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  1. Well, It does seem that i have returned.

    An interesting development.

    1. Watchman


  2. ❤️ 
    Just gonna leave this here and disappear for 6+ months again.

    1. Peril


      You better not, at least play some Mordhau with me!

    2. LewOS


      The man still lives? 

    3. Welshie


      I am here!

  3. * A long forgotten wisp appears bringing forth sweet and wholesome melodies for your ears *


  4. Apology accepted Padre, life goes on, we all make mistakes.
  5. New Killswitch engage makes me very happy 


  6. New tune for the profile, absolute metal legends.


  7. Oi Oi, Support is it?

    1. Peril


      Something like that!

  8. Utter tune!


  9. Another absolute tune from my long time favorite band, ❤️ KSE.


  10. Nothing like being held up and then having crashes throw your gear into the abyss, even the guys who held me up felt bad.


  11. Tune, great album too.


    1. HarveyLR


      Fuckin' tune and a half mate

  12. You kinda missed a lot mate, i'm not gonna have this discussion on the groups thread, you have my discord if you wanna talk about it (If not its Welshie#1997)
  13. Sadly this group has decided to do something that has split us, I've loved every minute rping in the group and im proud to be a founding member but its a shame an ooc choice from @Luke has forced some of us to make the decision to leave. The concept of the group is great, but that is only when it is run as a group, not a dictatorship. much love to the 52
  14. Nah changed my mind, gotta rep family, love a bit of Tommy.


  15. I forgot how much of a tune this was!


  16. Can this report be closed please, @AndreyQ and myself have talked it out over discord, the logs proved what i suspected.
  17. @Aron73 Was the random guy who showed up just before it all kicked off, nothing to do with us.
  18. @MajooRB Im not gonna enter a back and forth on this, that image with the circle was passed onto me by a member of my group, they spotted that not me. That's not really appropriate and adds nothing of value to the report, lets keep it civil eh? I will not be replying unless asked to by staff
  19. To add to this, one of my group members has provided me with a screenshot of the first shot in the video, it comes from outside the camp. seeing as the raiders entered through the "Gate" which they built, it only points to one of them shooting first.
  20. Server and location: S1 - East of Zub castle Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 19:15 GMT 18-5-2019 Your in game name: Kaine Wilson Names of allies involved: Markus Lawson, Hank Williams, Todd Layne Name of suspect/s: Bead Batteries / one random guy who showed up and warned us of a coming attack. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ufg_zxSzPys&feature=youtu.be Detailed description of the events: We heard via a random guy that turned up to our camp that the "Dead batteries" were on their way to our camp, so we all headed back to camp which is when i started recording as you can see im walking through the front gates, Hank shouts out that there are people out front of the base, i look around and cant see anyone, shortly after this 4-5 people appear from around the back of the main building having jumped the fence ,shout something along the lines of "Put your fucking hands up pussies" before he could end the word pussies gunfire erupted as you can see i am putting my gun away as this is being said. Before he could even end the word "pussies" we were being fired upon as you can see in the video i put my gun away and go to put my hands up but before i can we're already being shot, i asked all of my guys which you can hear me say in the video if they shot first, they replied no, that leads to me to only two other conclusions, the random guy who happened to show up only minutes before this happened shot first or the group initiating did. Also as you can see, we were given nowhere near adequate time to comply.
  21. Loving this at the minute. Best album they did 😉


  22. Welshie

    X's Profile Pics

    Much love, thank you!
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