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  1. What up DayZRP!? Just a returning member who wanted to say hi and reintroduce myself. I enjoyed some good times on the servers for the short time I RP'd a long time back. I have some new found extra time on my hands and wanted to get back into some RPing.... So here I am Look forward to meeting you guys... Go easy on me

    Potius Cras

    LOL @GaryCash Let's go!
  3. Declassified Information about agent: Lucky Sal "Lucky" Governali, wasn't the typical operative at The Corporation. Lucky has always been a cool cat who marches to the beat of his own drum. Lucky grew up in Southern California. He loves fast cars and fast women. He has spent most of his money and life savings taking trips to Vegas where he has developed a bad gambling habit and an overall bad track record in the city. Though that didn't keep Lucky out of the casinos. Sal's nickname might be Lucky, but that wasn't because he was a lucky gambler. Sal was nicknamed Lucky because of his ability to get out of hairy situations that he probably shouldn't have. Lucky joined the National Guard straight out of high school. He was a medic in the National Guard, and had high hopes of becoming a doctor one day. However that was all cut short after serving in the National Guard. Lucky couldn't find the work he needed to pay his bills, or the time to go back to school. His gambling habit and debt grew out of control quickly, and Lucky needed to make some serious money. A friend turned Lucky onto being a bodyguard. That helped out a lot. It wasn't long before Lucky had a few high profile clients and was making some serious cash. Later an old buddy from the National Guard who worked for The Corporation offered to employ him. Lucky thought it would be a good opportunity for a solid means of employment. Lucky had no idea that the world would go to shit, or that The Corporation would be doing the things it was doing in South Zagoria when he signed on, but he was an employee who basically signed his life away, and now was a long for the ride through hell. He was deployed there with the Fourth Team, he was sent with a convoy of engineers to help protect them, but was separated when the Convoy got broken up. He has been working to reunite with the other Operatives of The Corporation in the area ever since.
  4. http://cdn.meme.am/instances/52463654.jpg[/img] HAHA
  5. Did you even read what Rolle posted recently about donations and the perks attached to them? A name change is actually a service you get for buying a colored name, and it's not only a donation luxury... and this service costs a shit load more than it should. Everyone that I have brought up the name change amount/problem with found it to be an exorbitant crazy fee. I'm sure if you took a minute to think about the situation logically, and then thought about another persons concerns and not only your own, you would see there should be a compromise here too. If someone makes a mistake for whatever reason and wants/needs help with a one time fix, why should they be forced to "donate" such an unreasonable amount of money to fix a honest mistake? Everyone makes mistakes right?
  6. So Phoenix, what was you name before? haha
  7. From Rolle's Bailout Thread Rolle said: Well, I guess most of the points the defenders of the name change rules made are invalid now. And we should continue the overpriced changing username service discussion... Since getting a particular name color (that allows you to make a name change) is considered a service, I feel the service being offered is an extreme price to charge for a name change almost $120. The multiple name change price should be lowered, and the addition of a lower priced alternative for a one time name change service should be made available, or even replace the current multiple name change service entirely. Treating your members (customers) with respect by offering fair priced services would go along way during these troubling times, which in turn would lead to more members also wanting to show their gratitude by donating to a forum (business) that cares about their concerns. That's all members are asking for. *shrug*
  8. No evidence on this side unfortunately
  9. Well, it played out just as Pat stated. As we approached the vehicle two people ran out from behind a near by house. One headed over to the well and one was near the truck. I ran up and yelled for everyone to get down. The first person I ran passed complied and laid on the ground. I then again told the person near the truck to get down, and informed them they stole my truck and I was taking it back. I was having a hard time getting into the truck and the person that was on the ground near the well reached for his gun and Pat protected me with cover. After shots were fired I was unaware if the others were shooting, so I quickly left the scene. The person that was near the truck was so close that he was hit when I attempted to go around him. He did not yell out don't hit me, but only yelled out that he got hit as it happened. He also had a chance to move out of the way but did not. Again, the truck was fully loaded and was far from abandoned.
  10. Hats off to all the slave masters RP performances... Also I enjoyed watching your stream Marshal after my freak session lost death... To my fellow slaves, good job as well. I hope most of you found good homes haha
  11. Good times! Too bad I session timed out while restrained and died... Pro tip: No restraining slaves next time haha Thanks Volke for the event effort!
  12. Chris... Same here, and thanks. Like I started out saying, it's worth having a conversation about, and looking at it from a few different perspectives. I will be donating soon regardless because I enjoy the server and not any other reason or luxury... but wonder if people would have had a different response to my opinion if I had a colored name already.
  13. It's funny you mention that, because my friend who signed up at the same time as me was granted a name change from a different admin. yes, his name was more vulgar (mine Ron Chee a play off "raunchy") but his was changed and mine wasn't. Like I said I tried to clear the name issue right away and feel I made a pretty honest mistake. I can understand everyone else arguments for willy nilly name changes but situations like mine seem to warrant a fairer look. Again, it's unfair for someone who has the name they have been known by for sometime to act like it petty for someone who also wants the same.
  14. N/M misread your reply flapjack
  15. My circumstance isn't "willy nilly" and many other newly registered members might fall in the same boat. I mentioned donating a smaller amount for a one time change, how is that not being willing to pay for the luxury of a name change? Hell, I feel I have a valid claim for a free name change, but I am willing to pay a more reasonable donation amount because I feel I want to stick around a while and I understand the stress on name changing being a luxury.
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