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"Old Man."

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  1. Well, It does seem that i have returned.

    An interesting development.

    1. Watchman


  2. ❤️ 
    Just gonna leave this here and disappear for 6+ months again.

    1. Peril


      You better not, at least play some Mordhau with me!

    2. LewOS


      The man still lives? 

    3. Welshie


      I am here!

  3. * A long forgotten wisp appears bringing forth sweet and wholesome melodies for your ears *


  4. Apology accepted Padre, life goes on, we all make mistakes.
  5. New Killswitch engage makes me very happy 


  6. We're gonna need to have a word about that profile gif... mainly, what the fuck is it? 😉

    1. Welshie


      Space monster god thing, did i explain that clearly?

  7. New tune for the profile, absolute metal legends.


  8. Oi Oi, Support is it?

    1. Peril


      Something like that!

  9. Utter tune!


  10. Another absolute tune from my long time favorite band, ❤️ KSE.


  11. Nothing like being held up and then having crashes throw your gear into the abyss, even the guys who held me up felt bad.


  12. Tune, great album too.


    1. Harvey


      Fuckin' tune and a half mate

  13. You kinda missed a lot mate, i'm not gonna have this discussion on the groups thread, you have my discord if you wanna talk about it (If not its Welshie#1997)
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