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  1. Again, I did comply to everything he said. He said walk paces and I will shoot. I walked 20 paces and then I ran. It would be different if he had said, "walk 20 paces and then stop so I can shoot you." He said walk 20 paces and i will shoot you. There's a grey area between what I should spot as OOC. Its a roleplay sever. Not a decide what he actually means or not server. Itd be one thing if he told me to stop but he didn't. I took my 20 paces. He didn't shoot me I ran. How am I suppose to know when someone is actually going to shoot me or not?
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-KOS-Stream-Sniping-BadRP-NVFL-Northwest-Airfield Why the verdict is not fair: Jiri clearly states with a gun pointed to my back that I am to walk 20 paces and then he will shoot me. If I run he will shoot me quicker. Both outcomes of the situation involve my character getting shot. I am confused as to how me trying to run after they opened the door and were going to execute me constitutes as "No Value of Life." Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: It doesn't matter if they were actually going to shoot me or not. There is no way that Michael White is going to know. They carved something into my chest "Perma Scarred" and me then executed me. Running with a slim chance of survival is better than just being killed without a chance. My character is trying to stay alive for his lost fiance. It is totally in character to run. Jiri did not say "Walk 20 paces and stop." He said "Walk 20 paces and then I'm going to shoot you." There was never a command of that i needed to stop. It was a declarative statement. 20 steps. I shoot you. Feel free to watch the VoD on my channel. http://www.twitch.tv/cheatdaygaming/v/18687810 05:16:30 is when it starts. The two options I have are be killed. Or be killed. I actually even counted. I ran walked 20 paces. I even complied. He just missed the shot. Nothing else. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I feel like when i received the ban, the actually wording wasn't used. It was more so what they thought. Or what someone else said. No one took the time to hear exactly what Jiri said. He said he was going to shoot me regardless. You clearly said in my ban that I was told to "stop." I wasn't. What could you have done better?: I'm honestly not sure. I guess not run, and be shot anyway?
  3. Michael white. Yes, i am also out of town at my best friends wedding. Sorry fpr any delayed response. I left festivities to clear this up. Yes I was caught in a lie and restrained. I ran up to the group hoping to be able to get supplies and leave. Jiri caught me in a lie and tried to run again I was restrained. This whole time I was streaming the event. I enjoyed the RP and am still new to everything. I don't think anything I did constituted bad rp? I'm also confused as why I was given a tempban? Glockstopper was under the impression that since he saw me taken hostage that he could save me. We had never met in game. And no point did I tell him to come save me. I even advised against it. I told the group, I did not have a radio. Because I didnt. I was literally a lone wolf. And my character will stay that way for some time. I hope this in some way helped clear the air. I'm driving home soon and will be able to give more info if needed I also want it to be known that I didn't try to get in truck. I was invited by a member.