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  1. When I first joined the community I had the same question. Should I sprint around like normal? or should I walk like a real person would? I ended up choosing the latter and decided to walk from Berezino to Kamenka. Not knowing that the majority of people can be found in the northern areas of the map it made for a very boring session lol. As for why people do it I think that it may just be habitual. Most people with hundreds of hours in the game probably don't even realize it or see an issue. But I must say the people that I run across that pay attention to those small details such as removing gloves and mask before eating or drinking make the RP that much better. I have even seen people use the facepalm animation to apply masks. I guess its all in how you wanna play it out.
  2. When I'm in a public server I feel that way the ENTIRE time lol. But on DayZRP that usually isn't the case. Even if someone is staring at you through their scope its not like they can just pull the trigger for no reason.
  3. I agree. I returned after taking a break over a year ago. An alert would have been a nice little improvement. I just resorted to hanging around the forums and being a pest in TS until it was approved lol.
  4. Back when standalone first dropped I was booking ass down the beach. I ran over what looked like a small rock no taller than a few inches. Apparently it caused my legs to shatter and my immediate death... Loved it lol
  5. Vertigo

    [Poll] Regional Lore & Player-Made Factions

    I can see how this would open up the RP element in-game and bring something fresh to the table. As long as its managed very closely it would be welcome in my book.
  6. This pretty much sums up my first experiences in the mod. I was intimidated by the size of the map back then and tended to stick to the coast, as did most people in those dayz. Eventually I began playing with others and we felt confident enough to begin branching out onto different paths and roads to other nearby towns. From there we just kept branching off until we eventually found ourselves traveling to the northern reaches of the map frequently. Also, The use of outside maps like Dayzdb are useful at the cost of breaking immersion. Sometimes I enjoy just wandering off in a direction and trying to get lost. Ive found many cool terrain features this way.
  7. Hello all, I used to play briefly on the servers with you guys and recently I missed the quality player interactions. I decided to come back and am happy to be here again. I played for a bit with some other RP communities but didn't find the same sort of quality I found here. Thanks to Bunny for helping me square away my reapplication for whitelist! Also a big shout out to sEAN for jumping in channel with me and giving me a refresher of the server rules and some tips for correct gameplay! See you all out there.
  8. IGN: Benjamin Wade Age: 25 Country: USA English skills: Excellent DayZ Mod Experience: 700+ hours DayZ Standalone Experience: 500+ hours Roleplaying Experience: 5+ years of Tabletop RPG. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Quick, Quiet and RP Heavy. Have you been in any clan/group previously: None Additional notes: I usually travel off the beaten path. I enjoy being unseen and like to choose who I interact with. On the other hand I enjoy running with a group and having a good RP experience. Best way to contact you: PM on the site or by steam vertigo_1016 Backstory Very long story short, Benjamin Wade used to be a journalist before the world went to hell. He was small time but had big dreams of making it in his industry. When he caught wind of the events transpiring in this region of the world he knew that was his chance. He decided to put his life in Chicago on hold to pursue this story of a lifetime. Unbeknownst to him he was walking into a shit storm that very few would survive. He now finds himself cold and alone in a world that constantly tries to strip away his humanity and quite literally devour him.
  9. I ran across a guy that asked for assistance while traveling the main highway. He said he had been poisoned by a group of bandits. Then he threw up and let us provide medical aid to him. Worked nicely and never broke my immersion. That was also my first meeting with anyone in the server which was a big plus since i was brand new at the time and was RPing a character with a medical background
  10. Currently I refer to them as "The Infected". My current character has no medical background so its fitting.
  11. I ran into 4 guys in Zelno. They called themselves The Masquerade, lead by a guy named Sylvester Todd. This was my first hostage situation and I have to admit they did a great job. They didn't take much but decided to slash my mouth open and carve DOC into my forearm. They gave me these perma-scars (with my permission) that I am having a lot of fun RPing with other people I come across. Needless to say my character is now 100 times more cautious than before when dealing with any people of any sort lol.
  12. * Jack runs up to the nearest police car. After tossing the inside he finds a small radio wedged in between the seats. Gasping for air as blood runs from his mouth, he runs to the nearest building and crashes through the door. He rushes to the back room and puts his back to the wall and slides into a sitting position.* *holds the button down and speaks in a muffled painful tone* "To all you travelers out there..." *catches breath, but still in a muffled tone* "Watch your backs in the Zelno area... there is a group calling themselves the Masquerade or some shit... They cut my fuckin' mouth open with a knife! *spits blood in agony* "It was a guy named Todd. His group totaled four guys. I was only able to catch two other guys names, Doc and Larry... They stitched my cheeks closed after they were done and now I'm looking for a doctor... The other guy, DOC decided he was going to carve his fuckin' initials into my damn forearm. This shit is gunna get infected if I don't find some alcohol soon... *Rubs his cheeks with a rag and stuffs it into his mouth to manage the bleeding* "I'll fe traffelin norf to fearch for helf. If you hear fhis flease fe careful.."
  13. Spot on. I'm looking forward to seeing what the community will be able to do with DayZ. There are tons of people in DayZRP with excellent ideas!
  14. Vertigo

    Choppers, Contaminated Areas and Dean Hall's Face

    Agreed, There needs to be a variety of lore friendly ground vehicles around before they should take to the air. I don't think that my characters would even consider trying to fly one. But I'm sure there will be a plethora of "Downed American/Russian Pilots" wandering around once they do implement them lol.