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    From the album: Welshie Adventures

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    From the album: Welshie Adventures

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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Enjoyed the rp of a lovely gezer named Jonny, you're a diamond dog my man, and that fine Lada you've got is a beautiful machine!
  4. Backstory Born is Somerset ,UK in 1987 , his Mother Katya ,a Chernarus Native and his Father Conrad ,who had moved to the south of England from The Scottish highlands, Kaine had to work for everything he got, he was a scrawny child and was always fighting with kids bigger than him and always got battered and bruised but never backed down, Kaine excelled in his schooling, he loved geography and history, the idea of the world holding hidden secrets that could be explored truly captivated Kaine, he decided during his last year in education that he would become an explorer and search for the secrets of the natural world. Kaine spent many years exploring the world, he spent time in every continent, he had a good knack for blending in with the locals and learning how local people adapted to the places he explored aswell as dealt with the environment and hazards they lived with on a daily basis. Chernarus would be the last place Kaine went to before it all went to shit, his cousin Artyom told him about some artifacts of a long dead religious cult that could be found in Chernarus, Kaine and his Cousin spent many months searching the Wilderness of Chernarus, during this time the outbreak happened. Artyom and Kaine only discovered this after being taken hostage by military personnel, they were both interrogated as to what they were doing and what they were looking for, Kaine's cousin explained what they were doing and within an instant Artyom was shot and killed. The soldiers turned to Kaine, he was stunned, his cousin was lying dead in front of him. The soldier who appeared to be in charge crouched down and spoke to Kaine, inches away from his face, He slowly said in a thick Cherno-Russian accent "Stop looking for what you do not understand, some bit of history need to stay as history" Then with a swift punch to the face, Kaine was out cold. He awoke in a small camp ground in the northern area of Chernarus, with no idea what to do next. 1. Find the Soldier who killed Artyom (on going) 2. Fine some like minded fellows to call chums. (Dynamic) 3. Discover the truth behind the Religious Artifacts he set out to find, why are they being hidden? (on going) Cheerful / Eternal Optimist - always looking for silver linings. Determined - never gives up. Stiff Upper lip / Stoic- The strongest of all British traits. Friendly Soul - Unless you shoot at him. Scavenger - Holds onto small trinkets or tools because they might be useful. Honest - Will never hide the truth, no matter how painful. Eccentric - Almost a nutter, but not quite, there's a brain in there somewhere. Animal Tracker - from years of living off of what he could hunt. Light Step - can make his way around cities without alerting a soul. Knee Damage - Years of trekking have worn his knee joints down, so long treks can be extremely painful. Scout - Watching and observing are Kaine's specialty. Gun Shy - Not to keen on firearms but grudgingly uses them. Lead Belly - If its remotely edible, Kaine can and will eat it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prologue Chapter One - The Cards Have been Dealt Chapter Two - Dealt a Bad Hand
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    what is this????

    What @ThatRyanGuy said, totally agree.
  6. Welshie

    New Horizons

    *Kaine looks around the camp, looking at the new faces of The Coyotes, seeing people bonded together, through a mutual belief, then begins transmitting* "Well..... it seems more of you than we thought remember who we were" *Kaine pauses, casting his mind back to the people he had spoken to over the previous days* "Some of you did not welcome our presence, and honestly we dont blame you, we had a more than bad reputation but we are committed to remaking ourselves into something the people do welcome" *Kaine takes a breath, then begins to talk again but with a much harsher tone* "As we have striven to become a welcome sight to the survivors of this land we have noticed those who are not so welcome, so to those groups who are the unwelcome of the land, do not cross us, some of those i'm addressing now remember when we were not welcome, you know we will fight, so save us all the bother and keep your violence and anarchy to yourselves. *Kaine exhales a long breath, composing himself* "Because some of us..... Just want to survive" *Kaine pauses for a moment before ending his transmission, laughter and chatter can be heard in the background, Kaine lets a small smile creep onto his face, the first in a long time*
  7. Welshie

    The Coyotes Call

    *Kaine sat on a tree stump, staring out into the woods, he slowly looked down at his hands, in his left hand a radio and his right, a yellow armband. it had been given to him by an old friend with the promise of " We can remake ourselves", Kaine raised the radio and began to transmit* "Its seem that The Coyotes are on the prowl... But it seems a coyote can change is markings after all" *Kaine ran the fabric of the armband through his fingers, unfolding the crumpled spots* "The Coyotes made mistakes, our old leader made mistakes, cost lives and limbs, those of us who survived those time will never be the same" *Kaine shot a glance over to his friend Mack, Mack smiled revealing a set of wooden front teeth to go along with the scars on his face, Kaine returned the smile while running his hand across his shirt which hid a large scar on his chest* "We want to change what people think when they hear our name, we are The Coyotes, a pack a unit no longer lead by a single man" *Kaine slowly rolled the yellow armband up his arm* "Finally to those who knew us, we are sorry, the man who instigated all the pain and suffering is dead, he was dead to the pack a long time before that" *Kaine adjusted the armband on his arm, pulled up his things and walked back over to his friends, the pack, The Coyotes were on the prowl one more*
  8. Welshie

    The Graystone (Open Frequency)

    *Kaine pats Daniels shoulder, after finally finding him a few hours before, he slips his radio out of his hoodie pocket and begins to transmit* "This is Kaine of Graystone, Daniel and myself our out in the field at the moment, if anyone is hearing the frequency and shares our ideas and does not want to be alone, please transmit on this frequency we will hear you" *Kaine replaces his radio into his hoodie pocket, Daniel and Kaine start heading towards Stary Sobor*
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    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

    57, thought id get in on this
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    (Recruiting) Graystone (New Graphics)

    *Update* On a bit of a recruitment drive now, if you see the thread and think this might be for you, do not hesitate to fill in an application, even if you're not successful in joining you will still experience some great rp
  11. Welshie

    The Graystone (Open Frequency)

    *Kaine raises an eyebrow at the voice he hears on the radio, he quickly pulls his radio out of his hoodie pocket and begins to transmit* "Dan?! Good to hear from you pal, i hope you hear this and make contact again soon" *Kaine slowly clips his radio back onto his hoodie pocket and ponders the location of his friend* *After pondering the location of his friend for a few moments Kaine then became suddenly aware that he was on his own* "Anyone out there that shares our way of thinking please contact me via this frequency, strength in numbers and having strength can always lead to you gaining" *Kaine slips his radio back onto his hoodie pocket, he then slowly examines the tree line to his eastern side*
  12. Welshie

    (Recruiting) Graystone (New Graphics)

    *UPDATE* Huge update to the thread and GFX, big shout out to Klette for that, all we need to do now is recruit, onward and upwards!
  13. Welshie

    RP WebRadio for DayZRP

    Awesome idea, hope it keeps going!
  14. Welshie

    RDM S1 Kab 22:06 18-10-16

    Server and location: Kabanino S1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 22:06 SERVER TIME Your in game name:Kaine Wilson Names of allies involved: Liam Osbourne Name of suspect/s: n/a Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): n/a Detailed description of the events: Liam and myself were stood talking to a guy behind a house in Kab, just general chat, after a minute or so the guy shouts "Oh look a nigger fagot" and shoots Liam and myself. no warning just shot and killed us, was presumable the same guy who shot at us in my earlier report and failed to kill us, it also looks like this guy has had an RDM spree looking at all the other reports.
  15. Welshie

    Attempted RDM/ S1 NWAF 21:30

    No sadly, i didnt have my recording software running at the time, but i saw a shot hit Liam and heard one fly past me, but if there's no way to find out theres no point reporting Could this be closed please?
  16. Welshie

    Attempted RDM/ S1 NWAF 21:30

    Server and location: S1/ NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:30 (SERVER TIME) 18/10/16 Your in game name:Kaine Wilson Names of allies involved: Liam Osborne Name of suspect/s: Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: Liam and myself were crossing the airfield going towards the east side hangers, as we are crossing i look behind me at Liam and see blood pop out of his shoulder (the logs for player Liam Osbourne will show who shot at us) after this i hear another shot fly past myself, the reason i believe this is an attempted RDM is that i hadnt been involved in an hostile rp or pvp all day and Liam had been in a hostile situation where killed another played between 4-5pm server time so there were no KOS rights on us at the time of this report.
  17. Welshie

    The Graystone (Open Frequency)

    *Kaine pulls his radio out of his hoodie pocket and presses the transmit button* "Ran into some trouble the other day, had to keep comms quiet,to anyone who has contacted me via this frequency, i am in the field for the next few hours, contact me via this frequency and we can talk" *Kaine slips the radio back into his hoodie pocket and continues trudging on*
  18. Welshie

    (Recruiting) Graystone (New Graphics)

    *Update* Had a good couple days RP, met so good people (and some bad). We are still recruiting so please anyone interested chuck an application in and we'll see if this group is right for you!
  19. Welshie

    The Graystone (Open Frequency)

    *Kaine runs his fingers over the scabs and bruises around his neck, He picks up his radio and presses the PPT* Like you said, unscathed, i assume all random people you come across are likewise treated and left unscathed" *Kaine rubs his hand on his leg, trying to warm his hand up* "I hope you enjoy them, I'm sure i'll find a new pair, not to worry" *Kaine depresses the PPT, pulls down his balaclava careful no to let it slap onto his neck, he trudges on grim faced* *Kaine hears the sleepy sounding man over the radio and presses down the PPT* "I hope to hear from you again soon, although saying that you probably cant hear this, oh well" *Kaine releases the PPT and continues his trudging*
  20. Welshie

    The Graystone (Open Frequency)

    *Kaine sit up from the fire, picking through the charred logs making sure the fire is completely burned out, He pulls his radio out of his pocket and presses the PPT* "Mr Hunter, if you're still listening im happy to meet you and explain my offer, contact me via this frequency" *Kaine pauses before releasing the PPT, he takes a long breath in before rising to his feet,there is a day to discover"
  21. Welshie

    (Recruiting) Graystone (New Graphics)

    Thank you very much, im really excited to see how this group will develop
  22. Welshie

    The Graystone (Open Frequency)

    *Kaine pulls his radio off of his shirt while talking to Daniel* "That is true Mr Hunter, if you're listening to this you are welcome to spend some time among us if you wish, next time we are out in the field we will broadcast on this frequency" *Kaine put his radio away and pats Daniel on shoulder as he rubs some recently acquired bruises on his neck*
  23. Welshie

    The Graystone (Open Frequency)

    *Kaine dubiously look at the radio in his hands, Looks into the faces of the men either said of him, then grips the radio and presses down the PPT* "If you're hearing this you probably don't know me, and honestly that doesn't bother me, but i know of people out there who think the same way as me and my fellow survivors" *Kaine Looks up at the faces of his friends, reassured by their smiles* "So anyway, if you are a person who just goes day to day on their own living whatever scraps they can find then listen up" *Kaine pauses briefly to clear his mind and speak with conviction* "You need to think the way i do, everything is there for the taking, you've just got consider the gain and loss of all your actions, if you gain more than you lose then.... surely you should proceed? We do, if we gain via doing something then we do it, none of this good or bad rubbish, the time for romanticizing and chivalry has gone, surviving is gaining, and we always gain" *Kaine takes a breath to compose himself* "If anyone out there shares an affinity for our way of thinking then Graystone is your way forward, contact me via our open frequency 64.49hz, we make our choices and we can gain no matter what" *Kaine clips his radio back onto his shirt pocket and sighs with relief, He looks to his men for reassurance and finds it*
  24. Welshie

    (Recruiting) Graystone (New Graphics)

    *Update* Quick shoutout to Klette for reaching out to me today, changes on the way for this group
  25. Welshie

    (Recruiting) Graystone (New Graphics)

    *UPDATE* Group has had some obvious changes, firstly the name, seemed to fit the group dynamic so much better, aswell as a full redo of graphics and general tone of the thread. Also the lore had been updated, it fitted the general theme of the group so much better and summarized how we wish to go about our rp. Thank you again all for the support and comments, it has all be taken onboard and i hope some of it has been addressed with this revamp
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