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  1. A Basic Roleplaying Guide

    Great guide clarifies a lot of stuff and really teaches new RP'ers like me how to handle certain situations.
  2. Thx for the info I hope I'll never have to use it but u never know ;D
  3. Farming guide by WOBO, 0.58 patch

    Dayz; Farming simulator Thanks for the great video will surely watch more of his videos.
  4. It's Kludding time

    If u wanna cuddle im fine with it
  5. Hi guys I am Kludde, Kludde Augustus, I am 17 years old and have had an insanely busy year, therefore I have decided to dial down a few things and start RPing to take my mind of things. I hope you are all as wonderfull as I have heard and I also hope you guys decide to trust me enough to lower that very shiny shotgun. Well yeah more things about me are, I like to have fun, I have done my fair share of normal acting and I love reading books and short stories. I hope to see you all soon! Kind Regards Kludde,