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  1. Pink, because I like to represent the LGBT community.
  2. Hey, again, not sure what use I can be here as I was the guy Eddie was going to meet, not the person he was with when they first saw him. I was over near Green Mountain when this happened. I was in a TS channel with Eddie though during the whole encounter and from what I could make out he was getting held up by these guys. Not sure why they couldn't hear him because I could (I even had to mute him as it was getting a little annoying to listen to!). I was way outside the range to come and get involved so I stayed put where I was waiting for him to arrive. He then messaged me that he'd died so I logged. Eddie is definitely not the kind of person to throw a grenade at a random dude, nor avoid RP. We play on DayZRP to get away from crap like that. The videos just show you all being extremely aggressive and him backing away from you, which seems like a pretty natural reaction to someone swearing at you that much. Also is the guy that died sure someone threw a Grenade at him? I play on other DayZ servers and I've seen as*holes setting up the new grenade trip wires around wells as they're the only place someone stays still for the 5 seconds it takes to explode. It could have been set hours before.
  3. tyrone84

    KoS by grenade - Server 1 - Kabanino - 02.02.2016

    I think you've miss ID'd me on this one. Have no POV as was not there.
  4. Hi, Not sure what POV you need from me as I had left before the author of this report arrived. Sorry, meant to post more than that. Typing this on a cell phone as not at home right now. Earlier I had been kidnapped and rescued so was role-playing trying to find Melody and Zero when I started role-playing in stary with oleg, Hunter and another random guy for a few minutes I then left for a period of time to meet a friend about the kidnapping thing. I came back a while later and Hunter and Oleg were role-playing with one another and appeared to be having fun. Hunter was rping being paranoid, and Oleg was rping feeding his paranoia. I don't think I ever said I was his brother, but I remember saying something along the lines of what would your parents think to what you're doing, and then rp'd telling him off, so I guess it might have come across that way. I've known Oleg for a while, but Hunter I've never met before. Hunter left and I then left to meet up with my other friends. Hopefully there is a video from Hunter as my memory is hazy, as I had my own Rp drama ongoing with some other friends having been kidnapped and rescued shortly before this all took place. I was not around to speak to Mary and did not see the suicide mentioned, although Hunter did do the suicide pose earlier and Oleg and I talked him out of it. Obviously I can't comment on this report because I was not witness to what Mary saw, however I feel Oleg and Hunter were having a fun and consentual RP session between the two of them which I guess might have appeared trolly to those that had not been there for the build up. I certainly thought it was fun. I don't really see the report forum as an appropriate place for this, and feel if you had an issue with how others role-playing the general forum would have been a better place to touch base and start an actual debate on what you consider good roleplay. I don't believe Oleg to be a troll at all and have had many good Rp sessions with him. Ultimately this is a matter of personal opinion as to what constitutes good Rp. As someone that has been an active online roleplayer for coming on 20 years, I can honestly say it's the quirky characters you meet that make things interesting. With the lack of Zombies right now in standalone, weirdos like Hunter, Oleg, and the many others that inhabit Dayzrp make this a fun community to come back too. Sorry for the lack of paragraphs, my phone won't let me make a space!
  5. Yes, I had no reason to think YOU would execute me, and complied 100% with all of you for 30 to 40 minutes. What you're failing to realise is I ran when Blindman arrived, the guy I held hostage about an hour and a bit earlier. He came up to me, told me he recognised me and told me to kneel. Blindman had KOS rights on me did he not? Toppled with the fact he had stated he was a Nazi, I think it's fair to assume I was about to be executed so running was the ONLY chance of survival. I wasn't running from the Zbor, I was running from the Nazi I assisted in holding hostage less than 2 hours before. Also, at no point did we mention we were brothers, nor mention our surnames, and in fact I only said my first name AFTER one of you meta-gamed my name from my pulse but then mixed me up with Terrell. (I let it slide as accepted that it was so confusing with 5-7 hostages, plus other civilians nearby that you needed a means to try and say who you talking to.) I had given the name "English" to TheBlindman earlier.
  6. That was a small mix up between the two of you. In comms we told Blind man that it was a the black guy and then he muted and began to RP with who he thought was who he was ment to be talking to but, it was you. After we sorted that out and he turned to im assuming your brother you began to run away from 12 guys within 100m and 9 of them with 20m of you and I would say that you made it 15m before being gunned down. We had no reason to execute you and we just got confused on who was who. By running you showed lack of care for your characters life there was a very little chance that you would survive for very long. False. i didnt say i was Direct NEO-Nazi i said i followed the Nazi agenda in the Nationalist way i didnt say anything that could offend, Jews, Blacks, or Other races There by its fine to RP as a Nazi aslong you dont do the "One and only Race" thing. I don't have a problem with you role-playing as a Nazi and I don't for one second think you're a real-life racist mate. I'm simply saying if you go around saying you're a Nazi in character, then people are going to assume you have pretty hostile intentions when you tell them to kneel before you. I'm not questioning anything you did, or have I an issue with my character being taken captive (I was involved in the earlier hostage situation of blindman, it was less than 2 hours before). I think you bit off more than you could chew by trying to take 5 people captive at once which led to a rather boring 30 minutes where because I wasn't the one arguing with you, I wasn't involved in the role-play, which is fair enough. 8 people talking at once is a little pointless. One of you just hit the nail on the head, you had to point at me for me to know you were talking to me, and what were you telling me? "To face the wall." Great fun.
  7. I would have showed even less care for my characters life if I'd stayed to be executed by that guy? Surely if the options are, stay and be executed, or try and run, then trying to run is the more realistic choice? The guy who was telling me to kneel with my hands behind my head had earlier told me he was a Neo-Nazi. Not sure if you're aware, but Black guys didn't live very long in Nazi Germany. I ran because I did have value for my characters life and used the confusion of some of you arguing with the other guy to make my dash. If I'd pulled out a gun, or tried to Axe one of you I could understand this report as I'd have no chance of killing someone and surviving, but running away there is a reasonable chance for my character to survive. I ran from a Nazi that was demanding I kneel with his hands behind his back. Making reports like this is everything that is wrong with the people that play on here. There are so many reports, wasting so much time for everyone involved.
  8. What utter nonsense, it was quite clear your man with the magnum intended to execute me. I'm sure one of you has a video so please upload it as it's pretty clear cut. A guy who I was semi involved in taking hostage (funny you let the people who actually took him hostage and questioned him go), was standing near me with a magnum saying "it's you, I recognise your glasses" and telling me to kneel etc. I made a dash and actually managed to escape the compound. That was an utterly dull and boring RP experience. If you're going to take 5 people hostage, don't all speak at once, and keep them together. I had no idea who any of you were talking to for the majority of the time. Being largely ignored and told to stare at a wall is hardly an entertaining experience for anyone. Also, at no point did we mention we were brothers.
  9. You didn't speak to me at any barns, I've honestly no idea what you're talking about. There was nobody around when I dropped Perry off, and surely, you should have spoken to him, the person on foot, not someone in a truck? Again, if someone is looting the tent, then wouldn't you talk or shoot the person, not a truck driving past? Also, as seen in the video, more than one gun is firing at the truck. I've nothing further to add to the report now unless the admins require any further explanations. I'm sorry if it appears any of my messages have been a back and forth, I've just been trying to clarify the situation. I suggest Flavberg that you don't post any more unless asked to do so by an admin here, particularly as you can't seem to keep to the same story and I honestly don't wish to see you getting a ban for being dishonest in your report.
  10. So first you state that nobody shot at all before the killing shots, and then you admit that James fired at the truck, but only to scare it away from his tent (not sure how you loot a tent from inside a truck!), and that you were not nearby at the time and James radio'd you. You've now said that you were with James when he fired at the truck the first time. So you lied? I've honestly no idea what you're talking about with this whole tent thing. You shot at a moving truck, not a person at a tent. So you stated that you spoke to me, but now you're stating that you remained hidden the whole time? How could you be hidden in bushes, and trying to talk to me at the same time? Doesn't make sense does it? Also, you've stopped me, I'm unconscious, not dead, you could have rendered the truck unable to drive (can take the wheels off without damaging it) and role-played with me when I woke up, but you made the decision to execute? Why was that? Nobody was shooting at you at that time. Perry didn't engage whilst I was unconscious. You did manage to throw a few insults over voice chat after hitting me, which was the only time I actually heard your voice!
  11. A couple points I would like to clarify here; Flavberg has stated twice now in his posts that the only time his group fired was when they killed me, however James Graf has now confirmed that they did indeed fire at the truck "to scare me away" without any text initiation with some excuse about driving near their camp. So which is it? You never fired upon the truck, or you did to "scare" me away? Are you suggesting that only James Graf fired at the truck the first time? (I never saw who fired at the truck the first time, only Perry can answer that). The initial initiation of the truck was done by more than one shooter as more than one type of gun fired at the truck (see video). You did not pursue the truck for some time, and as you have admitted, when you chose to type the text chat at 8:34 you knew that the truck was not nearby, which again suggests you were trying to "cover yourself" for attacking the truck. In my video you can see I drove away for quite some distance. I actually ended up at the edge of the map after this. I later returned to closer to the area to pick-up Perry. I was driving around in circles and parked up in a field on the south-eastern side of the city whilst I waited for Perry to confirm where he wanted to be picked up (the initial hostilities took place further north away from the town), but I saw no sign of you, and you certainly never spoke to me and nobody approached the truck. I was never near any barns in Chernaya Polana (that's a long way from where any of this happened), nor any other barns that I can think of, so I'm not sure what you're talking about there. Perry asked me to head towards the church in Novaya Petrokva, and I drove back and you shot and killed me between the petrol station and the little industrial compound on the eastern side of the town. You've also admitted that I was unconscious in the truck and you then made the decision to execute me with a second shot (12 seconds after your first shot) before Perry had fired a single shot in retaliation. So to you, you were under no threat what-so-ever, but made the decision to execute, again gear over RP. You also had no way of knowing if it was the same truck, or the same person driving it. My truck was shot from behind, so you never saw me, the driver, the first time you initiated, so the second time you did not take any precaution to make sure you had any right to fire. There was only Perry and I in my group, no others. Anyone else you encountered is a separate issue and if they shot you without just cause should be reported as such. Perry was nearby when you killed me because I was coming to pick him up. I also have shadow-play (although only set to a couple minutes, not 20. How do you cope with the huge file sizes!). This is the first initation. I do not have a record of my death, but I can assure you I did not see any text chat message, but then I was driving at full speed and the text chat range is limited (they did however start firing less than 4 seconds after typing the text chat). What was your reason for wanting to kill the person driving a truck past you? I was driving in the road and you were in the field to the north, so you were not in fear of being run over. You had not been fired at by Perry for over 20 minutes by this time, and he had no clue where you were until you started firing at me, so hard to argue an ongoing fight.
  12. As I said, we were chasing the truck for a while and tried to stop it, but we did not open fire until the second time. I am not sure, but I believe that I also wrote it. Heat of the moment and all. At 8:34 when you first typed it was 10 minutes after you first shot at the truck, and by my reckoning at that time I would have been nowhere near you as I drove away to the northern edge of the map. The second time you typed it was 4 seconds before he shot me. Neither of these messages appeared on my screen and as no hit logs from James Graf when I was killed it makes me wonder if you were nearby at all or simply typing messages into chat to give your group an excuse to shoot. Either way you initiated first time without any attempt to communicate.
  13. Server and location: EU Server 3 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Approx 19:30 Daytime or Night-time: Day Your in game name: James Campbell Names of allies involved: Perry Trimo Name/Skin of suspect/s: Unknown Suspects weapon/s: AK's Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): One truck Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/a Detailed description of the events: I was driving a truck near Novaya Petrokva when someone started shooting my truck without any initiation (no text chat that I could see, and I didn't hear any voice chat). Perry was nearby as I'd just dropped him off a few minutes before and he took a couple shots at the group after they initiated on the truck. I'm not sure if he actually hit anyone. Around 5-10 minutes later (I drove all the way up to the edge of the map, and around for a while) having seen no sign of anyone I returned to the area to pick-up Perry. As I drove towards the eastern side of Novaya, three people appeared beside the truck and immediately shot at me, killing me, again with no initiation. I've no idea if these were the same people that shot earlier as I didn't see the people shooting the first time, and only briefly glimpsed the people that killed me as they appeared beside the truck. Perry was very close at the time and I believe he has fired at them as I type this. Main main issue here is they simply opened up shooting as soon as they saw a truck with no attempt to roleplay or correctly initiate on me at all.