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  1. Wulf

    Cooldown on traveling between maps

    My G5 aeroplane shan't be shackled by such peasant fantasies as a "Cooldown Timer" Joke aside. I'm personally unaware of any egregious flip flopping between servers, but regardless of that, a cooldown would negate it all together. Kinda like future proofing against piss takers.
  2. Wulf

    [Livonia] - Amazon Prime Delivery

    *Wulf's answering machine responds with a plain female voice* Please, wait, while, we, connect, you, to, a, Wulf, Company, Limited, representative. Please, be, patient, and, enjoy, the, music. *A simple tune is played* Connected ... Sev. *Puffs cigarette* You're just in time. Seek me out, North East.
  3. Wulf

    Rule changes, new updates, plans for 2020

    I personally don't care for trader mechanics, its here nor there to me. I'l use it where appropriate. But a custom tailored made map. With the prospect of an alternate branch of Lore, that could possibly be given the creative freedoms to go in a wacky and interesting direction... You have my intrigue.
  4. Think of a theme from something you find cool. TV/Film whatever. Then think of ways your character could display that theme. Then implement it into RP. That's pretty much what i did. Went from a pleb foot soldier raider to a Peaky Blinders Esq businessman. Now im bored of that im taking him in the direction of a Hotline Miami/ Payday heister. Your imagination is the limit. Just don't sit there toiling over whether what ever you desire is realistic for your character. It really does not matter, if you want it to be realistic you can make it.
  • Wulf

    Initial thoughts about the Knights of Georgia

    Good to see you're having fun and getting immersed into your character. When i went to see the Knights, I gave out a bunch of carved White Knight chess pieces to Georgia and her round table. That was rather amusing to say the least.
  • Wulf

    Lore Wipe Discussion

    Voted no. Lore wipes fix nothing. Literally all a lore wipe translates to is a new wall of text i'm probs never gonna read, At least fully read. Not that i think the current lore is bad or anything, its just... so boring. I'd rather the LM's be working on something like Kirovograd than having to piss about rewriting yet another brief history of an Ex Soviet state that has had a recent civil war due to Russian proxies, bla bla bla. Atleast put a Fallout New Vegas theme in there geez.
  • Wulf

    Round 2 Merge?

    I find RP every time i log in regardless of population. If i had a narrative that wasn't just, "Smoke weed, flirt with girls and banter with people" I could most certainly fulfil it. It is like this, Livonia is far to popular to be taken down. & Chernarus has to stay up as to not bar this community behind a paywall. Besides: Population is only a perceived problem, it does not stagnate RP or storylines, unless it drops to like 10 average players, 40+ is more than enough to keep the snowball rolling.
  • Wulf

    Group Idea Thoughts

    If i would give any advice it would be to keep an ear to the ground of your group and or the groups under you. Listen out for frustrations and address them as best as you can. Try to keep everyone up to date and on the same page. If you do some sneaky deception shit for the greater good, make sure no one finds out... Just trust me on that last part But all in all I like the sound of this, infact sorta reminds me of an old tune sung in the north of Zagoria, a long time ago. It went a little like this: But seriously though if we get anymore settlements on Livonia we're gonna have to draw up borders.
  • Wulf

    Should Remove Last played

    Isn't that a steam function? How on earth do you propose it is removed? Send a prayer to Gaben?
  • Wulf

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Hell yeah that impromptu zombie wave defence was dope. Damn near put the soup kitchen under siege
  • Wulf

    Aggressive staff

    I for one condone it. Check yourself before staff wrecks yourself.
  • Wulf

    [Livonia] 89.1 - Kowalskis

    *Hearing the dumb fuck name that is the town of which his pub resides, Wrzeszcz, Wulf chimes in* *Holds PTT* "Oi oi sounds like someone is in my little hamlet. Feel free to let yourself into the pub and reside there aslong as you wish, any supplies that survived the storm feel free to use 'em." *Takes a moment to look around* "Where the fack am I?... Well I'd love to play Mr Host for ya at the pub, but it would seem these storms of recent have slapped me about a bit." *Realises he's near the prison up north* *Facken 'ell mayte" *Releases PTT*
  • Wulf

    Torture Techniques 101

    You forgot to Include the "Sandman Special" A specialised form of torture that breaks the character and the person OOC... Or so i hear @SidChaos I'm yet to see it myself
  • Wulf

    Anyone have any tricks to getting the face you want?

    If you have already created a character, in the main menu above "Rename" is two arrows you can click, clicking them will cycle to you last saved character. You will know this by seeing your characters name fill the space between the two arrows. Also the onscreen avatar will change to your premade one. I would suggest following the guide above first then doing this here on after.
  • ShanePVP

    • ShanePVP
    • Wulf

    I approve of the ava x 

    1. Wulf


      Savaging kids as per usual 😄 

    2. ShanePVP


      wouldn't be like at all 🤣

    3. Wulf


      When you getting active again bruh?

    4. ShanePVP


      thats a good question

      also depends on how the server is

    5. Wulf


      Well as it stands right now Livonia has got a healthy mix of hostile and not so hostile groups, including a LARGE amount of Irish tinkers 😉

    6. ShanePVP


      sure I wouldn't fit in with them im not a tinker 😏

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