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  1. I registered on this site yesterday. I applied to be whitelisted, which included linking my account with my Steam. About 10 hous later, when I went to log onto Steam, my password was changed. I changed it to something else by recovering it. This morning I logged on once again, and it was changed AGAIN, this time with purchases made. I changed my Email password as well as Steam. The problem I'm having is now when I try to join a DayZ server, it says "Battleye initialized" In red at the bottom, then one second later it says "Session lost". I tried multiple servers. I don't know what could have caused this and if someone could help me it would be appreciated. Update: It is only happening on DayZ, I tried joining an ARMA 3 server and it worked, which firthermore makes me suspicious that it has something to do with you guys.