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  1. Wolfe

    The Savages [Real Ones Only]

    Where is the character profile? Done. Just for you <3
  2. Wolfe

    The Savages [Real Ones Only]

    So due to Wolfe McCuddlestien being too long of a name. My name is now Wolfe McCuddles. Please update the Roster.
  3. Wolfe

    The Savages [Real Ones Only]

    You actually put me as Wolfe Mccuddlestien. Atleast correct it to Wolfe McCuddlestien. I don't really think that's an RP name but you know what, lets go with it. Sure. I love it Jimmy and Joffrey <3
  4. Wolfe

    The Savages [Real Ones Only]

    Looks at roster. Where's the women? Pssst. Let me help with that. Yeah? Yeah.
  5. Wolfe

    The Holy 10th Crusade

    Well where's your feedback then? You say we don't take group feedback but you aren't even giving us feedback. So either give us feedback or don't bother posting on our group thread.
  6. Wolfe

    The Holy 10th Crusade

    I mean, lets be honest. You want to talk about Report POVs? Let's see here. How many reports have we been found guilty in out of all the reports that have been put up vs. how many reports have you been found guilty in? So please, lets not talk about reports because clearly your information there is misguided.
  7. Wolfe

    The Holy 10th Crusade

  8. Wolfe

    The Holy 10th Crusade

  9. Wolfe

    The Holy 10th Crusade

    Ayy. Here we goooo.
  10. Wolfe

    S1:RDM, South of NWAF, 12:44 AM Eastern United States

    You were all leaving towards Kabanino when I walked up, so if you weren't together why were you all leaving together or talking to anyone who walked up as a group, together. As for not needing rescuing; I think having a rifle pointed to my back and someone telling me to walk back towards them and if they take shots they're going to kill me, I think that justifies the need to be rescued. Ok two things here, one: Calling someone retarded while they have a gun pointed to their heads is one thing. You are correct, I would not do that. But calling someone retarded in a general conversation is completely different. We had a conversation, I called you retarded because of your look, you then pointed your gun at me and demanded I apologize. That's completely different than a hostage who has a gun pointed at them calling their hostage taker a retard. Two: Excuse me? In no way was I disrespectful to either of the groups we talked to about this report. When Roger and Donny opted to talk to you all about the report I hopped into the channel a little later to see how to conversation was going. I explained the initiations in the situation after someone stated that me being hostile in my RP was an initiation in itself. When I was in the process of asking who pointed the gun at me the first time, someone, I don't know if it was you or not, stated you were the one talking to me with the weird accent at which point I responded with "Well you all had a weird accent so I don't really remember that." The response to that was "Well that's even meaner." and I responded with "I apologize." then Donny said a comment about me having a weird voice and everyone laughed about it and moved on with the conversation, which then turned into a bunch of false accusations about our group mass KOSing other groups. Shortly after I moved into a different TS channel to have a conversation about someone who was accusing me of metagaming the initiation to my group so I cleared that up, and then the conversation turned to accusing us of having to collaborate and get our stories straight so I wasn't going to sit and listen to that back and forth so everyone involved left the channel and we went back to our group channel.
  11. Wolfe

    S1:RDM, South of NWAF, 12:44 AM Eastern United States

    Also me and my friends never made it clear we were together and we were never with the guys who robbed wolfe which I made clear, so at best they could've killed me and the guy with the white shirt and orange back pack. But I apologized about the incident with the girl and to her friends and offered them food as an apology, and it was their decision not communicate over ts with each other in a clear manner. I agree with what wolfe gave as her pov before she walked away, but she forgot ot mention she continued to insult and bait us into wanting to attack her and she showed no value for her life in that regaurd because she was surrounded and held at gun point to apologize and before I let her go I mention we were never going to shoot her even though she never apologized. Don't know how I was 'edgy', but ok. Yeah I admit I was a little nervous when you pointed your weapon at my head and I was about to apologize when you leaned over to your friend saying you weren't actually going to shoot me. At that point it was a firm no that I was not going to apologize and I was going to continue on my way. In no way, shape, or form is insulting someone baiting you to initiate. All the initiations against me were 100% on your own free will which you acted on.
  12. Wolfe

    Banditry: Yes or No?

    With the way my attitude comes off in game, most people who know me or meet me would say I'm a bitch. So I can't say that I'm friendly with anyone that I meet but I'm also not a bandit since material things have no interest to me since I usually have everything I need anyway.
  13. Wolfe

    Sprinting Around and Its Intentions.

    Realistically speaking, you're not going to sprint around everywhere 24/7, no. But some people don't incorporate realism into their RP or think about what their actions look like in game. Personally, if I'm just around my group members or alone at a well I don't always take my mask off to drink at the well because it's quite tedious. If there is someone else in the area then I would but I mean, it's all just preference in roleplay. Not everyone is a hardcore realistic RPer.
  14. Wolfe

    S1:RDM, South of NWAF, 12:44 AM Eastern United States

    Just because you claim you didn't know about the initiation does not mean you weren't in the dynamic group of the person initiating. The KOS was valid whether you know about the initiation or not. Next time perhaps your group communicate a little better when you decide to initiate so everyone is on the same page. Also, so, when you were killed, you unmuted your mic in teamspeak to announce to everyone that you had died and where you were? This resulted in your friend who initiated on me, stating in OOC that his friend had been KOS'd for no reason and that he was going to investigate; at which point he ran off in the direction of your body. This sounds a lot like metagaming to me since you were dead and he should not have had any idea that you were killed.. As for the "ruleplay" accusations.. Don't see how it is ruleplay at all. You were hiding in a tree/bush and most people who hide instead of come out to RP with a group is obviously expecting hostilities. Your friend initiated on me, taking me hostage, so my friends retaliated killing anyone associated with the group in the area because they're not going to turn their back on a suspected threat just so they could be shot in the back when you suddenly "figure out" there's been an initiation. They eliminated any threats in the area so that it would be easier to come and rescue me.
  15. Wolfe

    Salty about gear.

    You're not hanging out with the right people then.
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