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  1. Message to UN and WHO doctors

    As the radio buzzes to life, Kenneth wonders if asking this on the radio is the best idea, but it seemed harmless enough "So any UN peacekeepers or WHO doctors hearing this, i was wondering when y'all sent out that message over the radio asking people to collect tissue samples from zelenago-zelengorsk? however you say that, Myself and around 24 other individuals worked together to collect these samples and was wondering on a possible update as too their usefulness" "i honestly hope that it helps it someway, please be sure to reply soon if you're hearing this"
  2. Keep it up, these are quite detailed, wondering if Faith might be the WHO doctor recieving the tissue samples everyone collected on the friday (saturday for austrlians or others of that nature).
  3. Shotout to everyone that joined us in that house just outside of Bor, @Roach @jangoskull @Brayces @Dank Mems @Tony i think @Lyca and @Anouk. there were many more and unfortunitly i dont know all there name or couldnt find there users, there was also "Will the busdriver" "NippleHat" "Bartender" and "Javi" to name a few, two days filled with rp that gained so many people just being people checkout roaches stream if you wanna see it, at one point we begin "Chernarus's got talent!"
  4. It was definitely a time to be remembered, if anyone's curious they can catch it on @Roach's twitch
  5. WHO Hostage Rescued from VDV camp

    "My point is that your justifying the VDV, whose actions in this our appalling, while the UN retrieved someone who was of vital importance to them" "You can't just say that it's how the VDV is, they targeted people who had nothing to do with this"
  6. WHO Hostage Rescued from VDV camp

    responds once more "Stil, you attempt to justify their actions, the people from this Taryn's camp have literally been complaining since this annocment that by the UN retrieving their doctor, they were blamed, beaten and evicted" "Now I'm not saying the UN is perfect they might have been better off to warn the camp after their rescue that the VDV might take action" ends his transmission there.
  7. WHO Hostage Rescued from VDV camp

    Raises a brow at that comment before replying "Personal disagreements, i dont know if you've heard rightly sunny, but people on this frequency have repeatedly said that this camp was punished for the doctors liberation, how are we supposed to side with people that beat and evict innocent civilians for something they had no control over, this doctor chose to leave with the UN yet they still assaulted these people." "How can you stand beside them in this?" Awaits a response with that.
  8. WHO Hostage Rescued from VDV camp

    With this he would reply "I'm sorry you had to be the scapegoat to their rage, but clearly you can see that they wanted to keep this doctor with them, her opinion on this clearly didnt matter, and when she had a chance to leave with the UN they blame you for it and make you suffer , so if you people are looking for someone to blame well. you know who" "If i run into you folks i'll give you as much supply's as i can and attempt to relocate you if you want" cuts the transmission at that, wondering how the VDV were going to attempt to justify this
  9. WHO Hostage Rescued from VDV camp

    Smiled at the news of this rescue, though it was short lived, again turned into some sort of pissing contest "Congratulations on getting your doctor out, i'm hearing alot of shit on this frequency going on how this doctor was a welcomed guest, yet i fairly sure she can be the one to decide that no? i honest to goodness hope that she can continue her work uninterrupted." "For those in that civilian camp effected by this rescue, i hope you're alright, but surely you have to understand if they assaulted you for this doctor leaving, they wanted to keep her, you might not have treated her as a prisoner or maybe you did, regardless, blame the VDV for this, if they attack you for the UN's actions of recovering their doctor, prisoner or not, doesnt sound like you should be on their side" "And those of the VDV, if these are false claims as you suggest, and she was a willing member of this camp, why did you evict and beat the residents as they all claim you did when she left?even if you thought her kidnapped, what does beating civilians who had no part accomplish?" Ends his lengthy transmission at that.
  10. To the people who destroyed UN Camp [Open frequency]

    Raises a brow at this, sufficient evidence? "Now correct me im wrong here sunny, but from what the VDV stated on their little open frequency, all the evidence you supposedly have is one privates word that the UN hadn't stored infected meat properly, i recall one even saying "It is a fact that your doctors may have infected others" So, what is this evidence that without a doubt gives you the right to attack a UN run refuge camp?" Releases the transmitter after that "this is so god damn stupid."
  11. VDV Contact Frequency (73.7)

    Raises a brow at all of this, the VDV and CDF fighting the UN over... rumors? "Now i might not be the most knowledgeable in all of this but, if i remember rightly something is either a fact or isn't, you can't say its a fact that they may have, just doesnt make sense, it'd be like i said its a fact that the VDV might be aliens, because that'd make sense." "this seems like the time you want proof before you all declare all out war." Shakes his head ending it with that, doubting very much that by the end of this he'd feel any less confused.
  12. VDV Contact Frequency (73.7)

    Flicking through the radio frequency's Kenneth would hear the last broadcast, concerned he would respond "Now i might not be the most knowledgeable in this military-political whats it, yet it seems to me the idea of a war between you all sounds mighty stupid considering all this shit going on, so for the benefit of all of us effected by this i'd like to know why the hell this shit started? why's the UN not military?" With that he'd tiredly sit down, concern warped his features, with a furrowed brow he'd make note to tell Will, Tony and the others of this.
  13. Trent's Art Thread -Requests open

    Sure man! I'll put you on the list and get working in when I've finished the others, speaking of anyone who's requested work I'm sorry I haven't finished it, school and work have been taking up a lot of time
  14. Had fun today with @Aristocrat @Buddy @Sylvester Todd @Roach @Romenthegreat @Brayces and the other two that i cant quiet find the names for. overall a huge group with interesting rp all around, from truck tomfoolery, to drinking whiskey, to running into a child in the apocalypse, it was a great day, and i hope to run into you all again.
  15. Trent's Art Thread -Requests open

    @Roach @Buddy The two people most involved in this event in Sam Bauers story, thought you might like this piece.