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  1. *UPDATE* Group has had some obvious changes, firstly the name, seemed to fit the group dynamic so much better, aswell as a full redo of graphics and general tone of the thread. Also the lore had been updated, it fitted the general theme of the group so much better and summarized how we wish to go about our rp. Thank you again all for the support and comments, it has all be taken onboard and i hope some of it has been addressed with this revamp
  2. Thank you buddy, hope to see you in game at some point
  3. The group is being revamped so a few things are gonna change, firstly the name and a few of the general concepts of it and secondly the general group vibe, watch this space
  4. *UPDATE* I have updated the goals of the group slightly, it is still a heavy work in progress so these goals may change dependent on how the group molds in rp. Its been a good few days, we have met lots of good people but we are keeping fairly under the radar for the moment, so you may have met us and have simply no idea its us. Still recruiting aswell, for the group to thrive we need solid members and ideas coming from those members are the life blood of a groups progression!
  5. Thank you Plank, just a concept im running with at the moment, im hoping to evolve it into something completely unique, hence the WIP for now!
  6. Thank you all for the greeting and well wishes, much a WIP but im hugely excited as to where this group could go, also on a side note, if there is anyone who is good at doing graphics and doesnt mind helping the group out (as im terrible at making graphics as you can probably tell) then please drop me a message! Thank you all again!
  7. Thank you everyone for the feedback, much appreciated all being taken on board, this is my first group and i want to hugely develop it so watch this space, also a quick thank you to LoneStarrr for sending me a version of the logo without a white background, did it without me even asking very nice guy!
  8. Just put a new one up, really appreciate you guys taking a look, posting the last one boosted the numbers a decent amount so thanks a lot everyone [video=youtube]http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGHSUMW2CRA
  9. Few friends and i had a recording session the other night on Rainbow six, just us having a laugh playing around on the game [video=youtube]http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkS9DfX26nY
  10. Sad to hear bud, hope all goes well, hope to see you back
  11. *Kaine leans back on his heels, easing himself down into a quiet spot near Stary, He presses the PTT down, his mind heavy with dread* "I didnt sign up for this" *Kaine takes a breath to compose himself* "The Coyotes were doing something good, now, we're just a scattered bunch of lone beasts" *Kaine sighs his voice heavy with remorse* "Some of The Coyotes did bad things, i for one dont agree with some of the actions of The Coyotes and feel i should air my peace for any to hear, The Coyotes are a fragment of what they were and they're just a fractured group now, shit Barry has all but lost his mind and Mack well......" *Kaine stops to let a wave of nausea pass, not being able to stomach how far his friend had fallen from grace* "Mack made his own grave, i am truly sorry for his actions, he seemed to be seeking some personal vendetta, going after any and all he deemed he should" *Kaine rubs a hand on his temple* "I mean Jesus a little girl? that's not right!" *Kaine catches himself before opening his mouth again, he stops and straightens himself up and take an audible breath* "I do not condone the acts of The Coyotes, i wishes simply to make it known that not all of us share the opinions of the leadership, i mean jesus i got dragged into a shitstorm, if you wish to take revenge for acts against you by The Coyotes then please do, but make sure you get the right one, some of us still have some decency" *Kaine releases the PTT and drops his radio onto the grass, he takes a long breath and shoulders his pack, mentally exhausted he picks himself up and moves on, with hopes of finding a new pack or atleast somewhere quiet to rest*
  12. Congratulations guys, RP'd with you guys a few times, always enjoy my stay, hope this develops and gets even better in the future
  13. *Kaine hears the radio interaction faintly on his radio* "Guys?..... holy shit it is you guys, i lost radio contact for a day or so, still scouting around up north" *Kaine pauses, a little conflicted about what he's hearing* "As long as you vouch for him Mack i'll stick around, i should be coming back south side in the next few hours, then we can sit down and get a game plan in effect" *Kaine considers the groups chances without support or allies* "If we've gotta go it alone then i guess we've just got to do it, thinning the pack may be a good thing quality over quantity"
  14. *Snatches the radio out of Macks hand* "You got fooled by a pup and played a little i might add" *Kaine grins to himself and presses the PPT in* "Must make you guys feel safe knowing that members of your group can be played so easily, oh i almost forgot, the lady Lizzy was it? I must thank you for your excellent art work, had it cleaned up looks lovely like i said hard to find a good tattooist these days" *Kaine pulls his shirt away from his chest a little, looking down at a nice and cleanly healing wound on his chest in the shape of a crown* "Another scar to be proud of and done by such a wonderful woman" *Kaine chuckles as he releases the PTT and throws the radio back to Mack*
  15. Im fine with the thread being archived, im just simply suggesting that the wording of the rule be changed so that its clearer
  16. No, no you misunderstand me, not the leader of the group simply just the owner of the post, so your reinforcing my point that the rules should say owned another post not lead or created because like you said some group done have a leader. I understand but it is stated on the thread who the leader was. and also what you are saying is not clearly displayed in the rules therefore why i suggested that the phrasing be changed to Owned not lead or created so that it is then displayed in the rules.
  17. I was never the IC or OOC leader or creator of the group, i owned the thread and it was clearly stated on the thread who the leader was, just think it would avoid someone making the same mistake as i did by simply just changing the wording from Leader or Creator to Owned. Sorry, but you are contradicting yourself on this line. The leader of the group is essentially the OOC leader which operates the group CP and such. Same as if you were an official group, you would be in charge of sending out invites and such. It's irrelevant how long you have been leading the group, the rule applies. Moving onto your suggestion, I think it works perfectly fine and does not need to be changed. We've had this rule in effect for as long as I have personally been here, and most likely a lot longer. It does not need to be changed to be honest. You can allocate someone else to run your group then transfer leadership back over once the month period is over. I don't see the big "issue" that needs to be resolved. I never lead the group though?
  18. So i recently posted a new group idea and had it archived because i had on paper been the leader of another group, In reality i wasnt the the leader or OP of the thread ,the thread was transferred to me after the original poster was inactive and we needed to make changes to the thread so as i was the person who had been in dayzrp longest i took ownership take note i was not the leader or the creator, i simple took ownership. In the rules it states that you cannot start a group if you have created or lead a group in the last month im suggesting that this be changed to simply just you cant start a group if you have owned one in the last month, not lead or created simple just owned to avoid the annoyance ive just had after writing a up the thread for a new group and only to have it closed over a technicality which isn't actually written in the rules. TL;DR (i moaned a little so this would be advisable to read instead) change the group posting rule from Not have created or lead another group in the last month. to Not owned another group post in the last month.
  19. I neither created or lead the group, that is what the rules say?
  20. I was not the OP, i was holding the thread for palfer until he fit the criteria to have it transferred to him, j3sse was the op of the Cult thread, is there a way to transfer the cult thread off of my owner ship as i have said multiple time i was never the leader or OP of the thread I was not the OP, i was holding the thread for palfer until he fit the criteria to have it transferred to him, j3sse was the op of the Cult thread, is there a way to transfer the cult thread off of my owner ship as i have said multiple time i was never the leader or OP of the thread also the cult thread was originally posted by j3sse on the 10-7-16, which is over a month ago.
  21. You currently do not fit the criteria to lead a group, due to your previous group only archiving yesterday. Do you have someone you could transfer ownership of the thread to? If not, the group will be archived. was not actually the leader of the group and wasnt the op for that thread originally, the actually leader Palfer hadnt been a member to post a group thread so the ownership was switched from another member of the group who went inactive to me and Palfer decided to close the group yesterday so he requested that i ask for the thread to be archived. TL; DR, wasnt ever actually the owner of the group. Indeed mate, been sitting of this premise for a while, hope to get some great rp out of it
  22. [mp3]http://img.dayzrp.com/mp3/upload/5803837842978.mp3[/mp3] Time, Time erodes you, much like water does to stone. Only after you've lost so much can you gain so much from so little. Every day is a gain, a little one but still a gain. Every once of food you ingest, is a gain Every Friend you make, is a gain Every shot you fire, is a gain Every person you help, is a gain Every life you take, is a gain [align=left]Once your gains out way your loses, you are surviving, day to day, hour to hour, moment to moment. We do not choose the situations we are put in but we can choose to gain from them and when you have people with you that see the world as you do, you may gain as much as you want. [align=left]But every day the water still flows over you, eroding everything you gain, making survival another loss, sometimes you have to step outside yourself to gain, in order to survive. [align=left]The Graystone lets the water rush over it, embracing the feeling as if it were the last feeling it would get but also fear that the erosion may take it over, everyday fighting to gain may be its ultimate undoing, the cracks may being to appear but it will still embrace the water flow, the gain,the loss all to make sure that The Graystone still feels the water of life flow over it. IC GOALS: To show other survivors that, with strength and confidence, being morally grey is the key to survival To find like minded survivors and recruit them To set up a base of operations To develop the skills of each member of the group To create a confident, tight knit group of survivors OOC GOALS: To provide a true neutral group in the community To become a respected group in the community To help develop the RP skills of newer RP members To show that a group doesn't have to be "Good" or "Bad" to be successful Leader Kaine Wilson - Right Hand Mack Dempsey - Member Daniel Veller Please copy and paste the below form and send it to Welshie in a pm IC information Name: Age: Sex: Link to character page: OOC Information Name: Age: RP Experience: Past Groups: Reasons for joining: Any extra info you want to add: Credit to Klette for the GFX
  23. Great RP from everyone in this group, some great situations and close shaves, gotta say one of the best groups i've ever had the pleasure of being part of
  24. Server and location: S1 Near Gorka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 23:30 26/07/16 Your in game name:Kaine Wilson Names of allies involved: Moralis Wren, 3 Others i dont know the names of. Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: My group and i were heading to gorka via the road from novy, we had just crested a hill when we noticed some men behind us i spotted 2, i notice one aiming at me so we go up the hill and start talking to them, asking why they are aiming at us and then we spotted they were wearing pink armbands (which are used by my group) so we asked if they would take them off, they asked why and we insisted they take them off, as part of our group rp Moralis asks one of the newer members if he wishes to do a ritual on the two men, the two men are acting very jumpy and have been since we started talking to them, one of them backs into the treeline and starts becoming hostile (which is where i start recording) we keep calmly asking him to return to the road and put his gun on his back or place it on the floor ( we noticed they were getting jumpy so them putting their guns down puts us at ease so we may rp without being shot) he then goes out of my range, i go over to his friend and calmly ask him to do the same, there is not threat, im not initiating on him in the slightest just asking him to put his gun away, my gun isnt up im not pointing it at anyone, as soon as i ask for him to put his gun away im immediately shot and so are my group. I am left unconscious and i believe 2 of my group are killed, it seems a hidden shooter in a tree behind us shot me, we learned this after i came round and the survivors of my group had also killed the group of guys who shot us after the 3 of us had been put down, with only myself surviving the shot the others died.
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