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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S1-NVFL-Lopatino-29-02-2016-22-23-pm-Server-Time Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is not fair due to a lack of communication on their side from the start due to a poor mic from the doctor character who did most of their sides role-play and not initiating properly. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: About 20 min or so Before the initiation I saw a flare in the town that looked like it was a person scavenging houses because it would move every so often. I figured that it would be a good time to try and use my flare gun to see if I could attract their attention and see if they wanted to play together and head up north to possibly meet some friends. After firing the flare just outside of town I walked to the flare and waited a bit. Eventually a player approached me and said it wasn't him who was holding the flare but said he saw my flare and came to see who it was. So I made the assumption that the other person already left town after seeing my flare or didn't see it all. A bit later more players started to show up and I figured they must have seen my flare as well and I didn't think too much of it because I know Lopatino is high pop area for people passing through the other major towns. I started to feel off though as one player did have a a skull mask on. After role-playing a bit I found out that players didn't know each other but at least two of them must be bandits. Once we reached the well that's when they started their initiation. The guy in front of me at the well I assumed wasn't one of the bandits because I couldn't see how a player with a muffled mic could coordinate with others. I even told him ooc a bit earlier when we met that his mic was bad and I couldn't understand him. So the role-play he provided didn't get through but the other people I spoke to in the beginning didn't really contribute except for asking me about whether or not I fired the flare and where to find the nearest well. I role-played back to them and said I had a map that can help find the location of the well. When the first person spoke and said put your gun down on the ground, I didn't know if he was talking to me or the others. At that point I couldn't tell how many people were there but I counted 4 from the beginning but at the well it seemed like more. If they wanted to start the initiation I don't know why they didn't start it earlier if the odds were in their favour. It was 2 vs. 5 to them so I don't know why they would bring us to the well unless that the odds were not in their favour and that only a small portion of the people were bandits and they wanted to put us in close quarters. I knew I had an exit plan with the hole in the fence and I had enough firepower to hold them back if needed to get out of the town. So with that in mind i turned left and booked it to the hole and was planning on leaving before the bandit could see me missing. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To get my ban lifted What could you have done better?: Try and get the doctor to fix his mic first and go along with their role-play. My actions were based on figuring out who was who so I can make sure I can decided who is friendly or not but due to lack of communication I should have went along with their rp to ensure my character a better chance at survival.
  2. RicePixel

    [OPEN FREQENCY] To anyone!

    *Murphy sits outside his truck with a few other hitchhikers in the middle of the woods around a nice campfire cookout. He stirs his stew and takes a sip. He proceeds to pull out his radio.* A fellow mechanic eh? I haven't heard of any other mechanics in these parts for some time now. But I only deal with real grease monkeys. I got two questions for yah. White walls or black walls and what type of sensors do you prefer on a wheel? *Murphy puts on his leather jacket and tells the hitchhikers to put the fire out. He pulls out the radio one last time.* If your interested I am looking for some men like yourself to start up a small mobile mechanic group. Nothing too big but if your a friendly guy then lets see what we can come up with. Murphy out.
  3. He can try and save up and buy his own server rack and set up his own private server that runs 24/7 and buy a protection plan from various professional grade Mitigating services (but they can be costly). Also blocking IP addresses that are not from verified users so that that unwanted traffic gets denied. I am setting up my own personal homelab/private game server and looking into these kinds of services/methods to get a good understanding of whats involved but from what I can tell if the provider that ROLLE is with is not providing adequate service to cover DDOS he should look at other options that have a slightly better DDOS protection plan. http://www.techiecorner.com/96/limit-certain-ip-to-access-website-with-htaccess/ This link shows that blocking all IP addresses to a website is possible. http://www.pcgamer.com/why-are-ddos-attacks-so-hard-to-stop/ This article explains a little bit as to whats going on. But if its possible to run a private server and sift through ever verified player/users IP and allow them access and block all other traffic might work. That's just my thoughts on it but if it were this easy then it would have been fixed by now so its probably a larger beast then just blocking IP's and mitigating filters.
  4. *Murphy drinks from his gas canister and stirs his rice stew over a campfire then looks out over the tree line and pushes down on the radio.* Adrian, I lost contact with you in zelenagorsk and if you are still out there I made it out safely to the tree line. Hope you are doing well and that you found a good place to sleep at night. *eats a mouthful of the rice stew* You are missing out on a great meal my friend. If you want lets try and meet up again and i'll take your north to my homestead. I can cook us up some veggie and rice stir fry. Stay safe and let the Gods Tree roots protect you.
  5. I really like this idea for a group and it is definitely something I would like to apply to. For more inspiration try movies like Equalizer 2000, Stryker, Book of Eli has a sort of group that rides in trucks. With the way the group is structured don't think just about roles and ranks, but also try and work on building very unique and memorable members. Have them look a certain way that makes them stand out, maybe one guy doesn't wear pants or a shirt but wears construction boots and a tactical vest and a gas mask. Keep a focus on letting the player decide what he wants to be, in the old trilogy and the new movie its more based on the items and goods that the character wears that describes him not the rank.
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-KoS-via-Truck-S2-12-10-15 Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is fair and I understand why I received my temp ban. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: From my point of view I thought that the KoS rule is null when the player that intentionally places his character in front of my truck which causes his character to have no value to his characters life and survival. I talked it over with multiple admins and they informed me that what I did was KoS and that what I did was wrong. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To get my temp ban lifted What could you have done better?: What I could have done better was get a better understanding of how the KoS rule works and know that my options when seeing a player ahead of my truck is to either pull up beside the player or in front and role-play with him/her or go around them if they try to persist in stopping my truck. But if I can't get around them then I should proceed with making contact with them and understand why they are trying to stop my truck. In this case I should have slowed down and pulled up alongside him and role-played with him to find out what he wanted or proceeded with caution while getting closer to him to find out if he was alone or if he was a hostile threat. The top things to think about while approaching him would be making sure that I respect his characters life and know the dangers and events that could go down if I proceed to interact with him.
  7. RicePixel

    KoS via Truck - S2 - 12/10/15

    I just removed the video because I felt bad for what I did and its not something I want to keep on my twitch account anymore due to finding out more about the rules revolving around a KOS with a vehicle and what can happen. It was definitely uncalled for and I should have thought twice about it and took other options such as driving around him, stopping the truck and role-playing with him and letting him in the truck. I was misinformed from an admin (can't remember his name) at the help desk who told me KOS is allowed if the player refuses to move out of the way of a moving vehicle which results in the player having a "no value to his characters survival". But I should have double checked his answer with the rules page and contacted another admin to make sure that this is allowed or not. I noticed the player down the road on my screen and he moved towards the center of the road as my truck did when I made a small turn. His character didn't make any other gestures other than standing in front of the truck and saying something before I hit him. To my knowledge I don't know if he did text or voice initiate beforehand so what I went with was the "no value to his characters survival". But after the admins talked to me about how I should go about dealing with this situation is to first value his characters life and make the attempt to move out of his way or role-play with him and that killing him should be the last action taken if he chooses to make contact and go with a hostile initiation such as him/her pointing a gun out making clear intentions to either kill or rob me.
  8. RicePixel

    Chernarus Post [Recruitment Open | Joint Effort by Alcyone]

    [b]Your Name:Nick[/b] [b]Your Country:Canada [/b] [b]DayZRP Experience: 1 month[/b] [b]Quality of English:very good [/b] [b]Primary Server You Use:s2[/b] [b]Preferred Position:courier[/b] [b]Character Name:Phil Bumpkin[/b] [b]Character's Prior Occupation:Truck driver for various stores and companies[/b] [b]Group Affiliations:Black Sky was my first and only contact since going active after the outbreak [/b] [b]Reason to Join:I need a job to keep my character alive[/b] [b]Character Background Link:[/b]
  9. *Pulls down trucker walkie talkie. Breaker 1-9 this here's Big Blue, finally got my rig up out of 10-7 but I am now in working condition. Been off the 'ment for sometime now due to the outbreak but I am back on the road available for any and all jobs due to my company contacts going under... So I will accept any job by any group, cult, civilian or anything in between as long as their is a good payout in food, water and car parts/fuel. In this world you may be wondering "A truck? Having yourself a truck will either make you a victim to robbery, kidnapping, cult sacrifice, or even death!" Well as far as I know most groups have plans and work throughout the day whether it be banditry, policing, hunting for food (or people, I don't judge), getting your church or hidout ready for a cult festival or even just plans to get your group to a new city. I know most people hate the time it takes to get from one city to another or the fact your group is out of supplies whether it be flares for cult offerings, weapons for a bandit raid, food for a cookout. I want to help return to the work I love, helping out the community with mah truck "Betsy Blue". Now I know that bandits would love to steal mah truck and take off with it but what I can offer you is 24/7 support that includes: -trucking finding with location co-ordinates -24/7 truck repair and refueling -24/7 people/supply drop offs and deliveries -24/7 group or civilian bussing ( I will be arriving at certain bus stations along my routes at certain times to pick up people.) All you need to do is call me up and I'll be there in a jiffy to help all ur needs and or problems. The only thing I need in return is food, water, and various supplies and parts for mah truck. I'll be at my station in a 10-8, so just holler at me and i'll get you support faster than Besty Blue makes road pizza! hehuhehuehueh Y'all be safe now y'here!
  10. Just failed my white listing application in the multiple answer section, so I will try and do it again later tomorrow and hopefully pass with flying colours : ). I am starting a DayZRP channel that will have edited footage of encounters, events etc. Right now I have about 5 hours worth of footage of weird encounters and the like and I am in the process of editing them together with atmospheric music and narration. Where or who can I talk to on the forum to help me get settled in with how to record DayZRP server encounters? Am I allowed to have multiple people act as cameras for better shots in case I want to add some machinima elements?