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  1. [align=center]Not true. It's actually Czech Republican but has slovakian presence including books and stuff.[/align] [align=center]If i'm correct.[/align] Books maybe, but everything else is in Russian. The big billboards, posters, even the cars, trucks and busses are Russian . Enter any school or hospital and check It yourself
  2. Theres no such thing as chernorussian language. Everything in the game is written in russian, town names, magazines, posters etc.
  3. so i hided my bus, came back all tires were shot.. was that really necessary ?? i took the plug and battery with me, why you have to be such a dick and fuck my tires up. i know the location of many bases & hide-outs .. how would you feel if we come up and fuck up all your tents? you wanna play dirty.. we can play dirty too