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  1. Umm does writing: ✖ HOSTILITIES ARE NOT ALLOWED DURING THE EVENT ✖ Translate to Admins enforcing that pseudo rule for the duration of the event or is it an IC rule that security will act upon if it occurs? I'm genuinely curios as the assumptions seem to be that its a server rule and therefore just not allowed? Anyway it actually seems like a pretty dope idea if i'm honest and a nightclub is the perfect front for a gang hideout.
  2. Given the amount of crashes being reported by multiple different people in this thread, then there is quite clearly an issue of stability but... If the crashes are happening during situations involving PvP aka multiple people firing guns at the same time. Why on earth is static map objects assumed to be the cause? And not the plethora of modded guns that all hook into the simulation grade background calculations. ? I'm with Misho, get rid of all the roleplay rifles. Thats the best place to start when diagnosing the issue described in this thread.
  3. Should make it Winter for a week or two then have some crazy lore type stuff happen that makes the temperature of the region increase to that of Fall while still being in December.
  4. Wulf

    The Face of the Police

    At least some people are dressing up for Halloween.
  5. *Wulf Chimes in* "Pertaining specifically to specter related sightings..." *He pauses to smoke dramatically* "Couple people from the school had a little encounter, few nights past. They sounded terrified over the radio " *Pauses again to take another dramatic puff* "You and your team should visit, or contact me on 138.6 if you need directions" *Chimes out* //Mitch#8946
  6. *Using the Scanning function on his radio it stops on this frequency* *He mutters key phrases, as he notes them down letting his radio slide against the PTT* *Chimes in* "Windbound, C-6, Drone recovery, supplies..." *Pauses* "Nearby" *You hear a scuff* *Chimes out*
  7. The only thing Teamspeak could be useful for would be to replace DayZ's shitty VOIP. Outside of that Teamspeak is useless after the advent of discord.
  8. Congratulations!!! I've neglected stumbling upon you lot with all the commotion at the school recently. Definitely gonna make time now.
  9. I gotta say, it was a pleasure. I wasn't expecting such a... intriguing conversation, but you dropped an important name my character hadnt heard before and added a lot of context with the past events my character couldn't of known about due to me not playing on the server at that time. Like i said IC "Where have you been this whole time?" ? You should most certainly come back to visit, especially now, given everything that is occuring and is soon to occur.
  10. Dobry Den Motherfucka ?
  11. My main issue with vanilla base building is 9/10 bases look like utter shit. When your just walking about and you see a big fuck off cube of plywood
  12. *Wulf Chimes in* *His accent would be recognizable as cockney English* "Well Well Well, what do we have here?" *Pauses while he smokes dramatically* "The Avatar of Chernobog could do with a solid cup o' tea not gonna lie" *Pauses again to smoke dramatically* "I would ask for a location to meet up, but being imbued with the soul of an omniscient proto-slavic god... "I'l see you soon for a few sips of tea" *Wulf Chimes out*
  13. I quite like this group goal, there's a lot of potential for narrative paths to stem from this. Who knows what you might find. Graphics look real nice too, good luck with this project.
  14. Should have the civilian trader setup at RP hubs or atleast a more centralized location instead of being all the way past Kamenka. Not really much RP to be had when your running to the edge of the map let alone a group moving in and making it feel alive.
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