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  1. I enjoyed a the rp of a small group we bumped into outside kab, 7 men 1 petrol can hilarity ensues
  2. Server and location: S4 Myshkino tents Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 24/07/2016 00:39 Your in game name:Kaine Wilson Names of allies involved: Moralis Wren Name of suspect/s: Yuri Volkov Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video: and his name in the below screen shot. Detailed description of the events: Was wondering around the Myshkino tents and bumped into a few guys, my friend Moralis Wren was watching over me from the hill so we already knew people where there, i briefly spoke with the two guys i bumped into and then we all went our separate ways, about 5-10 minutes later i notice a plume of white smoke rising from the tents and investigate it, it turns out to be one of the guys i bumped into running around shouting "Vape nation" and at the start of the video says it directly to me, i ask him to say it again after i start recording but he later does repeat the sentiment, as much as this is funny and you do hear my friend and myself laughing, it is terrible RP and a little bit troll RP to and not to mention it does not fit in with the lore of Dayzrp.
  3. Kaine Wilson here. We wondered down into Novy and started looking for supplies and we spotted a lone person and so Moralis started talking to him and started doing are usual cult rp talking about our lord and asking him if he is a sinner and also took his radio and retrained him, we start moving him up to the treeline to the east of Novy he start walking and only speeds up after being prompted as if he was stalling for time, as we start moving him our scouts tell us a group just entered the town i cant remember from which side i believe it was from the stary side, so a smaller group of are moving him up the hill we changed direction several times, while we were in the open it seemed that the other group had seen us moving up the hill but did nothing to intervene and like i said we changed direction a lot and continued to do so when we hit the treeline and found a nice secluded spot in the woods. Once we were in a nice spot Moralis then started talking to him, gave him several warnings, "you will be shot if anyone intervenes" and told him to shout out to any friends he had nearby and tell them not to intervene which he replied with "i don't have any", so after these warnings i was asked to start some torture rp as he had been quite lippy in character about our religion and what not so i proceeded to pull out a wisdom tooth with a few of my tools, which was done consent was asked for and received as you can see in the logs, during this he seemed quite quiet and started using text chat to rp instead of his mic which was rather odd considering he had been talking seconds before. As we had just wrapped up the torture we started talking among ourselves about what to do with him i believe we were going to attempt to brand him but just as we are talking shots ring out i managed to turn to start running but was felled before i could run, i would like to make clear NO INITIATION HAPPENED if someone has claimed they have then this is simply not true i saw a shot and then i was shot myself. It seems to me that the his group clearly saw us and instead of RPing and trying to get their friend back they settled for killing us instead which to me looks a bit like baiting using one person to then get kos rights on a group. That's my POV, i will not respond unless asked to by staff.
  4. Awesome work from everyone in the group so far, very proud to call myself a member of the cult.
  5. [mp3]http://img.dayzrp.com/mp3/upload/579d36c6be6f3.mp3[/mp3] The Children must be fed Mors ultima ratio; Death is the final accounting “And thou shalt eat the fruit of thine own body, the flesh of thy sons and of thy daughters, which the LORD thy God hath given thee, in the siege, and in the straitness, wherewith thine enemies shall distress thee” (Deuteronomy 28:53) The path to damnation is sure for all of us, and those who try to circumvent it will be struck with the almighty vengeance of the satanic dead. This world is fallen, evil, and forsaken. Only through death can it be redeemed, true happiness found, and peace with god, gods, or the universe made manifest. The Cult aims to purge the world of the living, to feed the fires of Hell and damnation. For it is they who were sent by the Forgotten Shadow to do what is best for the 'greater good'. Another way to reach redemption is through the consumption of sinner's flesh, then, and only then, will the Forgotten Shadow allow his earthly-pawns to remain to fulfill his perverted mission -- a great purge. The roaming dead are the Children of Death, offspring of the Forgotten Shadow who have been sent to this sinner-earth to fulfill the hellish deeds of purging those who sin and do not follow the Cult. The Children MUST be fed, and fed with the flesh of sinners and non-believers. It is the Cult's aim to torture their captives; for then they have repented, and then kill them, skin them and cut them up; for then they shall live for eternity with the Being. The followers of the Cult will not show their face until an appropriate sacrifice is found for the Being, then and only then shall they show their true colours. Mors ultima ratio; Death is the final accounting. The Children Must Be Fed. Before the collapse of the "old world" and the coming of the Children of the Dead many of the Cult's members followed its perverse teachings, believing the living had sinned and that they must be purged. However, after the downfall the Cult attracted more and more like-minded individuals who began to believe and support the Cult's ideals. Never fixed in one location, the Cult pursued an outreach programme to convert people to their cause -- usually through sickly means such as castration and maiming. The Cult members believe that their Prophet is a human sent from a higher power to lead them in their eternal crusade to purge all those who have sinned; and they believe everyone is a sinner. Post-apocalypse Chernarus was the most opportune breeding ground available for this Cult, with many former Christians, Jews and Muslims believing that their deity had abandoned them, and that the only answer was that preached by the Cult. Originally not cannablisitc, when food began running short and members began getting hungry the Prophet decreed that it was the will of their non-earthly Satanic ruler that human flesh was a way to redemption and will earn them more time on this earth to fulfill 'His' mission. The Cult wishes to challenge the domination of the larger survivor groups, and prove to them that although they have their numbers and weapons, after death they shall be punished for eternity if they are not redeemed on this earth by the followers of the Cult. The Cult started when the Prophet (Peter Roberts) fell out with his Priest over God's deeds, and how Peter believed God had abandoned man and that another Being was one that should be followed. Roberts began to gain supporters and followers for his new group that broke away from the Christian religion, and became their de facto leader. Their new Master would speak through Peter, and he slowly became known as 'The Prophet' because of this. Roberts' former priest would publicly speak out against Peter and his followers, cursing them as sinners and telling them that they are going against God's teachings. Peter and his followers replied simply by capturing the Priest, torturing him and making him repent for his speaking out against the new group, who became known as simply 'The Cult'. They strung the Priest up like an upside-down Christ, and maimed the 'sinner' before slitting his throat and drinking the blood in honour of their new Master. More and more followers flocked to the Cult, and more and more followers began to descend into madness and psychopathy. The Cult performs rituals to initiate new members. Although official reports are unknown, it is widely claimed that newcomers must drink the blood of a vanquished sinner, and recite prayers and words of the Cult. Some claim that newcomers are forced to eat human flesh to get a taste for it. All that is known is this initiation into the Cult contributes to people's ascension into madness. Ranks within the Cult, going from high to low in a descending order: Prophet: The Prophet is the leader of the Cult, he guides the Cult and its members towards Ascension, his words can be considered the will of the Forgotten Shadow. Chosen: A Chosen is a special member of the Cult who can be trusted and relied upon to preach the Cult's teachings, and bring justice to those who have sinned. Cultist: A Cultist is a member of the Cult who has chosen to indulge in its teachings, they preach their faith to others and are considered integral in the maintaining of the Cult as it is they who shall make up the backbone of the Cult, acting as footsoldiers for the Forgotten Shadow. Acolyte: An Acolyte is a fully fledged member of the Cult who knows the Cult's ways. He will help preach the ways of the Cult and act as a footman of sorts, providing the main bulk of numbers for the clan. Convert: A Convert is a newly inducted member within the Cult who seeks to learn as much as possible of the virtues and workings of the Cult so that they may, amongst others, once preach their faith and progress the Forgotten Shadow's mission. Roster The Prophet: Peter Roberts Chosen: Moralis Wren Chosen: Kaine Wilson Acolyte: Ivan Borchelli Acolyte: Heinrich Brack Acolyte: Oliver Morris Acolyte: Caligula German Acolyte: Dirk Button Acolyte: Duke Shepard Acolyte: Parker Mon Acolyte: Garret Lewis Acolyte: Quentin Zurukov Acolyte: Johnny Birch Convert: Nick James Convert: Jay Proctor Convert: Harold Jones Convert: David Sanderson Convert: Felix Stone Convert: Jonas Allred Convert: Sebastian Daniels Convert: Thomas Lecture Convert: Vladimir Kosovo Convert: Seth M Convert: Elliot Hill Convert: Jesus Martinez Convert: Sam Blake Convert: Ben Stene Convert: Louis Parker Convert: Tony Lorenzo Convert: Mickey O'Neil Convert: Rob Stone ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to join? All players are allowed to 'join', but they will have to go through certain tests to see if they can become a fully fledged member. New members will have to be active and roll with the group so we can see how your RP is, and how you act both IC and OCC. New members will also have to go through a Culting Ritual, in which they shall be IC integrated into the group through such things as initiations and such like. If your character is a 'good' character, steps can be made through the initiation to turn him/her insane and eligible to follow the Cult. Although there is no preference on gender/nation/age, we will only accept permanently those who prove themselves mature and able to listen to orders (when they are issued) and having the ability to perform immersive RP. For applying, please fill out the following template -- Steam Name: In game Name: Country of Residence: Age (No age limit in the group): Any other group affiliation (any previous also): Anything else: Send this to The Prophet of the group in a private message and please wait for a reply back, thank you. If you have any questions or queries please message The Prophet on the forums, or add him on Steam. The Children Must Be Fed.
  6. The gear is not an issue, I had next to nothing anyway as you say. "Stand up damn you!" is not an initiation as far as I'm aware, your friends were standing around me for several minutes, clearly aware that I was AFK otherwise they would have attempted to talk to me, surely? I would like to inform Staff that Welshie was in Harold's TeamSpeak channel at the time as well as several other people from Britain. I believe he is withholding the names of his allies. Please do not tag me in a situation i was not involved in, yes i was in the channel with them but only after this situation had occurred, i have no information that can help with this so please do not involve me. Also, i wasnt involved but now i have been dragged in so it seems to me you have been given a demand and ignored it simple, you rp situations, sure you may have had irl stuff to deal with quickly rp the situation and log out simple. Also, these guys are fairly new to the community and as i was playing with them after this event (this report) they are very attentive to the rules and ways in which the rules work and were very actively asking me questions as to how the rules worked in game how they can be applied to rp within rules effectively and to make sure they were within the rules.
  7. *Kaine places himself down upon a hill over looking Stary* "Im on the lookout for four guys, think they were British, anyway if you're listening i'd like to speak with you guys again, i was the guy in all black" *Kaine slips his radio back into a pouch on his chest rig and settles in for a night of watching movements*
  8. IGN: Kaine Wilson Age:18 Country:UK English skill:First Language DayZ Mod Experience: Been in a few private servers but mostly just pve servers DayZ Standalone Experience: Most of my Dayz Standalone play time is in DayzRP Roleplaying Experience: Only been in DayzRP for about 9-10 months but spent years in SAMP RP and have done helped run a rp community for about a year and a half on xbox one gta v, always tried to get good rp on old dayz mod but never found the right group. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Scout/Tracker Have you been in any clan/group previously: Traveled with smaller groups but nothing ever hugely notable Additional notes:N/A Best way to contact you:Either via the website or steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198190551142/ Backstory: http://www.dayzrp.com/characters?view=1921
  9. Im still happy to roll with you mate, we can try and do some good
  10. i wasnt told anything, wasnt given a single instruction, the only one i heard was directed at grim, i wasnt even looked at, the guy outside didnt even seem to be involved, didnt engage in anything, i say at the back and just said "wtf" did nothing didnt have a gun i my hand at all, i saw the guy outside then lean round the corner of the door aim and shoot at me, didnt say a word, just shot me i was no threat, if you guy wanted food why didnt you ask? RP the situation, two guys sat at a fire what threat are we? "hey can you guys spare some food?" isnt a hard question, maybe you could have initiated RP with us, granted the first guy did but the second guy just went outside didnt even acknowledge us. The two who killed each other fair enough no disputing that, but the guy who killed me that was kos for no reason i wasnt involved in the shooting i mad my shock and surprise clear, as you hear in the video, i clearly state "jesus christ" i then go on to say "wtf just happened" then i got shot. TLDR: I WASNT GIVEN A CHANCE TO RP AT ALL, WAS JUST KOS'D NO INITIATION NO RP.
  11. I wasnt even told to do anything, i was just sat at the back of the tent the other guy didnt even try to communicate with me, just shot me.
  12. Nice one with recording dude, would have one myself but having trouble with obs since 0.60, btw awesome rp awell hit me up sometime
  13. Server and location: S2 EU/ NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 12:53/ 24/06/16 Your in game name: Kaine Wilson Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: UNKNOWN Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: Logged in wandered through the tents area of NWAF, it was raining so i found a tent to sit in and light my gas stove to warm up, another person stand at the door way says hello he is for the sake of clarity person 1 , we initiate some campfire rp talking about the weather and current events, we sit here for about 10 minutes waiting for the rain to pass and it doesn't. We hear 2 voices, these people will be person 2 and 3, person 2 says hello joins the rp a little sits at the fire, person 3 wanders in mutters something and walks out again taking no notice of us, what happened next happened very fast so i'm going to break it down, me and person 1 are sat at the fire along with person 2 person 3 is somewhere outside our tent, i notice the gas burner has run out of gas so i go to change it, person 2 then pulls a gun on person 1 and says "don't fucking move" person 1 said something i didn't catch it clearly enough and blasts person 2, person 2 is now dead, person 1 is bleeding heavily, i step back from the stove put my gun away and head to the back of the tent to make it clear i want involved in that, person 1 crawls to the door and then slumps i believe he died i didn't get a chance to check, person 3 then says "what the fuck?" from outside, i share his sentiment im still sat at the back of the tent with no weapons drawn, person 3 then appears on the edge of the tent door and before i can say anything shoots me and kills me, didn't initiate and rp didn't say a word to me just shot me dead.
  14. Server and location: S1 EU NW Airfield Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 1:07: 23/06/16 Your in game name:Mike Welsh Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: unknown/ member of Zybor faction Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: Loaded in just east of the airfield, wondered over to the tents to the north of the base and started looking around seeing what i could find, Bumped into a guy said hello made a little small talk that was it, continued searching around the tents, finished looking around and started heading toward the gate to the north of the base to exit the area. As im leaving the guy i bumped into shouts to me and initiates a conversation asks me about my backstory and what not so i tell him answer his questions to the best of my ability, a few more of his group show up and surround the conversation, including a very vocal and unreasonable one who immediately insults me without even being part of the conversation, the loud one moves off and i continue my conversation with the original guy (btw really nice guy really good rp) this went on for a minute or two until the loud one then appears again gets right in my face tells me im lying and that i should move away from the area, i say "ok but what are you so unhappy" he then goes on again angrily and continues to be unreasonable, so i go ok and turn around and start moving off as instructed. As soon as i start moving away he cals to me and says "Come fucking back here i gave you an order and you didnt do it" whilst i was doing the order of moving away, he then goes on to insult me more and shout at me some more providing no chance for a conversation or way of talking myself out of the situation in a rp fashion, he says he's going to shoot me if i dont drop both my guns, which both visible didnt have clips in them (sks,1911) so i drop them as instructed informing him they arent loaded, he then tells me to turn around and " go through the horde with just my fists and my wit because i disobeyed his order" which as you can see i obeyed everything because 5-6 against 1 is a tad unfavourable, so i turn around start walking the opposite direction as he instructed me too, he then tells me im going too slow, i reply with "im leaving" he then says "if you dont get moving im gonna kill you" i reply again with "im leaving" but just as im saying that sentence literally a second after he's told me he's going to kill me he then shoots me and kills me, giving me no time to again rp the situation and move on faster. They claimed to be part of a group called zybor the one that was good at rp actually gave a really good intro of the group again props to him, but the guy who killed me was incoherent and unreasonable and gave no room for roleplay which is surely the core of this community? even his group members where telling him not to shoot and the good rp guy told him he did not have the authority to do this but he still did where is the rp in this? TLDR: was having good rp with one member of the group another loud and angry one insults me and threatens me from the get go, tells me to do something i do, kills me for not doing what he told me to do which i was in the process of doing.
  15. Oh ok, yes thank you as always the Dayzrp staff have been really helpful along with the people of the community
  16. Its would also appear that the server is down again
  17. So ive just hoped on the s1 as its just come back up after being ddos'd and im now a new spawn, after spending all of today gathering gear and getting set back up after the new update, is this normal to be a new spawn after a ddos attack, im assuming there's no way of getting my stuff back either?
  18. That's the definition of the internet, isn't it? : People are much more brave in virtual world and that's how things have been, are and will be buddy! Have patience because you're hopefully going to have a lot of fun on dayzrp servers He sure will ive been in DayzRP for a few months now and i can safely say its the best rp ive ever experienced, great servers and a great staff team
  19. Ah ok me just being a noob, thought it might be something like that thanks guys
  20. So i just got kicked off s1 by battle eye, slightly strange and now i cant find any DayzRP servers in my server lists, not even in my favorites, i was recording when it happened so i got some screen shots. [/img] so i went to vault up into the room and then i got this [/img] so im kinda stuck any ideas?
  21. After not being on for few days its really sad to see such a thriving camp getting ransacked, Guys who grief are the worst.
  22. There are still small groups trying to do good but it is hard, trying to help people at the same time as not drawing attention to the fact you have the supplies to help people, When the bandit groups learn that, its only a matter of time before you get hunted by them.
  23. Welshie

    KOS S3

    I said id kill the guy with the machete if he tried to hit me again.
  24. Welshie

    KOS S3

    You guys didnt try to RP with us at all, therefore case closed you shot us pretty much randomly, if the situation went how you guys said then why did we report it? if it had gone the way you said it would have been justified, but it didnt you guys plain Kos'd
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