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  1. Hello Staff. I am inquring to see if my account could be terminated/Deleted if possible. I no longer play dayz nor any other video games and wish for my account to be removed from the site. Thank you for your time. Kind regards Aidicon184.
  2. Fixed! launch though launcher but do not directly connect, then connect though server list., @Combine Medal goes to you, thank you all for your time. should make a note somewhere about the fix.
  3. 5th attempt. No change, do look like i'm melting when I go Prone tho.
  4. Hey all, Restarted and Re-subbed twice Results Speaks for itself
  5. Hey all been playing recently and I keep getting this weird glitch where my character hands are messed up and his legs are the same, wandering if anybody else has this issue and or if there is a fix. This is the same in game and wont let me shoot as I fire backwards and cant aim. Every item i has floats behind me as I play, Interestingly every other player I have come across looks the same. Hope there is a fix as re logging does nothing.
  6. *Static breaks, A soft breeze can be heard with the chirping of birds, Then a soft voice begins to speak* "To all out there I hope you hear this in good health, My name is Archibald Fogwood I am just a average survivor trying to survive like most." *A Gentle crackling of a fire can be heard, Then He pauses taking in a breath* "I would hate to bother anyone as I know we all are quite busy surviving at the moment and for the foreseeable future, But I was wandering if any body out there has a Sword replica for trade, I have never been good with guns and haven't really learned to
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