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  1. 1 minute ago, Realize said:

    Ok im not going to sit by and let you keep making up false claims about Luke we made a group vote the majority won and you guys wanted different things and now your salty you didn't get you're own way.

    You kinda missed a lot mate, i'm not gonna have this discussion on the groups thread, you have my discord if you wanna talk about it (If not its Welshie#1997)

  2. Sadly this group has decided to do something that has split us, I've loved every minute rping in the group and im proud to be a founding member but its a shame an ooc choice from @Luke has forced some of us to make the decision to leave.

    The concept of the group is great, but that is only when it is run as a group, not a dictatorship.

    much love to the 52 ❤️

  3. @MajooRB Im not gonna enter a back and forth on this, that image with the circle was passed onto me by a member of my group, they spotted that not me. 


    2 minutes ago, MajooRB said:

    It's pretty clear the op is angry about the situation and might have thrown the report up in haste.

    That's not really appropriate and adds nothing of value to the report, lets keep it civil eh?

    I will not be replying unless asked to by staff ❤️

  4. Server and location: S1 - East of Zub castle

    Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 19:15 GMT 18-5-2019

    Your in game name: Kaine Wilson

    Names of allies involved: Markus Lawson, Hank Williams, Todd Layne

    Name of suspect/s: Bead Batteries / one random guy who showed up and warned us of a coming attack.

    Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a

    Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ufg_zxSzPys&feature=youtu.be


    Detailed description of the events: 
    We heard via a random guy that turned up to our camp that the "Dead batteries" were on their way to our camp, so we all headed back to camp which is when i started recording as you can see im walking through the front gates, Hank shouts out that there are people out front of the base, 

    i look around and cant see anyone, shortly after this 4-5 people appear from around the back of the main building having jumped the fence ,shout something along the lines of "Put your fucking hands up pussies" before he could end the word pussies gunfire erupted as you can see i am putting my gun away as this is being said.

    Before he could even end the word "pussies" we were being fired upon as you can see in the video i put my gun away and go to put my hands up but before i can we're already being shot, i asked all of my guys which you can hear me say in the video if they shot first, they replied no, that leads to me to only two other conclusions, the random guy who happened to show up only minutes before this happened shot first or the group initiating did. Also as you can see, we were given nowhere near adequate time to comply.

  5. So, im a member of Fifty two, in regards to this comment 

    12 minutes ago, Noah_G said:

    there is really no way I could take fall damage in it.

    i present our watchtower,


    8 hours ago, Zanaan said:

    you spent a minimum of 15 minutes within their camp, during which you took fall damage twice for negligible damage,

    I've fallen off the tower many times, it gives you Negligible Damage

  6. My character's theme I'd like is: Explorer / Adventure - Think Indiana Jones with bit of Reginald Hargreaves throw in.
    The colour font should be: white
    Link to character page:https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-283/

    Link to images wanting to be used in titles: nothing specific anything you think might fit.
    What titles do you want?



    Personality / Traits 

    Skills / Handicaps 

    The Life and Times of Kaine Wilson Esquire. 





  7. 1 minute ago, DaRsnn said:

    There will always be a way to boost over walls with more than 1 person as well

    Very true, i'd forgotten that

    Just now, Derek Steel said:

    seems a bit like abuse of game machanics to me yee its nice thet they dident destroy a lot to get in but its still not a realistic way to brake in

    Very much so, like we dont mind stuff being taken, hence the gate being unlocked, all we have is food and tools.

  8. 2 minutes ago, Ouromov said:

    Personally I'd consider that particular way of breaking in an abuse of game mechanics IF the bases weren't already ridiculously easy to break into.  So it makes sense to just punishment over excessive removal of walls or dumping of stuff on the ground reasonable.


    Our base isnt even locked, you can just walk in the front gate which is what was annoying, we left it like that to avoid stuff being screwed with XD

  9. 2 minutes ago, DaRsnn said:

    I wouldn't personally class it as griefing, it's smart and annoying as I can tell, but to be fair they aren't destroying anything, and for you to remove the wire after they have done a raid isn't too much of a hassle.

    I can see both sides of it, it is smart but just seems that it makes trying to secure your base in any capacity redundant.


  10. 3 minutes ago, BiggsbeOG said:

    This is really scummy. It happened to us when my group based at Devil's, nothing you can really do.

    Seems its just something groups with bases has to deal with right now? just seems cheap doesn't it? like even if codelocks ever work it would still make them redundant, sadtimes.

  11. 9 minutes ago, Ouromov said:

    What I think is that until the devs / modders actually add something that balances the game for it to be fair to both raiders and people who spend time to build bases. There's nothing you can really do about it, except report for griefing if there is cause for it and consider your base as a RP base 100%  and not care for the things you keep there.

    Maybe when we get player built storage again, we'll see less raids done to get tents.

    Totally get that, it is an rp base, we keep food mostly and building tools its just for group interaction and place to work out off.

  12. So my friends and i have a little base setup, couple tents fire barrel, its nice and cozy.

    Now we expect people to break in and take stuff that's a given but what we have seen is people adding wire to one of the back corners and making it a gate to get in then simply walking in and taking what they want, now that seems a little scumy to me and a little griefy, pretty cheap way of doing it, its smart but man i dunno what to think.


    Whats your guys thoughts on it?
    (I get the whole work smarter not harder thing)

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