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  1. You will have to make a ban appeal i believe
  2. Malvarik

    [GAME] Rate the person above's Forum Title

    made me laugh. 10/10
  3. [mp3]https://db.tt/mtbWnLzD[/mp3] Night falls upon Chernarus an within the pitch black forest in the outskirts of Novy Sobor a single light penetrates the darkness. If one was brave enough to travel to this small light in the middle of the darkness they would find what appears to be a ruined cabin. Inside and sitting in a chair that looks awfully unstable is Griffith Ravenholt, the founder of The Chernarus Historical Society. next to him on the old table sits a canteen filled with water and before him is a black notebook that he is hastily scribbling in. His documentation of his day are as follow: Date: Unknown Time: 10:00 p.m. Location: Shortly out of Novy Sobor. It has been quite some time since i have found food and i am getting fairly hungry. I have been able to scavenge for berries for some time but i fear i must head back into town tomorrow morning to find real food. I am currently alone, both Scott and Hirschfeld's are unknown, although i know i will see them again. I am within the outskirts of Novy Sobor and arrived here yesterday evening. I started to search the abandoned town to see what might be hidden within such as ammunition or books. I instead found a Chernarussian Defense Force member who became very aggravated with me. It appears he took it as an insult that i was not immediately aware of what military he was from. We had a lengthy discussion and were soon joined by what i can only guess are two of his comrades. They became especially hostile when they learned that i had named my preservation society The Chernarus Historical Society. Their reasoning was that it was offensive to all Chernarussians because much of the literature i gathered might conflict with Chernarussian ideals. Their argument was completely preposterous. I named it this because we are a historical society based in Chernarus. They even told me to name it after myself, to which i replied that this idea would only promote me as some arrogant and selfish prick. I was able to calm them down and told them i would change the name (which i won't) and went on my merry way. I was able to gather some supplies before spying this cabin and hunkering down for the night. I had some communications with Trevor the previous morning as well and i believe he might be located somewhere near the North West Airfield. After i locate Hirschfeld i will then meet up with him and we will start looking for a base of operations. That is all for today, Griffith Ravenholt signing off.
  4. Seen you alot around the forums and radio chatter: 8/10 pretty famous
  5. *Night falls upon Chernarus and Griffith sits alone within one of the upper rooms of a apartment in the outskirts of Chernogorsk. He searches through his backpack and takes out a black notebook and a black pen that he had found earlier while scavenging. He also takes out a bottle of wine, it was good vintage and he wasn't going to just let it go to waste. After pouring himself half a cup and opening his notebook to the first page he grabs his radio and holds down the transmit button* "Hello ladies and gents of Chernarus, i am Griffith Ravenholt of The Chernarus Historical Society. I am here to talk to you today due to one of our goals here at The Society, documenting the stories of the survivors of the infection so that future generations can know of the hardships many of us have endured and learn from our mistakes. I know that many of us have made mistakes we don't want others repeating." *Griffith pauses the transmission for a second to reflect on what he had done in the past, his grand mistake.He then resumes the broadcast with his previous chipper attitude.* "So what im trying to get at here is this people, if you wish to tell me your story i will document it and make sure the future knows of you. They will know of the hardships you overcame and they will learn from your mistakes. I might have a couple questions of clarification so be ready for that aswell." *Griffith ends the transmission and sits in the empty room, his back to the wall, waiting to record the history of the survivors in Chernarus.*
  6. Malvarik

    COMPLIMENT the person above you

    I love your signature and avatar
  7. Malvarik

    [GAME] Would you die for the person above you?

    Well your character's last name is similar to one of my older characters so sure.
  8. I remember back in the days of Raven's Nest and Trade Post there was usually at least one person each week playing guitar or something there, i loved it because i felt like it added to the immersion.
  9. Had a great conversation with Sgt. Bardov and two of his comrades today! Excellent rp.
  10. Not this character but my old one, Dr. Geoffery Zedler. He was a researcher devoted entirely to his experiments and believed that the ends justified the means. He finally had a change of heart and decided to use his skills to help others, i then immediately perma-deathed him because i found it ironic and somewhat humorous how he finally had a change of heart and then was immediately killed.
  11. Malvarik

    Profile and Character music help (Sorry if I posted in wrong forum)!

    Nope, you can pick whatever song you want for your profile.
  12. Thank you all for your words of encouragement! I cant wait to get his group up and running and get started gathering knowledge A fitting gif for our group