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  1. *Charlie walks over to a tree and leans against it and pulls out his radio "hello everyone ive been a undercover face for quite some time but i got a problem with the way things have been going, this was once a glorious free state for all to do what they needed for survival but more and more do i find these what seem to be are some sort of police, massive groups of people all trying to cause some sort of justice. So i guess what im trying to say is take a hike and worry about your self let people figure out what it takes to be survivor" *radio clicks off ... *radio switches back on " also if anyone knows where i can get some pumpkin seeds that would be just be darling" *clicks off again
  2. a-fuzz

    s1 kos/cl

    Can you review the last minute or so of the video and let me know if the gun that is in the OP's hand is perhaps the M4 you had before you were shot? Edit: Due to new evidence it is likely that they both had M4's I had an M4 yes however my skin and clothing were far different, i was all tan and beige.
  3. a-fuzz

    s1 kos/cl

    Charlie Aberist POV: My friend Will Rodgers was inside the compound with an unknown amount of people i made my way into the tower to insure his safety with these strangers. Will role playing a cocky guy was a bit rude to them and they then initiated on him (understandable) they took him hostage and one of there friends ended up in the tower i shot him and knocked him unconscious. i then proceeded to handcuff him and bandage him so that we may be able to trade hostages and then we could all walk away unharmed but instead they executed Will quickly and swiftly. (still understandable it was fast paced role play) someone i believe Eli Washington was the one who said and i quote (if you kill him you will die, if you let him go you will still die) so i made him stand on the balcony and i said (take a good hard last look at him and proceeded to execute him. let me clarify i normally would not have shot Azreal Hunter but he pulled his gun out and wouldnt let me in the tower and i also spotted a sniper in the woods outside so i was in fear for my life and needed to get into the building. i responded to everything i heard them stay and proceeded to talk to them even when they did not reply. after i was shot and killed someone else logged in and they killed him, seems like a classic case of mis-ID KOS
  4. when im at work and its cold as.... something old i straight up look like a bandit
  5. a-fuzz

    KOS GM

    I was also in the compound and i did not receive the initiation (no video proof) and even in that video you can see no one else got the initiation as shots get fired we all look confused. but as shots were fired i surrendered and was killed anyways o what difference does it make.
  6. I never taxed anyone, No one had kill rights on me i did tell them that they would be safe on the mountain thats why i said i failed them, i dont hardly know the man in the tower so it was an invalid execution you put my life in the hands of someone i hardly know so how can you justify that? He was working with you. Part of your Dynamic. I had no say in what happened to you but we had you hostage gave your boy the demands he didn't listen instead kept telling Jacob to kill you. Long story short you had 0 execution rights on me a complying hostage so once again i ask you to justify that? because someone you thought was my friend said go ahead and kill me? this does not work like that.
  7. I never taxed anyone, No one had kill rights on me i did tell them that they would be safe on the mountain thats why i said i failed them, i dont hardly know the man in the tower so it was an invalid execution you put my life in the hands of someone i hardly know so how can you justify that?
  8. Server and location: S1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): s1 6:00 Daytime or Night-time: NIGHT Your in game name: Charlie Aberist Names of allies involved: Clay Diamond, Will Rodgers Name/Skin of suspect/s: Jay Wong, Dimitri Irons, Jacob Makarov and several other crew members who attempted KOS Suspects weapon/s: AK varients, M4, magnum, i think i saw an SKS Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Sadly no but i have numerous witnesses Detailed description of the events: I was at green mountain With two allies and two randoms, No one had KOS rights on me at the time but i start hearing shots hit the tower at GM and i step back a little ways next thing i know Clay is dead and around 8 people storm the compound I surrendered as i knew there was no way i could make it out of this situation they walked in and me and the two other people there surrendered, they were interrogating me for a quick bit and i was fine with that, but he walks me outside and puts my life in the hands of someone i hardly know being Will Rodgers i kept telling him we were not friends but he asked me to ask him to get in a different radio frequency so i did and lost contact with will so i couldn't advise him or anything he then proceeded to execute me for no reason. There was no initiation im sure chat logs can confirm that everyone on the mountain agreed there was no initiation, then I being a complying hostage was Executed. im fine with being fairly killed or even being held up but that was just poor RP and blatant disrespect for the rules applied to the server.
  9. a-fuzz

    KOS GM

    Full POV: Absolutely no initiation Shot up the place. i complied and they still killed me i mean i did absolutely no resistance i was just hanging out at the mountain with a few other people and suddenly death ensued
  10. Full POV. I made my way up to green mountain From Zelenogorsk and there were about 7 people in the compound that i could see. beside the tower stood the two people involved (not friends or enemies with either) i was watching somebody garden for a quick bit and then i heard them arguing it wasn't really a two side argument it was more of one person yelling at another, i look over and i hear him say "don't take that" and she does anyways he then sprays her down yells some gibberish then bolts out of the scene of the crime. Her friend comes up to the mountain asks who did it and then is on his way.
  11. Oh i was there for that i was a bystander on the mountain and though i dont have video evidence i can give my word that , that was straight up murder cold blooded and absolutely unnecessary that could have been solved in a thousand different ways but he didnt hesitate to light Piper up i would also call it RDM
  12. a-fuzz

    Attempted Kos/Rdm Rule Play over role play

    i can verify i was with him majority of the time and there was no point in time that i didnt see him for at least 20 mins. i know ou cant really argue with solid evidence like the logs but it seems incorrect never the less, also i watched beau walk around and get right up on like 6 people it appeared he was pulse checking i also witnessed clay get shot and as you can see right there in chat logs he admitted to it.
  13. Ah, Rob, if I had to say who has changed my survival, it would be you and Nick. Clay and Norman are in there as well, but that's because Ody is damn terrified of them. Cheers brotha bear you always have a friend in me even when im friends with dangerous people
  14. a-fuzz

    More Survivor Groups?

    I feel like any more groups there will be too many not enough people running alone for bandits to rob or heros to save, so right now its pretty solid