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  1. Not true. It's actually Czech Republican but has slovakian presence including books and stuff. If i'm correct. Books maybe, but everything else is in Russian. The big billboards, posters, even the cars, trucks and busses are Russian . Enter any school or hospital and check It yourself
  2. Theres no such thing as chernorussian language. Everything in the game is written in russian, town names, magazines, posters etc.
  3. so i hided my bus, came back all tires were shot.. was that really necessary ?? i took the plug and battery with me, why you have to be such a dick and fuck my tires up. i know the location of many bases & hide-outs .. how would you feel if we come up and fuck up all your tents? you wanna play dirty.. we can play dirty too
  4. Do you really think this doctors are out there to help random survivors??? .. haha you fools !! ... Keep on pointing your fingers, keep on calling us monsters.. the truth is.. you all talk a big game, but when it comes to facing a "Bandera" you put your tail in between your legs.. look for hints and notes and you'll understand THE "message" ............. *chuckles and turns radio off*.
  5. *Turns Radio On* bzzzzzz bzzzz zzzz *adjusting frequency* bzzzz *starts singing Depeche Mode - Ghost* I'm the ghost in your house Calling your name My memory lingers You'll never be the same I'm the hole in your heart I'm the stain in your bed The phantom in your fingers The voices in your head One touch is all it took To draw you in To leave you hooked One kiss, you paid the price You had a taste Of paradise Now you're running in circles Chasing imaginary footsteps Reaching for shadows In the bed where I once slept I'm the ghost in your house Calling your name My memory lingers You'll never be the same I'm the hole in your heart I'm the stain in your bed The phantom in your fingers The voices in your head One thought is all it takes You lose control You make mistakes This pain will never leave Until I die You'll always grieve Now you're falling to pieces Seeing my face wherever you go Talking to strangers From a place they'll never know *Turns it slowly off..*
  6. *picks up the radio shhhhhhhhhhhhh .. hhh.. shhhhh " nothing but words and empty promises... you don't know what you going up against you fool hahaha.. *shhhhhhhhhhhh* ..stupid radio *shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... hhhhhhh *
  7. Nothing can stop me ! You hear me??? Nothing! I robbed 5 guys already and this is just the beginning.. we all need to survive somehow.. my way might not be the most ethical way but you fools keep on pushing my dam buttons !! you made Chico angry.. very angry... *violently slams the radio*
  8. *A voice emerges through the radio waves and transmits* Doctor... Doctor...... silly doctor.... your M65 jacket & Vest still look great on me by the way! thank you! you were lucky lots of people came over during our little "chit chat" so I had to leave in a rush.. and you know what.. I never liked doctors! Yea ! and never will! Its a small world out there doc, so be careful.. Chico Bandera is back !!
  9. look.. I admit that i deserve the punishment for powergaming, i was not supposed to remove body parts, I got that and will take the ban. But for BAD RP? I totally disagree man.. you know it very well that we stayed in character all the time, all people present at GM at that time can confirm that. As for Gerrit, he has nothing to do with the powergaming mistake, because that was entirely my idea, I'm the one who did it. btw Ill contact him today so he can respond to this threat
  10. ok, ban me then. hope that's going to make that guy happy.
  11. so what exactly is the problem? me and my friend were doctors, went to GM to see if people needed medical attention. We checked some girl Piper, after that we checked a guy in a cowboy hat with a weird voice saying he drinks a lot and that he needs a kidney ( took urine & blood tests etc) . Our plan from the begining was to get to GM find someone vulnerable, rob them and perform a quick surgery. After a while a guy is approaching with a irish accent (i guess that's you), having a pistol with silencer. I told my friend this is the one.. we pulled our weapons and forces him to get inside the building because we were afraid people will come and shit will get ugly. When inside, I heard people in the yard so I yelled to stay there and not enter the building. I want to make a notice here - the guy in cowboy hat that needed a kidney is not my friend and he didnt follow the story, when we had the irish guy on the floor he started going thru his stuff and when i asked him to watch the door he was just walking around...anyways, while you were on the floor I took my knife and cut you.. yes!, you cut someone when you take their kidney out, dont you think? things were getting pretty bad, because people start opening the door ignoring our warnings.. we didnt want to kill anyone so we didn't shot.. then one guy simply walks in, drops my friend with a bullet in his face and while i have bandages out to stop you from bleeding he kills me as well.. so in conclusion: what did we do wrong?? ill have to disagree with you one the part "we didnt provide RP" what are u talking about?? we stay in character ALL THE TIME. so yes, you got robbed, then saved, you did not die.. both of us are dead after this whole mess .. what is the point of this report?
  12. Rivers

    KOS just now

    ok.. we talked it out in TS and they explained me the whole scenario.. I dont want to push this any further and close this thread if it's possible. thx
  13. Rivers

    KOS just now

    I joined the server 2 minutes before you executed me, what friends?. I was standing up, didnt point a gun at anyone.. first a guy with a hat runs pass me, then i see you running, you come towards me and you can tell im not hostile.. im not proning or anything.. and you simply shot me without a warning, no RP nothing.. i mean really?? that is your excuse?
  14. Server and location: Server 2 US, Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 07:50:00 24/10/2015 Daytime or Night-time: Night Time Your in game name: Yuri Kirilov Names of allies involved: N/a Name/Skin of suspect/s: Didn't got his name Suspects weapon/s: a pistol, sounded like a magnum Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: As I'm approaching Green Mountain, close to the gates I see a man running, I stopped to say Hi, didn't even got a chance to open my mouth I get headshotted on the spot, not a single word.. nothing!, got KOS for absolutely no reason.. for like a fraction of a second I saw the name Axel on screen, this could be the suspect but I'm not 100% sure.. everything happened so quick, I died immediately