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  1. Wulf

    DayZRP 20.2.4

    What the hell? PVE is gonna be more bullet spongy than the Division If i had seen a bear or wolf since i moved up north I'd be worried.
  2. *An automated voice chimes in* "Thank you for treating client, Adam, Finn" "His fate has been submitted." *The automated voice chimes out*
  3. Wulf

    Map Time

    Department of city and planning
  4. Hello David, 

    I require you to investigate some Limescale that I discovered at a local bar ran by 'Susan'. This is unacceptable and needs a look at by the health inspector. 

    Kind regards, 

    Dr. Dylan River | Chief Of Paediatric and Fetal Surgery for King's Ridge Medical. 


    1. Wulf


      Hello Dylan,

      Wulf Company LLC has acknowledged your complaint, and will dispatch a Health and Safety representative within the hour... or two, better make that three just in case.

      Kind regards,

      William Wulf | CEO and sole proprietor of Wulf company limited | handsome individual.

    2. bunny



      Hello Dylan, I represent Wulf Company LLC.
      I have been dispatched to check out the limescale complaint at Susan's Bar.

      We have discovered limescale in the kettles and Susan has been informed that they need a thorough cleaning or replacement if need be. Limescale is not dangerous to consume in small quantities. However, a faint smell of mould has been discovered upon entry of the facility, concentrated around the window areas. This is a health violation.

      The bar has been shut down until they can pass a mould test. If the bar is opened prior to this, they will receive a fine.

      Linda Jones | On work experience

    3. DrMax


      Greetings Linda, 

      I am very pleased to hear that someone has put at stop to this. I struggled to stay in the area too long because of the smell. At first I thought it was a little girl that stays there, called Ellie. I guess I was wrong.

      With all this murder and killing going on, I am very happy to see that this crime has been solved! I will write again in the future for any more issues I have around the towns. 

      Thank you for the fast response, 

      Dr. Dylan River | Man who is good with a scalpel

    4. Brayces


      Dear valued customer,

      Are you tired of having no energy and no drive when engaging in various extensive activities related to your partner in the bedroom? Well, we here at “bang good like” have the solution for you! 

      For only just three easy payments of 199.99 via green dot wire card to us is all you need to get the product that will change you life!! 

      ready to start making a different? 
      ready to bring the wow back into your life?

      Don’t hesitated! Contact us today!! 

      your valued friends at bang good like | not a spam bot | not a scam 


      Attachment: valuedcustomerpaymentform.exe

    5. Wulf


      *Forwards the last proposition to a man of low energy and drive*


    6. bunny


      We at Wulf Company LLC would like to sincerely apologize to all customers who have received a phishing email from us. It seems someone at the company decided to download pirated adult films on the work computers. We have been experiencing cyber attacks all morning. Do not click any links or open any attachments that looks suspicious.

      We are working to resolve the issue. Thank you for your patience.

      Linda Jones | future CEO | pink teddy bears are considered a bribe

    7. SidChaos


      Greetings bang good like, 

      I have found that your product is suited for my needs, unfortunately things are getting softer and softer lately. I would like to purchase a truck full of your product. 

      Yours truly, 

      Sid Sandman | VP of Wulf Company limited | God Like Voice

    8. Watchman


      Greetings my name is Prince Kelobmi my father has recently passed and has left many quantities of money, however law in Nigeria make it no possible for me to riches get.. i will need 1000$ USD for law purposes wired via CITIBANK wire card at number 000069113420 as soon as can do.. as a thank you i will provide 50% of my fathers late money of 10.000.000$ USD.

      Thank you friend of Nigeria,

      Prince Kelobmi | Grandfather of M4's | Ruler of Bankstatements

  5. Voted no since i don't negotiate with terrorists you'l never find me in help desk "Talking it out" Jokes aside what would recording this stuff translate to exactly? Im guessing its to fuel that pathetic back and forth that occurs in reports now a days? You know, when people try to bury the main premise and each other under a litany of misdemeanour shite. I dont see this being a practice and lowering toxicity, It'l just highlight it more. Only thing that will lower toxicity is kids growing up.
  6. *Wulf chimes in* "Why did i think diplomacy was about to be conducted?" "How stupid of me, of course its just charisma less insults" "Wulf chimes out*
  7. If all i had was a 10s clip I would simply say i didn't have any video evidence. Now i never would have such a short clip since i don't tamper with video's i designate as evidence. But if i did, posting it would be suicide in a report. Lets do a dialogue Staff: Do you have any unedited video Evidence. Roadman: Yes i do indeed kind sir, I shall post it with the upmost of promptness. *Posts 10s clip* Staff: Why is this so short and why does it conflict with the OP's unedited video evidence? Roadman: I'am unsure kind sir, however my 200kb floppy disk cannot hold more than a minute so i was forced to delete the excess leaving only the kill for my upcoming mixtape. Staff: ......... //Do you all see how stupid of a strategy this is? I hope you do. its getting embarrassing now.
  8. Wulf

    The wall has to go...

    The code must be adhered too!
  9. Stuff like this is why [Redacted] is my favourite.
  10. Outside of bringing back the 357's i don't feel more guns are needed. We've got loads to choose from. Granted I'd love a P90 with a 60 round mag chambered in .45 that has a fire rate similar to the Glock 18. But i want Lore items more.
  11. *Cough* Raider themed clothing and armour *Cough*
  12. Wulf

    Meet Olek

    He's not the only one
  13. Wulf

    Mr Wulf the spokesman

    No i actually had Payday in mind, but you have no idea how much it makes me happy that someone other than me just referenced "Two by two, hands of blue" from Firefly @DerrickStorm
  14. *As the bi monthly report comes through, Wulf chimes in* "Gentlemen..." "Be so kind as to come back to civilisation..." "I need help with a game of: Who's the better killer." *Wulf chimes out*
  15. Catch him if you can. The atmosphere in the teaser is perfect, I love it
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