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  1. I looked on the forums and their twitter, is there any specific reason the servers are down?
  2. *Chet reaches into his bag and grabs his radio. He pushes the talk button* "Hello? Anyone? I need help, my leg is broken! I fell off a ladder and I cant fix it. If anyone can help and is in the southern reigon, please respond!" *Chet releases the button and waits*
  3. *Chet calmly presses the talk button* "Who said that this wasnt some kind of encoded message that may just very well end many peoples lives?" *Chet releases the button and waits*
  4. *Chet hears familiar music coming from his radio he left on* "No way, thats my jam! Keep it going!" *Chet releases the button and relaxes as the fire continues burning*
  5. *Chet cleans off his hands and presses the talk button* "Attention survivers, I have vegitation for anyone who may need some food. My current location is Kamenka near the water fountain. I have a fire set here if you cant find it. Plenty to go around, but do hurry!" *Chet releases the button and continues farming*
  6. *Chet turns on his radio and pushes the talk button* "I see you guys walking over the bridge. im gonna light a chem and swim over." *Chet powers off his radio and prepares for a nice relaxing swim*
  7. *Chet takes out his radio and presses the talk button* "Hey guys, quick update. Im coming into Komarovo. Ill be-" *bzzzzt* "so be ready." *Chet packs up his radio and heads into town*
  8. *Chet hears the radio and pushes the talk button* "Yeah, im doing fine. Im making good progr-" *bzzzzzzzt* "close to Green Mountain. I ran into 2 guys, talked to them for a bit, and continued. Ill be there so-" *bzzzzzzt* "and this radio is trash. Ill fix it one day." *Chet releases the button and continues foward*
  9. *Chet Presses the talk button* "Great! Ill be coming from the direction of Elektro and Cherno" *Chet releases the button and starts heading south*
  10. *Chet hears Logan's voice and quickly scrambles through his bag for the radio. He finds it a pushes the button.* "I cant believe it! I didnt think this seemingly broken radio worked! Thi-" *Bzzzzzzt* "-don't know. What should we do?" Im still north, but ill start making my way-" *bzzzzzt* "and ill try to find you guys. Wheres a good spot to meet up?" *Chet lets go of the button, starts to get moving, but has his radio on tap.*
  11. *Bzzzzzzt* "Hello? This is the Librarian. Im looking for the group i had been traveling with. I blacked out and-" *Bzzzzt* "So im trying to find you guys. If you dont remember me, im Chet Curtis. Respond if you pick up on this message. Ill hopefully see-" *bzzzzzzzt*