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  1. Fixed! launch though launcher but do not directly connect, then connect though server list., @Combine Medal goes to you, thank you all for your time. should make a note somewhere about the fix.
  2. 5th attempt. No change, do look like i'm melting when I go Prone tho.
  3. Hey all, Restarted and Re-subbed twice Results Speaks for itself
  4. Hey all been playing recently and I keep getting this weird glitch where my character hands are messed up and his legs are the same, wandering if anybody else has this issue and or if there is a fix. This is the same in game and wont let me shoot as I fire backwards and cant aim. Every item i has floats behind me as I play, Interestingly every other player I have come across looks the same. Hope there is a fix as re logging does nothing.
  5. *Static breaks, A soft breeze can be heard with the chirping of birds, Then a soft voice begins to speak* "To all out there I hope you hear this in good health, My name is Archibald Fogwood I am just a average survivor trying to survive like most." *A Gentle crackling of a fire can be heard, Then He pauses taking in a breath* "I would hate to bother anyone as I know we all are quite busy surviving at the moment and for the foreseeable future, But I was wandering if any body out there has a Sword replica for trade, I have never been good with guns and haven't really learned to used them proficiently, however I did take fencing classes in College and was quite good, I have been on the hunt for a good Sword for many Weeks now and I haven't come any closer to finding one." *Static breaks quickly before Fire Can heard Crackling in the background again* "I know to ask for such a hard to find item is quite the proposal but I have some things for trade, Not much Overall but I would literally be willing to give the clothes off my back to get a weapon I know how to use well. It seems stupid I know but if anyone out there cares or can help feel free to contact me on this frequency" *A sudden pause in his voice reveals a Infected growling can be heard in the background* "to anyone listening I hope you are all in good health and surviving well, thank you for you time and god bless." *Static consumes the channel sending it silence once more*
  6. Born a Orphan Archibald Fogwood was a English born child in the south of England, growing up in a orphan house that was a former church and was run by a retired priest, Archibald grew up being deeply religious, the religion itself was Christianity but the subbranch known as the Quakers, people who believe violence is never the answer and that all life is and will always be precious, even those that are seemingly evil by nature are still considered to be able to repent and leave their past behind. With this mindset growing up, Archibald never used violence as a solution and became quite a practicla thinker, at the age of 18 he became a fully qualified accountant in the UK. After many years of hard work and study Archibald soon left the UK to start his own legacy and family, he soon set out to Chernarus hearing about a recent conflict over there and thought it would be a good as place to live and help others than any other place. after years of being a accountant in the south of the black mountain range, he soon heard spread of a violent infection though the land. seeking safety he and a few friends hid in a cabin in the North-Western forests to wait for the all clear. that never happened and eventually Archibald and his friends soon set forward to see this new desolate world before them.
  7. Being born to the 4th wife of Baja Basu, in a small London flat in 1998, Bannar Basu had a swell childhood until the disappearance of his father to many other lands in 2006, Bannar wanted to see his father again but his dreams would have to wait. Bannar worked his fathers shop in his absence and made a decent amount of profit for the store, soon becoming a better merchant than his own father. after many years of schooling and selling the young Bannar finished school with good grades and a head full of dreams, He soon Joined the UK merchant navy to travel the world working on large cargo vessels, during many years of travelling the world and seafaring 6 months at a time, he soon found himself in the navigation and radio department of his ship, he soon proved to been a skilled tactician and mathematician for the vessel's cargo and fuel whilst travelling earning himself multiple promotions over many years. but a 2 years ago Bannar heard rumours of a land called Chenarus and that his father is alive somewhere within the lands at the time, so with his savings he heading into the lands ahead and spent many months looking for his father. during the initial outbreak, Bannar found a old outpost out in the wilderness where stayed with good company whilst hearing after many months that his father was once involved with a mysterious gang like group. He soon headed out into the lands to find his long lost father.
  8. I is Richard "Dicky" McKay, Grew up in the south of London, wiv me own kin Eddy n Tommy, watched over me growin up with the ol parents chucking the fuckin house at each other all the time, So we made our own bussiness, was quite some fun running the drugs around the old town, but the bobbys couldn't keep the fackin noses out of it for long, A while back we had to haul ass over to this Ruski mound of dirt, start anew and build a new mound out shit to rule from, of course didn't end up working to well with the outbreak and all, But still got me brothers and me heart is still going so that's enough for me.
  9. Cletus McGumphy born March 14th 1986, Born In Clanton Alabama. Cletus was Normal child spending time with his friends and enjoying life, He Mostly Enjoyed spending time with father Skeet shooting or hunting, He did many stupid things growing up, all lessons for to learn how to become better. At the age of 12 he spend time with his Dad fixing up old cars and working on them day in and out, It soon Became apparent That Cletus had a gift with Mechanics and Engineering, He spent The Rest of most his Childhood under hoods and got reputation doing a damn fine job with automobiles, at the Age of 18 He was out fixing things for many people most Days. However Cletus did not test well at school and ended up not getting the Grades he needed to get into college, He soon Ended up Becoming a Hard working mechanic Day and part time investor, in and Day out at the age of 22 there was nothing He couldn't Fix, Except for His mother gaining illness and Dying shortly after getting a fever, after the loss of his mother Cletus became distant and didn't want to stay in America for much longer with his father, He wanted to walk his own path and create his own destiny. at the age of 24 in 2010 He wanted more from life and wanted a new place to call home, His father turned to Drinking and it was no small amount leaving Cletus to work the Garage all day and night for the both of them.He made his getaway in 2011 and headed for Chernarus Hoping to get a job in engineering over there Due to the recent conflict leaving many position available, Whilst showing of his talent with machinery. He got a job as a mechanic and Wasn't enjoying his time in the country as many people there didn't a American but he dealt with it and as the infection hit he got in his car a drove out to the middle of nowhere to wait it out and watch the chaos ensue, He did just that. Now a new world has begun and Cletus is just to find a home and workplace so he can get back to fixing things.
  10. Baja Basu was Born into the eastern slums of Mumbai, son of Master trader Bubba basu. He grew up always learning the art of the deal, Learning how to work people into whatever trade he had for them and he had many, His father gave him more training in trade than being anything and he soon became a essential part of his fathers trading Depot, He loved his job and his family but he always longed for more. At the age of 16 he was already one his fathers best traders and negotiators for business his father became to dependant on Baja's skill with deals, instead of using his own skills. When the day came the Baja left to find more and become wealthy himself he simply left, not saying goodbye to anyone he knew and went into where he though he never would. At the age of 18 Baja already had his own Black market trading ring selling weapons and supplies to whoever was the highest bidder, he was proud of what he had built and soon his wealth grew to exponential levels. After years of trading in Dark things to darker customers, Karma caught up to him as multiple world government agencies wanted him either dead or on their side, Baja's Hand was forced, at the age of 32 in the year 2000 Baja went off the radar. He travelled to multiple places using the contacts he had made in his previous life, eventually bringing him to Chernarus in early 2002. He enjoyed the tranquillity of the land he hid in, He opened a small store in a small farming village, just south of the Black mountains. During the civil war in 2009 in the region Baja used his trading skills to stay alive making deals with whoever he could find to ensure he always had enough stock in his shop for his home village. After the Conflict he settled further into his home, living a life of peace soon realising how much damage he did in his previous life to so many others. After the Infection and widespread panic and disaster hit the country he was forced to wander the wastes surviving day to day like many others, as the infection continued with no sign of stopping Baja soon became a pathological liar. He quickly lost the ability to care or feel mercy as he soon understood it was a weakness in this new world, now he wanders in search of a good deal, trading with whoever is willing, not all his deals are to be trusted and neither are his words, many call him the master of deceit and bargaining and many want his head.
  11. Seconded, shit myself at first never been so relived to here his voice, great RP enjoy the fillets
  12. and it only took me 12 bullets to hit the zombie
  13. Gave it a go, might need a few improvements overall.
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