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  1. DrCrossFire

    Staff Feedback

    I would like to thank Terra,Josh,Majkel,Kattica,Conor With 1 n, and Others for promptly responding to my questions and my ban appeal.
  2. Ok i will get my friend and join the Teamspeak
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): There was no post i was banned over a private message. Why the verdict is not fair: I was banned for accessing my friends account and trying to help him pass the entry test because he was having trouble he was on skype with me the entire time trying to sort through it and no where in the rules that i could see does it say i cannot do that. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was simply trying to assist my friend who is a legitimate player enter your server i wasn't aware i had broken any rules What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to be unbanned and be able to reenter your community. What could you have done better?: I suppose i could have asked a site admin if it was alright to do so.
  4. OOC Age: 16 IG Age: 24 Location and Timezone:USA EST Written & spoken English skills:English is my first language so very good Character name:Patrick O'Hineey Character nationality:Irish American Compressed character background:Born in Ireland moved to US at a young age later joined the UN relief forces and was later shipped to Chernarus where my squad had to leave me behind due to a bullet wound to the leg Brief description of your characters RP:I play the role of a doctor/scavenger i bring my own supplies but will accept others to do my best to treat and ailments that may strike at a moments notice What will you bring to the table & why should I accept you:I have a very large knowledge of dayz and it mechanics i also have prior RP experience on a different server FalconRP. IG: My character is a trained doctor with a wide knowledge of the diseases common to chernarus and their treatments
  5. Hey i'm new to dayzrp but not to RPing in dayz entirely i'm excited to join the community.