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  1. Recent rp, what can i really say? other than fantastic @Roach the experiences with Wes and the final confrontation were a blast, ending in a place neither could have thought of and the act of shooting a man for the first time will effect kenneth for a long time, and i'm going to love exploring that, Tony will get to see it all. @Jack the Ripper Oh don't you worry, the brutality of it all has already shaken Kenneth, constantly with thoughts of stopping it sooner, and the effects of the nature of the act will be lasting, can safely say Kenneth will not be the same. So many others i wanna mention here, cant possibly so ill only mention a few more for now @Faith "On the first day of the apocalypse.." its been a blast so far with you faith, silly sing alongs, farming hands and the feeling in the back of my mind that you not being a proper singer is just frankly riduculous, because you have got talent (superior in fact to the butchering of "thats amore" @Ronin47 The epic duel of fatess---Fruits was in fact one of the most light hearted comedic moments kenneths got to experience in awhile, thank you man. that's about it for now, if you weren't mentioned, it doesn't mean i didn't appreciate your rp, because i really truly did.
  2. Thanks! i really appreciate it ya crazy lady
  3. *He would press down his PTT before beginning to transmit* "Now i've heard a variety of differing responses to this, but with all your research, what is the effectiveness of removing a limb from one who was bitten? I...removed a friends hand after he had been bitten, couldnt of happened more then an hour before hand and he was fine... well not fine but he recovered.. Point is, was that necessary?" *Releases his PTT*
  4. Twas a day, moving and moving keeping @Brayces as innocent as i can and then chopping off @LewellynMoss's hand
  5. Shotout to everyone that joined us today @Roach @jangoskull @Brayces @Dank Mems @Tony @Lyca and many more, La Familia has around 20 people now, all working together and its all through roleplay, it was an exciting time today and i cant wait to see where it leads, thanks to @Taryn and her group for that meeting, think i heard @Undead's voice in there as well. Now now Delores the deputy has begun learning some handy skills, was definitely fun having a little lesson with her and trying to keep that little girl as innocent as can be, not that others weren't impending that goal.
  6. As the radio buzzes to life, Kenneth wonders if asking this on the radio is the best idea, but it seemed harmless enough "So any UN peacekeepers or WHO doctors hearing this, i was wondering when y'all sent out that message over the radio asking people to collect tissue samples from zelenago-zelengorsk? however you say that, Myself and around 24 other individuals worked together to collect these samples and was wondering on a possible update as too their usefulness" "i honestly hope that it helps it someway, please be sure to reply soon if you're hearing this"
  7. Keep it up, these are quite detailed, wondering if Faith might be the WHO doctor recieving the tissue samples everyone collected on the friday (saturday for austrlians or others of that nature).
  8. Shotout to everyone that joined us in that house just outside of Bor, @Roach @jangoskull @Brayces @Dank Mems @Tony i think @Lyca and @Anouk. there were many more and unfortunitly i dont know all there name or couldnt find there users, there was also "Will the busdriver" "NippleHat" "Bartender" and "Javi" to name a few, two days filled with rp that gained so many people just being people checkout roaches stream if you wanna see it, at one point we begin "Chernarus's got talent!"
  9. It was definitely a time to be remembered, if anyone's curious they can catch it on @Roach's twitch
  10. "My point is that your justifying the VDV, whose actions in this our appalling, while the UN retrieved someone who was of vital importance to them" "You can't just say that it's how the VDV is, they targeted people who had nothing to do with this"
  11. responds once more "Stil, you attempt to justify their actions, the people from this Taryn's camp have literally been complaining since this annocment that by the UN retrieving their doctor, they were blamed, beaten and evicted" "Now I'm not saying the UN is perfect they might have been better off to warn the camp after their rescue that the VDV might take action" ends his transmission there.
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