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  1. Back when I was properly active, fabricating hostilities with a character and or group due too OOC opinions was incredibly prevalent and incredibly hard to prove if impossible. Since their are no defining standards for IC narratives to adhere too... Outside of absolutely blatant baiting of course. Has anything changed yet? A better question would be has human nature changed yet? And Proving that someone is being a Cunt would require unveiling the IC umbrella that shelters them so comfortably... which I might add would require multiple recordings, radio screenshots, PMs, Live streams, all showing the same behaviour across multiple of P1s characters. Then all of that would need to compiled into a cohesive manner and posted in a report. Let me tell you, their aint anybody got no time for that.
  2. +1 to this, puts everyone on an level playing field.
  3. The setting of a game... Not just any game... This game...
  4. You're welcome! You should definitely post more of these... doodles? scribbes? I'd call it Art personally. Just been checking out the others in this thread and I see you have depicted a bunch of characters and a couple scenes from what i assume is one of your narratives. Looks amazing and really brings it to life.
  5. "Sometimes I forget to remember to forget" -Boone- (FalloutNV/Elvis Presley)-
  6. Those doodles are awesome!
  7. I'm glad its not going to be a single player RPG. Since Bethesda thinks RPG means mindless looter shooter, with mundane narrative choices and flat damage buff perks... Should be interesting to see where they go with this.
  8. @Shane Is Dead Us on this frequency was fucking banter xD


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      I'm sure it's still there somewhere ?

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      here ya go 


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      Love it, so much banter in one spot... So much shredding in one thread ❤️

  9. This is all I have to add about Canada:
  10. Fenrir

    Should Anarchy Be Official?

    ^^^ The Rolls Royce of banter xD
  11. Fenrir

    DayZ Red/Green Screen

    No no thats way more than you'l ever need for temp files, you're good. Must be a different issue unfortunately ?
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