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  1. Like I said before, we felt threatened by the shots heard earlier, then saw a person staking us out from the treeline. It was too far to communicate and I could see him aiming for my friend from behind a tree. We gave him plenty of time to turn around and go back, when he didn't it seemed to us as if he was waiting to take us down. I'm sure you know the large open patch between the trees and the camp and there was no way I was going to cross that to ask him how he was doing. But like I also said before, if I am in the wrong, my apologies. I'll undergo the punishment and it won't happen again.
  2. 1. Were these shots in your direction, or did you only hear them being fired? 2. Approximately how long prior to this did you hear these shots? Also if either side has anything additional to add (i.e. video) please do so as soon as possible. Shots weren't in our direction I think. The time between this was about 5 minutes.
  3. Hello, It is true that I shot him in the head. Me and a friend were west of the camp when we heard shots. We made our way into the camp but didn't see anyone so started looking around for some equipment. At some point my friend noticed someone sneaking around the treeline with a weapon. After some consideration I decided to take a shot at him because we could see he was holding a weapon and he was clearly trying to stay out of sight. We had not seen anyone else in the area so I assumed it was the same person that fired the initial shots. I do not think this is a KoS, if I would have tried to come closer to use VOIP or text chat I was sure (at the time) to get shot. Apologies to Baker and the staff if you decide otherwise. Sylmor.
  4. I agree, the pumpkin shooting range was a great succes. Hope to run into you again.
  5. Yesterday me and my brother ran into a Japanese scientist named Kenji who worked from an impressive base to find a virus cure. At the base I also met the commander Erik. Good acting by all of you.