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    [S2 GM]: CL'ing, BadRP (Little/No PainRP)

    Rumle Moellers PoV: Yo man I'm so sorry about this miss understanding. Let’s start with the shooting in the town below GM. Me and my two friends Jayce Alexander and Jacob Aqissiaq heard shots we went down to find out what had happened. We saw dead body's lying on the ground. Jacob went down to find out what had happened and were shot, even though he had not done anything. I on the hill saw him get shot and I shot the dood who had just killed my friend( He had a Blue hiking jacket I don’t think I was the guy who shot the dood that filmed the video I’m hoping the logs can tell). Jayce told me that I was glitched out and was gliding around even though I was crouched so I quickly re logged. When I got back in, we decided to go to GM for a better position. As I pushed back, I were shot at but wasn’t hit. I quickly ran up to GM only to find out there was another dood there. I got into cover between the fence and the wall at GM I saw a butt-load of people coming and decided to just lay in the grass kind of gave up . Then the guys came they told me to get my hands up, and I did all of a sudden I hear gunshots to my right and find out that they shot Jayce, Jayce got really pissed as he didn't think he had done anything wrong. I was trying to find out why they shot my friend (Jayce Alexander the person they killed) before the interrogation. My friend (Jayce Alexander) who they shot has talking to me in a steam voice chat. He was very irritated that he had just been shot, and wanted to know why (that why the OCC happened). As I go into the building by game gets very laggy (Ps: Im running Dayz on a potato with bad internet). I trash talk my hostage takes as I think they are bandits and Chernarus deserves better, then I get shot and thought they were trying to shot me so I start walking, my game lags a lot at this time, and my character will not stop walking, I finally get him to crouch and then I get shot. My friend on Skype is talking and I can barely hear anything so I hang up the call as I'm unconscious the second time (That's why I'm unresponsive after I wake up). This part is a little embarrassing Because of the trash talk my mom comes in to my room (By accident you can actually heat her scream Rumle at about 18 secs) and begins to talk about how she does not like that I talk like that and I tell her that is just role play after explaining what role play is while playing. BTW It's not easy. That why I' doing really bad role play and I am really sorry about that, it was late my mom was there and I was really tired (BTW I live in Greenland that's why it was late). Now comes the worst part my game start losing connecting and I'm in cuffs and you know what happens when you are in cuffs and you DC yeah I died. Its really sucked I tried to log on to the server but it was full and I knew I had to go to GM to apologize. So I just gave up. I am so sorry doods I did not want any on this to happen it was just really bad timing and miss understanding. I hope you understand If you have any, other questions just MSG on the website or add me on steam its http://steamcommunity.com/id/GRLTrouble/