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  1. GaryCash

    Theta Six

    Only thing I’d say to you is that the KOS should be valid for any reason or none at all; the world is way more random and cruel than that; particularly post apocalyptic one. Seriously though your the man for trying this.
  2. GaryCash

    Theta Six

    Dude your a Legend making a KOSable group, I hope you around whenever it is I get to play day Z again, I will also make a KOSable group for your group to fight Honestly what a hero
  3. Things are pretty crazy in real life right now, all the RP we've had in game has been epic and fun, and I've been in game a fair amount of time on each of my characters personally in the group, and some of the other members were in game more time then me, that being said, I'm probably not gonna be able to get on this weekend; so you guys can archive us for now, and we'll come back whenever we can be more active. I'm sure we'll be back at some point in greater numbers but yeah literally all of us are busy with other things right now it seems. Real life always comes first; I look forward t
  4. Been super crazy few weeks for me; haven’t had much free time; some group members expressed interest though in gaming this week so imma try to hop on with them later i just started working a new job amongst other things so it’s been eating at some of my leisure time I had before I understand if you guys need to archive us for now; we’ll come back when we got more time, but at least four of us are gonna hop in game some time this week; I’ll try to get it up to five
  5. There is no difference between pvp and RP, they are one in the same and fluid if your playing the game right, you don’t stop RP to PvP, and you don’t stop PvP to RP, you merely RP; and do what the situation calls for, whatever it is to warrant your actions with the sole intention being the survival of your character in any scenario
  6. Well your wrong cause I’m Not a loot goblin, and as far as me wanting to raid bases go; yeah that’s one of the points of base building hahah, raiding other peoples bases; which is great fun and a core game mechanic, so your not wrong about the second one but it’s not a bad thing nor is it one of the ‘only 2 reasons to bring it back.’ not adding it back is a stupid idea because it will continue to make server pop drop dramatically Edited: not a loot goblin*
  7. It’s not weird courage it’s weird RP; of course your gonna say something that your not gonna say outside when your behind something bullet proof; what your describing is just bad RP, which should be reported as such but not attributed to base building i find tons of shitty RPers out in the wild with absolutely no base what so ever and they are that much less impressive for it
  8. I don’t really understand how some one can hide in a base when game mechanics allow it to be broken into, any argument against base building can easily be deconstructed because the only real reason anyone wouldnt be behind base building is that they’d want some one base easier to loot, or they want to be able to pvp the people inside the base easier; finding RP isn’t a problem when there are bases that are visible and clearly occupied. If you have issues with someone enough break into their base if not then don’t; you could get your character into a spot of trouble to doing it, lol people RPi

    It's time to bring back base building; make sure you get out there and vote!!


    Nearly have a 100 people at this point who clearly say they want to base build and bring it back!!  That's a lot of busy builders ready to hop in game and build!!


    ?  Vote today!!



    1. GaryCash


      Remember folks a busy server means an active server!!


      Vote Yes today!!





    2. Wulf


      Gary, hoarding nails and planks in order to build endless amounts of plywood fences with the only translation being a perpetual state of attack and defend is not the way forward.

      You should concentrate on your group lore, its narrative going forward and ways to translate that into game, not concentrate on a rust style base building that turns into a rust style attack and defend, that gets regurgitated every single day. You run a shadow organization full of intrigue and interest. Be a shadow organization that makes me want to log into the server to interact with. Not just yet another bland group that wants to play attack and defend.

      Remember Livonia

    3. GaryCash




      Always concentrating on the group and our lore!!  And we have great RP when we establish an FOB, its also a great way to start off the story for new members!!  Livonia was great, that base was wonderful, it was epic showing the new members the Wind Farms, the Coumpound, the offices, the deconatmination check point, and the Quarantine room.


      Livonia was epic!!


      Bring Base building back!!

      99 Votes for epicness!! 99 Votes for building bases and role playing scenarios!!

    4. K Pelli

      K Pelli

      I'm going with Wulf on this one, and I'm willing to bet plenty more would agree with his statements as well. Base building is time consuming and the internal RP doesn't make up for the RP we've lost out on because we had to grind to build a base, or because we had to defend the base multiple times in a day. I think that your efforts would best be redirected to trying to train corp members to be better RPers specifically in the field.

    5. GaryCash


      @K Pelli your more than welcome to go out in the field and collect data and intel why the others and myself do cool base building RP for the FOB; I believe everyone should be able to RP the way they want to and don’t believe in limiting RP

    6. GaryCash


      While the others**

      you know we send our teams all the time


    7. GaryCash



    8. K Pelli

      K Pelli

      @GaryCash You as the group leader direct the group's collective efforts. If group members end up going out alone, then there is no point in them being in a group. With base building as the constant focus, the group's collective efforts end up focusing on staying in one place and collecting one type of items, and doing one type of RP. That is, internal RP. By focusing your entire group on that one type of RP, you're limiting them.

    9. GaryCash


      What; I said we send our teams out; not our solo guys: why would I send someone alone; unless if they are doing recon or infiltrator work.


      your response makes 0 sense; you also know I let my group members oocly decide their ic paths and they have the freedoms to choose to be a member of a recon team or someone like Echo who sits and guards base all day because he likes grunt guard duty role play and clocking his shift


      come on man *joe Biden voice*

    10. GaryCash


      You also know I lead out Teams ALL THE TIME as you NEED TO, when building a base; for Supplies, RP, and everything in between; lol literally it just gives you a home base to come back to before and after missions and it gives a group a solid grounding and a map an interest point, POI- points of interest are a good thing and something this server is in DIRE need of; settlements create great role play and every settlement is different; some are just survivor shelters — others are sophisticated FOBs, both adding to the map and making the RP way more excited than — well you know— the alternative, ‘nothing’ would.  Nothing brings nothing RP— bases bring RP to the servers; I don’t want to wander the map and find no one, and no settlements— that means 0 RP

    11. K Pelli

      K Pelli

      "your more than welcome to go out in the field and collect data and intel why the others and myself do cool base building RP" - GaryCash

      Like what do you mean my response makes zero sense? lol

      I think points of interest can be made without having base building on the server. You don't need walls and towers to make a settlement, but certainly you can work toward a prefab like what we saw back in the arma 2 days with there being settlements and trader compounds. Bases only attract the wrong kinds of roleplay from others, like gear RP or constant base raiding, which should be saved for a game like Rust. Make POIs with what you have, like what we did in wave 1 with the checkpoints. You still have tents and other similar structures, they just won't be surrounded with ridiculous walls and towers. You find less people when you're wandering if there are huge walled bases in the way, because people can hide from you in those. Why would you want to give people more places to hide away from you when you are trying to find this RP you so dearly covet? We had all of the things you mentioned in 0.62 before base building was added.

    12. Wulf


      I understand the desire for leaving marks on the world. but wouldn't prefab/POI edits be far more desirable than making a cereal box fort out of plywood.

      Maybe my internal image of what Corp represents is different to yours but I see the group as being similar to the Enclave from the Fallout franchise and obviously Umbrella Corp... And i just cant see twenty guys in all black wearing gas masks engaging in a building montage hammering together rickety ass plywood fences around one of their installations. Maybe that's just me though. ?

      Besides Prefabs + No doors has been perfectly fine when it comes to settlement/RP hubs, I know this because my character has been living in one. The only difference is there's no way for us to easily lock up all those rainy day battlerifles, therefore no one does. Mitigating any desire for groups to dungeon raid the place. Which i prefer, as whinging babies in my vicinity crying about lost loot inconveniences me slightly as it takes around 4 seconds to tab out and leave the discord voice channel. ?

      But, I didnt come to persuade you that your wrong just saying my piece while its relevant. The group will go in whatever direction you decide to steer it.

      Here's a promotional gif showing a man with zero need of plywood fences.




  10. Yeah so many of us want it; just bring back the base building already!!
  11. Bro I hate to break it to you but those players who want to loot and store gear are going to go back to their tent or barrel on debug anyway, also, you'll find those bases easier if you can see a base rather than a tent, making it more likely you can stake it out and find them. Literally lol, what your talking about happens either way, its just that we've removed an essential critical, epic, fun, main game mechanic of the game for people who really enjoy it and make RP use of it like myself. Its seriously the only difference. Besides cracking open someone's elses base like an egg is epic fu
  12. DUDE PREAAACCCCCCHHHHHH People talk about RPing through a wall like they can't break down that wall if they need to RP wise. If they don't need to break down the wall then don't. But now we can have people working hard together to build settlements. I used to work on construction and theres something really rewarding about building something, and beholding what you've built, both in real life and in game. It gives an actual sense of home and objective. When you build something, you can be proud of it and you can use it. Besides, I want people one shotting my walls with RP
  13. “This Windbound 9 to Windbound Actual, C-6 is currently sweeping the Northwest airfield to recover the damaged drone and what’s left of the supply drop, stand by.” The Operator said as he moved to clear the next area with the rest of the team.
  14. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VagMLu1rMsQ

    this is simply a masterpiece 

  15. [RADIO BROADCAST]: [87.8MHz] *Radio crackles with distorted voice.* “Windbound 9, to Sobek and C6– bird is successfully landed moving to the rally point with the asset. Will let you know when we’ve arrived at CP. Stand by.”
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