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  1. Looks dope as per the Watchman standard. Even got a nice little place for the Pope to give Sermons and hold Vigils. Although... Walls aren't high enough, need to be atleast 60ft and made of solid concrete to form a city state in order to protect said Pope.
  2. Wulf


    Make this into a billboard and ask Watchman to put it IG
  3. Playaaaa Playaaaa Careful though, those GM's be monitoring those chat logs like: I'm talking to you @Eagles And i'm blaming you @bunny
  4. Stainless Winchester is just mmhm mmhmm. So Hitman looking, so professional looking, i want one IC NOW On a more serious note, you clearly know your way around a retexture, and are talented. Having you as a DayzRP Dev would be a boon for the entire community. You should take Ducky up on his offer. If you feel like it of course.
  5. These actually look pretty damn sweet. I was expecting some perfect, high shine finish. Instead they look weathered and worn, I love it. Since people are suggesting stuff I'l add a cheeky suggestion too:
  6. Wulf

    Darker Nights

    Is there even night time anymore? Its more like a slightly less colourful day time. Literally feels like a vanilla Fallout/Elder Scrolls experience. Definitely needs to be darker. Or at the very least toned down to the point that damn aura of light emitting from my character is no longer noticeable. Its asif i've cast a novice level candlelight above my head.
  7. Yeah it comes down to familiarity. Chernarus has plenty of local characters including many different groups based off of the culture, usually nationalistic themed groups mind you. After many many years of playing on the map, the culture of a Czech speaking Cherno-Russian is pretty much ingrained in all of us, even me who has never played a Cherno-Russian inherently knows what: Ano, Dobry den, Dobrou noc and ahoj means, and that's without trying. I think its a simple case of not many people know much about Livonia, its language or the culture, since its still early days. I personally have never made a local character cause i don't know the language.
  8. Wulf

    Toilet Paper

    I cant justify it taking a percentage chance to spawn away from more useful RP items like cigarettes ect. Voted No
  9. I'm bored and trawling the forums, so here's some feedback. Every single interaction i have had thus far with this group has been top quality in terms of roleplay. Your characters are well tempered and immersive, but not overly serious, which would make them stale to converse with. Each time we have spoke IC this group and its specific members interacting with me have either just finished dealing with bandits or are currently closing in on some, alongside checking in on pathfinder carepackage points. I like this because it has ensured that immersion is maintained regarding the core premise of the group (Bandit hunting) On top of that, it also creates something relevant to talk about ICly, which keeps interactions fresh and helps to move the world along in terms of storylines, atleast from my perspective. (Even if nobody really dies after you dome them twice in one day) Also I would like to say that y'all have played your hand well in not picking a fight with every bandit group out there. It would be incredibly irresponsible for any leader of any group, to allow this to happen, as mental exhaustion is a very real and very prominent thing, that has caused groups to destroy themselves many times in the past, and will continue to do so in the future. So in short, y'all are great, keep up the consistency.
  10. What im thinking is can the weather actually be modified outside of an on and off switch? Cause there's no way Rolle is gonna straight turn off rain, so unless it can be tempered, like duration's and percentage chances ect ect. This whole thread is irrelevant outside of letting people vent their frustrations at having to make fires and eat extra food. Which i personally like, gives me something to do during the downtime between RP. I do feel like it rains too much but the day/night cycle is sped up so that's probably why it seems like it rains alot.
  11. Wulf

    The boys in red.JPG

    What resolution is that? 720p?
  12. Wulf

    Shed HP

    This is out of DayZRP's jurisdiction, any and all criticism should be posted here: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1617874376 However i believe the modmaker is aware of the sheds current situation as his description reads as follows: Sticks and a rope will create the shed kit. The complete version (There are 15 total build stages) consists of doors, a large inventory capacity and attachment slots for camonet and a padlock. Currently The shed can be locked with the padlock and can be raided by destroying the lock on the door. (actions for dismantling/destroying specific parts will come soon. Material requirements will likely change over time also) I Highlighted the important part.
  13. Bahhstads Too funny, pls make more of these i love 'em.
  14. Wulf

    The Saints

    Saints Row was dope back in the day, gonna be banter af running into you lot
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