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  1. Might have to reinstall DayZ



    1. Stradic



  2. @Alex Stop snooping cunt XD

    1. Keira



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  3. The return is soon @Stradic @Alex

    1. Roach


      Is this what I think it is? HYPE!

    2. Stradic



    3. Static
  4. "Old Lev picks up radio, flicks that button on the side; and begins transmitting* "Yeah sick, yet another useless broadcast regarding the Northern Alliance, yeah I was apart of the original one. It was nice, for abit, Then things started going down real fast and it all ended. Nowadays, kids are picking up the burnt sticks of the North and trying to sticky tape it back together. Now, want a piece of advice. Fuck the alliance of the North, its been done. Its stale. If your gonna get a alliance going, try somewhere it hasn't been done before. Perhaps a alliance of the East. Ohhh wowe that would be nice". "So yeah, to some things up. Fuck the alliance in the North, that can go left, right and goodnight. That's my advice, free of charge". "Easy Peasy". *Lev releases the radio, pegs it at the wall in front. Realizing he's just smashed the thing to pieces, now needing a new one*
  5. trash

    1. Alex


      fuck outta here 

  6. How ya going

  7. trash
  8. mum and dad left 4 weeks ago, and haven't come back

    1. Noxious


      what do I do, the foods running out, power went out last week and the toilet won't flush. patch is dead, do I dig a hole or just leave him in his kennel?

      i lit a fire for warmth, but its getting out of control in the kitchen

    2. WeeMeme

      Just order a pizza 

  9. 18 yeah

    1. Stradic


      Happy Birthday mate! 

  10. ded

    1. Stradic


      Cowboy hat

  11. Leaving Staff for reasons of work and school, someone with more time? Take my place please!

    I would highly recommend taking up the challenge and sending in application, its worth!

    07 [email protected]

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    2. Noxious


      @Vector Clearly. 

    3. Vector

      @Noxious let's be real. It was more like pre-staff. 

    4. Vapor

      CH has and always be considered an internship.

  12. Nah looks like Pub Server tbh