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    When you gonna be more active NiBBa?

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      Im like the second season of the show Firefly.

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      In all seriousness... Between Ark and Elite Dangerous I've been pretty preoccupied on the gaming scene. So I dunno if and when I'l be back.

      Fuck you Shane and go listen to some NF, hes a savage.

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  1. Unnecessary censorship.

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I received 5 points for my righteous use of the word "Cancer" when referencing the long gone Horsemen. Now I know the use of a "disease" related word is triggering, It is and I know this, but I wanted to use it. -Snipped- Does this require a warning? I would say yes, does it deserve 5 points as opposed to a verbal, probably not. However the points are not why i'm here. So the part I don't find fair is the censoring of everything that came after the sentence with the word "cancer" Even though I said something like "Ultimate cancer" to describe the Horsemen, the video itself and the sentence or two that were below the video, had no mention of any such word. Yet they were removed. Deemed "Flame" according to Stormzy. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I had skim read my way through the thread and noticed personal call outs from various people on others as is standard with a heated discussion of this nature. Due to the topic being called "Roleplaying, bandits, and Forum Warriors" I decided to write my own point of view on the subject. Bear in mind i'm reminiscing about a fairly stressful time so the nature of my writing is going to reflect that to some extents however I'm more about bantz than holding grudges so I feel what I wrote and how I presented it was fairly timid in comparison to others already present in that same thread and don't understand why a large portion was removed. Obviously the "Cancer" remark but everything from their onwards, I cant think of a reason that justifies that decision as fair. Also would like to point out, the video and small summary was a large part of validating my POV with a solid basis, without it I may as well be preaching to the wind on a street corner to all but the ones that know first hand what the common Bandit RP is like. I tried PMing Stormzy in order to get some context but got only copy and paste responses which devolved into a back and forth about how I "Flamed" people. who these people are I don't know, but people, apparently. As such the context I put forward to solidify why I think what I think about the current bandit trend was completely removed. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Get confirmation whether or not i'm allowed to reference my personal experiences that derive from this community inside of discussions within this community forum & Censorship to be handled better in the future. (I doubt my post can be reinstated as it was minus the "Cancer" remark but, if so, would be appreciated) What could you have done better?: Not use blatant trigger words. Although funny, it is unnecessary, at the end of the day.
  2. Fenrir

    They thought i was play pimpin...


  3. Roleplaying, bandits, and Forum Warriors

    I dont represent 101, I represent myself. I did IC for a while (During the horseman war) as it fit in with my storyline but not since so... 90% invalid of what you said there is invalid. Like straight up invalid. You seem to have put every stress you can think of specifically on me. Views and notions that encompass entire groups with many people that act and react differently. Now Nihoolious I really don't appreciate that, I would appreciate it if you just didnt talk tbh, thanks. Oh and for the record, only interaction i had with New Moon after the whole troubles was a BBQ down at plantation, and I enjoyed it a lot. The RP i mean... Thats not even me saying that lmao. That was the sniper nearby... I think you just embarrassed yourself. Next time deduce the situation before rage responding. Just to clarify: I didnt know what to do in that situation I had arrived to the party late so was unsure who is who and the way i saw it was any move i made would of looked like provocation to them so I stayed put, hoping they'd either pass by me or recognize how outnumbered i was and capture me. I was wrong on both accounts.
  4. Roleplaying, bandits, and Forum Warriors

    Only bandit group I've personally seen follow any semblance of a storyline was the Savages, and even then I believe that was in large thanks to Roger and Joffrey. Being the driving force of that group. Since then every single bandit group that has come after has been utter trash. To sum up the mentality of these types would be to simply say "Lets go to X place and initiate" This is about as far as any storylines or character arcs will ever go, alongside heavy ruleplay when it comes to firefights against settlements or large groups... In short there are no "Bandit groups" there are just people saying they are bandits to validate them zerging round the map initiating on anything that moves. Then finding any and all reasons to state how they "Won" on the forums. Its pretty pathetic tbh and one of the main reasons i dont really play anymore. -User was warned for this post-
  5. Fenrir

    When you try to setup overwatch



    1. Shane


      You're gonna be so bad

      I'm Overwatch master ;) 

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  6. Akrasia to Gorka (Open freq)

    *Within Relay Tower 1DL-109, Aaron sits, scouring frequencies coming out of the South Zagorian province, for any and all news about the people he once knew or the empire he once fought for.* *Upon listening to this frequency in particular he feels an almost nostalgic sensory response.* *This causes him to respond as opposed to moving on in search of the information he's looking for, holds down PTT* "Some things never change..." "Listen to me, the ones on the defensive. Do not try to fight these types of people, believe me that path... It goes absolutely nowhere. Each one you kill a replacement comes back the next day, renewed and re-geared. It will be a seemingly endless supply of boots and guns, running and shooting at you." "And that is all it will amount to, no more no less. Be subtle, be indirect, be political." "You may disregard the advice of this mysterious stranger, but if you directly try to fight, then... You will see... You will all see" *Releases PTT hoping his words may be more than just vibrations on the wind*
  7. Tagging Feature

    In agreement with the general consensus here +1 if its ez pz to implement. If not then meh. Cool idea though, I could see myself using it for a bit of bantz.
  8. Screenshot of the month

    Few thoughts... I like the idea of this coming back, its always nice to have more reasons to save pictures ect of our adventures and share them with others. Even better if its actually going towards something instead of a personal dump. But a contest with a definitive winner always goes one way in the end. One winner with others feeling like they lost. So I would propose changing the formula a little. Or a lot. Start off by creating an official DayZRP Photo album (I dont know if one already exists) Keep the same contest structure, everyone throws up a desired photo, most votes equals win. Only the top 3 are the winners and their photo's go into the official DayZRP Album. Maybe even have honorary mentions depending how many people take part. I think this "could" alleviate the whole popularity contest/Landslide victories from more popular peeps with 3 or more people getting credited each time. I also think it would pay off to break up the simple "Screenshot of the month" with actual themes, not always but now and again. Could be anything from a simple survival theme to, "overcoming adversity" theme, or even a "bad guys always win" theme for them bandits out there. Imagination barrier is the only limit. I also like the idea of "A picture that tells the best story" theme too. Promotes story telling, that's gotta be a good thing in an RP community. Once this "album" grows it could be used to draw from for website needs or from the community at large that might need a specific themed photo to help bring some life to their personal stories. Right, well, I've said theme too many times, i'm out, laters
  9. Persistence Wipe

    Voted no. Been back and active past couple days, barely noticed any server side performance issues. I also have a barrel that has remained unattended for over a month and when i came back it was still there. I'm now attached to this barrel.
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  10. The double standard.

    look its simple. Chat shit, Get banged. All this fear mongering about the population decline has no stats to back it up rendering it an irrelevant piece of information. This comes from you "Swilly" not being happy about your friend getting banged after he chat shit... No more, no less.
  11. Fenrir

    Reading bland overarching responses in threads that have little to no context for back up, making them just a vent for the frustration of kids...


    1. Shane


      do you ever shut up jeeeeeeeez

    2. Fenrir


      That's it your getting it too...


    3. Shane


      Oh boy


      Meet me in Kab fight me like a real man i'll smack ya out kid

    4. Fenrir


      *Removes hands from petrol bucket*

      You say Kab?

      *Whips jacket on and fly's out the door top speed*

    5. Shane


      *punches a butchers block ripping it to pieces*

      Yeah meet me at the church, see you soon.

      *jumps in the whip and rolls up to kab church blaring X Gon' Give It To Ya*

    6. Fenrir


      *On his way to Kab he see's an old car Razzing around blasting some sort of Pitbull music*

      What a Cant *He thinks*

      *Continues towards Kab ready to smash a kid down*

    7. Shane


      //nice powergame see you in the report

      *continues to head waddle to the song X Gon' Give It To Ya when in the distance he see's a blob of a man on the way to Kab*

      *he thinks* Is this the kid that wants to throwdown, pfft this is gonna be eazy

      *switches the song to Pussyboi Dont Wan War and continues to head waddle*

    8. Fenrir


      *Rummaging through a nearby shed he finds a decent size cut of cardboard*


      *Continue's towards Kab, ready to break it down on this kid*

      // No powergame, I have proof on a heavily edited 13 second clip on an obscure upload site 

    9. Shane


      *notices that there is no longer a blob walking towards Kab so he looks in a shed where he finds a barrel full of petrol he exhales and says*


      *he dips his hands in petrol for the next 20minutes waiting for an mini earthquake, an indication that the blob is coming*

      //reports up