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  1. What makes you think I haven’t been talking with the lore masters, this is like talking to a wall I swear— should I provide more screen shots or something? Lol Brayces never said to me once in my discussion my group with him to stop and change something nor did staggs they are free to respond to my dms however they like
  2. @Rover You like Hofer I believe are confusing two entities, Arm and Claw Shipping Company are pretty ordinary people. Us finding generators as Arm and Claw is one of our SMART Goals so we can get our office building back online and operational. I guess our group of panicked civilians with a few small arms isn't that efficient, but hopefully we will be effective at finding our generators in game. I'm confused about what downsides our speaking of, we are just here to add cool lore and mystery and be another player on the chess board; our uniqueness you speak of will allow for new and cool story lines and based off the consensus i've gotten from the server over the last few weeks, a shady organization that can serve as an over arching bad guy in the future has been welcomed with open arms, people want conflict. You can KOS us on sight, lets build some stories, lets have people trying figure out just how deep the rabbit hole goes
  3. I'm confused are you saying we should ignore reality and the fact that certain people and corporations are more wealthy than countries and have more wealth and weapons than governments or what are you saying lol? I mean its all role play bro. Its that far fetched for their to be zombies, but its tat much more far fetched for their to be western mega corporations, trying to do what they alway do and take advantage of their given circumstances to maximize gains?
  4. Recruitment will be closed this time around, because I can't waste more time out of game on this group than I already have. As it is I never got to get in game last night, and have spent 5x as much time on the thread and building the group than I have spent in my 2 hours in game since I've been back. Literally thats not a joke; and makes one question the point of it all really if im wasting all this time instead of being in game, the whole point of the ordeal This is supposed to be relaxed and excellent fun loving role play If a veteran role player wants to join us he can message me Someone else can take the mantle of introducing the newbs to the server
  5. I have spoken in greater detail with Braces, as they asked more questions about the group than you did, however it was obvious i was speaking with you about my group, as it was stated to you thats what we were talking about when we were talking, lol, and you brought up an interesting point about the oil in Chernarus versus the Nuclear angle -- Even though I personally preferred the nuclear angle Again lol I don't know why people are assuming I'm not using the Lore masters at all-- though there are no set and specific guide lines as to how you should reach out to lore masters, I thought I was doing my part and doing a good job
  6. Also my favorite Zombie game is resident evil, and I love giving a cool eerie Corporate vibe to our Zombie RP world
  7. @Hofer I think based off what I'm reading you are combining two entities, there are two separate organizations at work here. There is the smaller "Arm and Claw Shipping Company," which is owned by local Chernarussian's families, but who's companies main investor is a separate Corporation. The Arm and Claw Shipping Company is technically owned by the Corporation. Arm and Claw had some connections with the local government and was connected to an old oligarchy that had existed in the area for generations. "The story barely mentions the outbreak, which in our lore happens in May 2020 fully. Nothing about the lockdown, quarantine zone, martial law or what the company had done in that hard period of time from 2018-2020, before the actual Frenzied Flu broke out." - This was supposed to be touched on in the beginning of the story in that once the civil strife and war had happened earlier on, armed guards began guarding the owner of the Shipping Yards mansion and the dock yard / storage complex. This security never went away, was probably heightened as the civil strife began to break out, they had to be concerned about their own employees possibly even stealing from the docks. I am purposely vague on a lot of the story though, I want to have people have to hear the story in game, rather than recite my story back to me from the forums, but its just from past meta gaming, I'm cautious. The Majority Share Holder is a massive multi national Corporation that is the majority holder of 1000's of subsidiary companies, owning trade routes and methods of distribution is an important and valuable asset, they want to own as many trading networks as they can, and they work with local officials and leaders in the area to secure these routes and other mean's of power. Long term, this Majority Share Holder Corporation sees a lot of value in Chernarus if you can wade past the state actors, the civil strife and the infected and get to the resources it has hidden both above and underneath. Long term goals over the next years decades and the next century; they are interested in the decommissioned Nuclear Power Plants in the country, and in the countries oil, amongst its vast wealth of other resources in the area. "Why would such an influental company need to do this? The internet is still running. Google what's going on in X country and you'll have your answer for now." As I stated in the goals, the people surviving at the Arm and Claw offices have been without power for some time and for the most part have just been holding up inside the building, other than to gather up more of their own, or possibly shepherd new survivors, but they keep away from new survivors for the most part because some of their own have already been murdered by other humans who were not infected so they are wary. They don't have any way to charge their phones or laptops yet and they have no means of staying in contact with others than maybe besides local radio. They hope to get power back online by day 175 in the building if they haven't evacuated it by yet. The Arm and Claw Employees are ordinary civilians for the most part other than a few security guards and they are no super power. The Majority Share Holder knows full well whats going on in the outside world, and as stated in our goals is trying to suppress it in some circumstances "Your whole group lore is vague and mysterious, and makes it seem like your group is some sort of super power with ties to a super secret force like for example the CIA. This has to be Loremaster approved, and as far as I have heard today you have made no contact or gotten no approval for doing this." We are an entity (The Majority Shareholder) that has been putting ourselves into a position to take advantage of a situation like this and calculating for a long times the means by which we need to manipulate our environment to make our self a key player in the decades and years to come. Yes the end goal is to be come a super power, but we are not there yet, we are just putting the pieces into motion now to set us up hopefully for the next decades to come. They banked on a situation like this arising at some point, and placed their bets against humanity so they could leverage a situation like this when things went bad. - If you'd like to post my conversations with the lore masters here in the last 48 hours that took place before this I can if that would be helpful "Second team to enter the country. A country in lockdown as stated in the current lore. How would they enter the country as foreigners when the lock down is in effect?" The survivors barely made it in with their lives; the first team entered with a low success rate and heavy losses being fired upon before even crossing into the country, and their team went dark as stated in the mission status. After they were intercepted they were swarmed by hostile combatants and then infected; they were forced to split up it is why they are all separated it is also why Majority Share Holder Reclamation Team Members may not be allowed to use discord while in game and may be forced to only use the in game radios for immersive purposes and to make the role playing experience even more hardcore "It seems to me at least that this has not been researched thoroughly and the correct communication channels haven't been used to see if this is even possible to do before launching the group thread. The lack of mention of the new lore or the changes that we made with the new lore has me worried that it is being blatantly ignored and the focus has solely been on setting up a "cool and mysterious" group that can do it's own thing without taking into consideration the months of work the Lore Master and Developer team spent on making a new and unique lore ready for our servers." I've read all the lore and enjoyed it lol, I'm not sure what more can be done communication channels wise more than DM's but yeah I mean do you guys all wanna hop in chat and you me and @Rover can hug it out when we realize we're all here to make the servers great and we'll continue talks with the Lore Masters? None of this lore effects the broader world lore, I'm very sensitive about that, thats the whole metaphor here actually The Lore is the Ocean, we are merely a leviathan in the ocean, and we will never come to the surface, you just may see one of our tentacles or claws from time to time There are very powerful corporations all over the world, we're merely trying to accurately portray what people with incredible vested interest in situations, and the right means, strategies and resources would try to do. I'd rather keep the story as is and let the Role players find out for themselves our story in game, but I'm down to type up some more lore for the group over the next few days if need be. A lot of effort has already gone into the ideas for the lore we are running with here and a lot of time has been spent creating this thread and our opening story line here. "In addition to this I have gone through the characters that are already linked in the thread and more than half of them doesn't follow our basic whitelist requirement. They're severely lacking information and/or details, and to be honest it seems like most of your members hasn't even bothered reading our new server lore or the changes that have been made to our server since lore wipe. This shows lack of effort and understanding for what we as a community is trying to achieve and do with the new lore. The characters need to be fixed asap or they'll be temporarily banned from the servers as they're not following the new lore." Can you tell me who it is so I can inform them, or maybe you can just ping them here so they know so they don't get banned. Everything here can be worked on and molded in a way that will be beneficial to this lore and the servers. Again, this is something thats supposed to be mainly out of sight, your just getting a glimpse of what it actually is if you see us. But to be honest to your point other than the resources and the fact that the infection started here, we do view this country mostly as a backwater country, its why we haven't bothered to touch it until this valuable intel came to our attention and the opportunity it could bring with it
  8. We'll i see no mention of oil rigs bunkers, submarines cyborgs or anything here, but I'm welcome to talk with lore masters about cool ideas down the line Staggs was the one who was actually pointing out to me this time around when we were talking about the Chernarus lore about Oil, Can i see a oil rig way down the line in the future? sure, is that what my focus was, no-- we got other ideas, though for meta game purposes unless asked by @Stagsview or @Brayces to post it here, I'm not going to be posting what our main focus is on, or what is in the documents, though TECHNICALLY the documents are a plot device and irrelevant, and all you have here is a bunch of private contractors being sent in to reclaim an item and a person that was lost-- Again.... all completely reasonable things This is gonna be a slow burn
  9. @Hofer I've been messaging @Stagsview and @Brayces about the lore to frame our objectives and the beginning to our story arch What exactly would be rather out there... lol? I don't quite understand? Private enterprise, or companies being owned by other Corporations?
  10. Hype builds to a point where it exceeds limits----- Gamer level raises greatly Welcome back to all returning Role players!
  11. Done @Bryan Thanks Gents!! Excited to be back in game with everyone !!! looking forward to epic Role play and story lines coming soon!!!
  12. Hey yeah, I'll try to update that later tonight or tomorrow, just wanted to get the Lore down, and I was getting a head count, so we we have 10 members as of starting recruitment today, I'll try to post their characters soon, was gonna try to hop in game for a bit
  13. All members of this group will be KOSable at all times, you may kill any member of this group at ANY TIME for ANY REASON or NONE AT ALL. ----- The Leviathan... Mikael was enjoying the outside sitting on the porch with his life long friends... enjoying wine and the Chernarussian sunset. Laughing in the breeze and petting his dog. Then his father in law and armed guards came rolling in... The civil war was bad, but his family was protected, and the security remained long after they first stayed never leaving... Mikael's father in law a rich man and owner of many businesses had given the Chernarus division of Arm and Claw Shipping Company to Mikael. It made them wealthy for many years as he operated out of their offices and the docks of Svetjlojarsk. When the chaos broke out the employees of Arm and Claw tried to bring their families to the offices looking for strength in numbers and safe haven. They were hoping the armed guards of the company that were employed by the family would protect them. Many died early on and Mikael's family and most of his security detail was lost. Months before this all happened, months before the outbreak. A very important piece of intel was brought across Mikael's desk and remained in his posession... an item of such upmost importance, many lives would be taken over it for its reclamation in the coming months. The Majority Share Holder Company... Has given the go ahead to send in a reclamation team, and has okayed for the possibility for a second team to enter the country based off what information can be gleaned from recovering this data. The members of the Arm and Claw Company have been holding up in the offices they originally worked at according to recent UAV data, it is unclear as of this point how many of the employees have survived. The target "Tadpole," and what is in his possession is to be recovered immediately, at all costs. "Tadpole," is to be returned to the near by FOB alive for extraction once he's out of the country. If he is lost, this is irrelevant, however the item he has is not. The members of Arm and Claw Company, fight for their lives against the infected to this day... The Majority Share holder has said that Failure is not an option on this operation. - DIRECTIVE COMES STRAIGHT FROM GATSBY. GOALS: Arm and Claw Co. Goals: 1. Continue to fortify the offices of Arm and Claw Company and gather as many of the employees of the company that used to work the docks and the offices and their family to one location where they are consolidated and are near Mikael’s family and the Company’s remaining private security guards that used to patrol the docks and Mikael’s families mansion. (Day 115 -- On Going) 2. Await the arrival of the cargo ship they last radioed a week ago which has some of their employees and loved ones. (By Day 135) 3. Possibly formulate a plan to get to a safer location eventually but in a manner that they can safely move their families. (Day 150) 4. Continue to gather supplies to help aid their survival effort. (Day 100 On Going) 5. Continue to find safe sane like minded survivors who can help them in their on going struggle to survive. (On going) 6. Gain contact with the press or some larger entity that can give them a better idea of what’s actually going on in the outside world and the larger picture abroad so they can access their situation and determine their next steps. (Day 125) 7. Recover the employees and family members of Arm and Claw Shipping Company that have already gone missing since the outbreak. (Day 115 On Going) 8. If escape to a safer location not an option find away to become sustainable where they are, build a foundation for their lives to grow on from here in this new dangerous world, set up crops and farms with livestock, get electricity back online for the building. (Day 175) The Majority Share Holder Goals: Goals The Majority Shareholder: 1. Recover the assets that “Target Tadpole,” aka Mikail Carhwalm is in possession of. (Day 125) 2. Recover “Target Tadpole,” Alive preferably, unless instructed otherwise after directive 3. (Day 125) 3. Determine what data can be gleaned from the assets in Tadpoles possession on the ground, if it can be interpreted there, and send back all that cannot to forensics teams at the FOB outside the country. (Day 130) Case A: The Data Extrapolated can not be maneuvered on at this time, Team 1 will he extracted along side Tadpole until we have information we can act on back from the code breakers, and from the people who receive the materials he was delivered before the outbreak. (Day 130) Case B: The information gleaned from the interaction with Tadpoles possessions prove to be valid, in which case Team 1 will begin to set up ground operations and a satellite location of operation in the country and await the arrival of team 2 and further orders. (Day 130) 8. Following Case B, take checkpoint 1. (Day 150) 9. Employees already in country before the operation are to continue with their assigned tasks they were sent to the country for unless explicitly called off for this operation, all reports will be relayed directly back to ‘Smoke,’ who will be receiving directives directly from ‘GATSBY.’ (On Going) 10. All press is to be eliminated immediately though with standard operation procedures that goes without saying. (On Going) 11. Leave no trace or witnesses behind that we've touched down in country. (On Going) ________ Recruitment is currently closed, however for further inquiries about who and when we might recruit you can message me @GaryCash Members: Arm and Claw Co. @GaryCash General Manager - Mikail Carhwalm - "Target Tadpole" @knightxelite05 -- TBA @Juice Hand Shipyard Worker: George Hermon @Keeeru -- TBA @Chimera -- TBA (If thats the right Tag) @Condor -- Dock Security: Michael Borkowski @Heisenburg - TBA @Will - TBA More to come. The Majority Share Holder Reclamation Team 1: Team Leader - @Leonatos Team Leader: Operator Thunder @Acfalle Operator Pacman @Deimos Operator Dre @Hjorthorn Operator Hellcat @Crows -- TBA @AndreyQ - TBA CURRENT MISSION STATUS: MEMBERS OF THE TEAM 1 RECLAMATION TEAM SENT BY DIRECTIVE STRAIGHT FROM GATSBY HAS GONE DARK. TEAM 2 IS ON STANDBY.
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