some point and continuing Potius RP— hopefully I’ll be able to play sooner rather than later but it’s gonna be tough so we’ll see
  8. Okay so it’s successfully been implemented? I heard it was crashing servers but havent had time to game in about a week
  9. Is this still crashing the servers ?
  10. @Hofer Purged the inactive from the group CP
  11. It’s been a crazy busy week; I’ll try to purge the inactive from the list if I can tomorrow
  12. I think disallowing groups from the current lore is unnecessary. For one thing also; if we did to a lore wipe and I was able to be active at the time of it, I'd like to see how Potius Cras reacted during the first few weeks of the infection. I'm not opposed to the idea of a lore wipe, I just don't think we need these parameters; for one thing, it will be in essence a new group, as all the history of the group post infection will be wiped, and new lore leading up to the infection will be installed. Similarly to when people reprise characters between the lore wipes, sure personalty and essence may be the same but they are in separate realities.
  13. This makes me think this will be an awesome tool.
  14. But why would you do that, we are the good guys!!
  15. I actually think that this is a useful tool; that could also be perhaps used in other ways; if your able to regulate position logs this well; perhaps we could put and end, or at least have a rule set regarding offline raiding using similar parameters my one concern with this Tom Cruise type sci fi tool: what happens when members Don’t know the map? I sure as hell don’t on Livonia yet, but some new players may not even know the general landscape of chernarus not to mention the fine points - this could lead to people getting banned just because they don’t know they spawned near their body and oblivious— this will inevitably happen again though I think we should end offline raiding with these tools also
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