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  1. S2 looks good at the moment 

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    2. Chewy


      Suppose! I just find it awkward and immersion breaking ever so slightly, then again, beggars can't be choosers.

    3. Zero


      @Noxious I understand why NA and you guys would be upset, I would probably be too if I put that much effort into it, it would probably be even more understandable if the base building mechanics were present in the game. It's just I wouldn't let the closing of my frequented server to drive me away, the fact is if there are 20/60 on both servers they should be merged, people shouldn't be just logging on the server because they're base is there.


    4. Noxious


      Well then its sorted then.

      Half the community will leave, and we will most likely still see the same pop on S1? (early prediction ;)

      Alright, good chat folks.

      I like hearing all point of views


    5. Zero


      I don't know why I just thought of this solution, but.. Why don't you guys just.. Move your settlement/camp to S1?.. 

    6. FreyZ


      I see it like this, if you think logically that you were put in a survival situation here and now, the dead walking outside and all they want is to murder you. There's crazy people out there that want nothing but rob you, torture you and kill you. I'd not want to wander in the parts of the world of where these people exist, because I actually value living rather than risking my life to have a chat with some strangers I come across.

      As of when it comes to S1 and S2, it's really hard to maintain a base, harder to maintain two. So, you usually have to make the choice of one server and settle for it. But, this is just my opinion on the subject from what I understood it was about.


    7. FreyZ


      @Vapor I couldn't hold the gas back, sorry. Beans does that to me.

    8. Noxious


      Vapor, I hope you enjoy going around Kab for the first week. Die repeat, Die repeat, Die repeat, Die repeat and so forth. GG

      Gonna be sickkkk

    9. Noxious
    10. Stradic


      @Zero In all honesty I would gladly move to S1 if the player cap was higher. We tried doing this ages ago back when the Northern Alliance was a thing but it just frankly became a pain in the ass trying to fight to get a spot in the server. Granted, player login que is a thing now but it still comes down to, why should we all try joining a server to be put in a que when we could all just join the other server.

      As for the other remarks made on this status update. If you actually have valid points to talk about without pulling the stereotype card than I am more than willing to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

    11. Noxious