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  1. No I do not have video evidence, nor do I believe my comrades do. I will say though, however, that we had no clue whatsoever that you were still on the waiting screen, as we believed we had given you enough time to load in. I also believe I remember you moving around, which gave me the impression that you were able to see us and everything.
  2. I was AFK and alt tabbed when Kirill was killed. I will honestly say that I had no intention of killing him, nor did I even want to IC. I came back to the game with his body lying right next to me. I didn't even want to rob Kirill in the first place, as he didn't have any gear that I knew I wanted. (I did end up taking a few things out of his bag, that I hadn't known he had beforehand). I honestly have no clue how he died, especially as I remember him saying that he didn't accept it OOC. When I asked Elijah and Co. in teamspeak, I never completely understood how he died, nor did I really think much about it.