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    What's your favourite dayZRP Jargon!

  2. Noxious

    Post-lorewipe - Have you enjoyed it so far?

    Yeah its alright honestly. With the boys now have motivation to get in game, it's also gave me some push to try and make time out of my busy week to try and get on. Overall, dece
  3. Noxious

    Survivors of the Southern Moana

    Bitta of RP went on lastnight and I can honestly say, the boys of the Moana are not here to fuck around. Bunch of good roleplayers!
  4. Noxious

    Survivors of the Southern Moana

    Alright chief, thanks man for clearing it up *thumbs up
  5. Noxious

    Survivors of the Southern Moana

    "theres bugger all there"- Noxious
  6. Noxious

    Survivors of the Southern Moana

    might send in an app
  7. Noxious

    DayZRP Community Lore - Post-Wipe

    Sickkkk *Thumbs up!
  8. Noxious

    Calling Out To The New Alliance [Open]

    "Old Lev picks up radio, flicks that button on the side; and begins transmitting* "Yeah sick, yet another useless broadcast regarding the Northern Alliance, yeah I was apart of the original one. It was nice, for abit, Then things started going down real fast and it all ended. Nowadays, kids are picking up the burnt sticks of the North and trying to sticky tape it back together. Now, want a piece of advice. Fuck the alliance of the North, its been done. Its stale. If your gonna get a alliance going, try somewhere it hasn't been done before. Perhaps a alliance of the East. Ohhh wowe that would be nice". "So yeah, to some things up. Fuck the alliance in the North, that can go left, right and goodnight. That's my advice, free of charge". "Easy Peasy". *Lev releases the radio, pegs it at the wall in front. Realizing he's just smashed the thing to pieces, now needing a new one*
  9. Noxious

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

  10. Nah looks like Pub Server tbh
  11. Noxious

    Most intimidating/interesting accent?

    A crazy Irish man, nothing like it.
  12. Noxious

    SkinVest's Introduction

    Welcome friend, ever need anything feel free to PM me
  13. Noxious

    Western's Media/Art Thread.

    All of those pictures are unreal, can't believe I've never seen em
  14. Noxious

    New Website Banners Go Here!

    @JAMMIELAD Those are all dope, don't know which one is my favourite Good job anyways
  15. Alot of people run around with the mentality of they are going to get robbed.
  16. Noxious

    I've been slithering around lately

    Welcome Welcome! If you ever require anything friend, feel free to PM me
  17. Noxious

    Dev Room?

    See you on there Pal
  18. Noxious

    Tbilisi Diary: Story of a Foreign Correspondent | Carley Kramer's Story

    I like it, the formatting is very well done, text coloring is helpful and overall is a nice read. Good Job
  19. A very unique piece friend, not a bad friend and the screenshot sets the scene very well. Good job!
  20. Noxious

    The Pagan Revenants Media Thread

    They're all so good, great pictures guys keep them up
  21. Welcome Welcome If you ever need anything my friend, feel free to PM me
  22. Noxious

    Bratva Media Thread

    Just a hunch (just joking)