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    Green Mountain - Invalid Execution, Metagaming, BadRP

    If you want to charge me with Metagaming and Invalid execution(which we did tell the squealers group that if they didn't leave and kept trying to enter the building we'd kill the hostages and the squealer said well bye we don't care about them and they still tried to enter the building and a couple minutes later when I killed the remaining hostages it was because they entered the building and were trying to kill us) so I guess thats fine I admit to the metagaming and the invalid execution but the squealing was not done by anyone in my group or tsezars(because tsezars group showed up quite a bit after the squealers group did) and apparently has happened more than just this one time with the guy who was doing it. So the BadRP charge should go to the person who actually did it. To be more clear we did not kill the hostages do to the actions of tsezars group we killed the hostages because of the squealers group, the ones we told not to come into the building or the hostages would be killed. In which they replied with it's not there problem and when we say we will kill a hostage if you don't back off all the squealer says is "oh well bye forever" and then we execute a hostage. As for the last of the hostages I killed them because I was told to. Because we all died and they still pushed the building when we told them we would kill the hostages if they did. Honestly I am perfectly fine with being banned for my actions. I admit to the metagaming and the invalid execution. But there should still be consequences for the other group with the squealer because all he did was make the RP and everything worse.
  2. SpookyCitrus

    Green Mountain - Invalid Execution, Metagaming, BadRP

    We took hostages at Green Mountain, we RPed with them for a couple minutes before people showed up(the squealing guys group) who came up to the jail and started giving us demands and yes squealing in game which yes my group also found as bad RP. So no the squealing/Bad RP charge should be towards that group not mine. I am fairly new to the server so I had no idea you have to stop all communication with dead teammates. Thats completely my bad the only reason I didn't mute them was because I didn't really know what to do. As for killing the hostages that was because we told the men inside the compound(the squealers group that if they came any closer or tried anything we'd start killing hostages which they did, so Ken killed a hostage(might I add the squealers group stated multiple times they did not care about the hostages and that if we kill them thats not their problem so basically they were there just to instigate.) As for Tsezars group they showed up in the middle of us dealing with the hostages and the squealers group, and sat at the front gate, we had no problem with them we just told them multiple times to leave which they did not so me being new told the other new player in our group(Hakeem Phoenix) to say if you enter the compound you will be shot, which at that time i didn't know that was initiation, and our group players that have had experience didnt tell him not to say that in time so he initiated and was killed by im guessing tsezars group which is completely justified and my fault. And as for the metagaming I am completely responsible for that and am sorry it was my first hostage situation, and major RP event so I had no idea to stop all communication with dead players. In conclusion yes I plead guilty to metagaming and it wont happen again, I am truly sorry for that, but as for the BadRP that was a completely different group of players that I think should also be charged for NVFL as they didnt care about the well being of the hostages and pretty much forced us to kill them by doing everything we told them not to do or we would kill the hostages. And also BadRP because of the man instigating the situation and squealing multiple times in voice communication which was to be honest very annoying and didn't help out with the roleplay at all.
  3. My POV: I am a town over from David Lynch and we decide to meet at Green Mountain. He runs into some people in the fields between Green Mountain and Zelenogorsk, and talks with them for a bit and then runs to meet up with me at Green Mountain where we decide to go talk to the guys he had met just previously. As we start to approach them we spot a player(Anton Makarov) sneaking around in the trees watching the guys we are going to talk to, we decide to run past him as he is hiding in a tree and tell the group they are being watched, we point him out and they proceed to yell "THAT'S HIM SHOOT HIM!" and then Anton pops some CZ75 shots into the man standing next to me(who then goes unconscious), I then proceed to bandage the unconscious man so he doesn't bleed to death and help him up. At which point David and I decide to leave as we don't know how many people are involved in the skirmish and wish to remain neutral in the conflict. After about seven minutes as we are running down the hill from an unknown V3S next to where the men we helped were, we then spotted the man that had attacked them with the green taloon backpack and gasmask, and being we were only about 10 meters away we followed him and asked to talk. We repeated multiple times "Hey man can we talk to you?" in direct communication well within the range he could hear us, he had for sure noticed us, as he saw us when we saw him, and also he kept looking back at us when we were asking to talk with him. He then stopped in between some trees and turned to look at us at which point David was talking to him and he would NOT respond, nothing no voice or type chat just sat there and stared at us and continued to walk a couple steps backward, stop, a couple steps backward, stop and kept repeating until he just ran away at which point we weren't really happy because he was avoiding RP with us and clearly could hear and understand us, so we decided to initiate and told him to raise his hands at which point he turned to look at us, our guns raised, he then pulled out his pistol and shot David in the legs(he clearly didn't care for his life) so we both shot, me missing mine do to my inexperience with the MP5K and David hitting him what looked like a couple times. We then proceeded to follow him into the back of Zeleno church where he tried to shoot us again through a hole in the wall(missing all of his shots) and then he continued to run. I then experienced some FPS issues and lost sight on him. We continued to look for him for around another 20 minutes but couldn't find him so we logged out and switched to Server 2 because it had a decent amount of people and we get a better connection. All in all I wasn't too happy with the way he just avoided the role play and had no value for life, it for me, was a terrible RP experience.
  4. Alright will do, thanks for the tip. If I am understanding the situation correctly, Yes killing someone without confrontation is a definite rulebreak. 2. Killing on Sight [align=justify]Definition [align=justify]Killing another player must always be justified by the role playing and the actions specified in this rule; there are several situations where you can kill another player: [align=justify]You have to make contact with the target before initiating a hostile action against it. You must make your hostile intention clear and unambiguous and state each demand before you can harm the victim(s) for non-compliance. [align=justify]You can take revenge for a hostile action taken against you for 2 hours from the time hostile action was taken, as long as it does not conflict with the other rules. [align=justify]You may only share KoS rights when you meet both of the following conditions: You are within 500 meters of the hostile situation at the time of occurrence You were recently a part of the involved parties group. [align=justify]Those who control the freedom of their victim(s) must do everything in their power to keep their victim(s) alive and in relatively good health, unless they have good in character reason to execute their victim(s). Otherwise the victim(s) may only be executed by the bandits if they do not comply with demands or if they pose a direct threat to them. When attempting to rescue a hostage, you must be able to contact the hostage in teamspeak for negotiations. Hostages may be killed if rescuers don't stop shooting after demands have been made and a reasonable time has elapsed. /solving, thank you for your input Jetwells Thanks Brad. I just know was told that we already had talked to an admin right after the event took place and have had it dealt with. Thanks for helping me out though!
  5. While at Green Mountain, we were roleplaying with some people and some guy that was there ran up behind one of our friends that was in a bush a bit away from us and the kid had no reason to suspect or think he was in any way involved with us or the situation but the kid still killed him with no confrontation or anything just shot him. The only reason I am asking is because I am pretty new and I don't think it was justified.