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  1. Joseph Barnsley

    Joseph Barnsley born on April 14th 1998, In Nuneaton in the English midlands, Born to loving parents Jane and Zach Barnsley. he lived a fairly normal life being brought up as lone child he learn how to cope on his own at a early age, growing up he had multiple interest he enjoyed Hunting, Archery and bird watching to name a few. after finishing school at 16 he went to Nuneaton college studying Agriculture and wildlife obtaining a diploma.then went forward to university reviving a bachelors degree in Agriculture and wildlife development.
  2. Seconded, shit myself at first never been so relived to here his voice, great RP enjoy the fillets
  3. The Firm Media Thread

    and it only took me 12 bullets to hit the zombie
  4. The Firm [ACTIVE] [Strict Recruitment]

    Its good to be back
  5. Apocalypse Inventions

    Ion cannon...
  6. MS Paint stuff.

    Gave it a go, might need a few improvements overall.
  7. Game of Thrones TV Show Discussion (no book spoilers)

    why the fuck is Gendry not back?, i enjoyed the episode was alright, but what still rustles my jimmys is Gendry the probs the last Baratheon even a bastard but still by right a Baratheon (more than Joeffery, Tommon and whatever her name was), all i want is just to see he still is alive but no, for all we know he could still be in that little boat circling the same island for a year because he lost, i just want closure on his story-line ya know, he was a great character and had great bantz with Arya, plus being one of the last bastards of Robert he has a lot of story-line potential. They Have missed quite a few story-lines for the book, and yeah i know "it would cost to much money to do them all", I think they shouldn't have wasted some of the best material like Lady Stoneheart, Young Griff, more of the Greyjoy uncles, The Dornish master plan, The Manderlys restoring the starks with Stannis, and that's only a fragment of what could have been added. i don't mind them not being in the Series but why waste such good material?" still love GOT and always will but i prefer the books to the show.
  8. *You once again hear the break of static before the Indian mans voice returns, sounding as if he was recently beaten with a metal object* "yes sir i have many good things still in stock....argh my face..." *The static returns after his words finish*
  9. Rogovo Fight Club! [Open]

    *you hear a sudden break of static then a man with a gentle yet thick Indian accent* "Ladies and gentleman, this is your host and announcer Baja. there will be a fight club tonight at 8pm, as usual the fights are 3 round matches, and if a tie, the fighters can use melee weapons chucked into the ring by you! only if both fighters agree to the 3rd round melee weapons will it be done." *you hear static as the Indian man takes a breath* "so don't forget to get down to the fight club tonight! and remember our motto... Don't cause shit! have a good day!" *you hear the static break in once again but this time final*
  10. Vybor Military Compound(Open Frequency)

    *The Indian man hears discussion on the radio, you then hear the static break and his soft voice appear* "Sir i do believe your fucked" *the static is heard once again after he finishes his short but simple sentence, hoping the fool understands*
  11. Once i walked into one of those towers in Cherno and thought i would be a good idea to see the view from the top, so i managed to get to the top of the tower (one of the really high ones), i then looked around and see two people in a Mexican stand off on another tower. both of them were holding pistols and pointing them at each other, it was like a scene from a action movie. anyways so i looked at these guys and they didn't notice me so i proceed to get a good seat and see who would win. it was quite entertaining, then both of them proceeded to drop there guns and both got there fists up and where ready for a fist fight. it looked like they wanted to finish it "man to man" so to say, then out of nowhere BOOM! they both blew up and i flew out my chair scared shitless. my best guess as to what happened is one of them pulled a grenade before the were about to fight killing them both. it was dramatic as hell and after the explosion my brilliant brain went into panic mode and was like "move!" causing me to run of the side of the tower to my death. i didn't really get the f*ck out of there but i tried...
  12. The Trinity [Selective Recruitment]

    Might need to hire you guys soon if your up for it Love the look and story, cant wait to meet you guys in game.
  13. Open freq.

    *You hear a static then a soft spoken Indian Voice begins to speak* "Maybe you need to improve your Aim sir, i found the Dead do stay dead when you hit them either with a Melee weapon...a bullet...hell even fists can do the trick if you get the swing right." *The Indian man hums calmly as the static falls over his voice once again*
  14. Baja Basu Adventures!

    My apologies for the delay in videos lately Rich Tea is a bit under the weather and im in college alot currently due it being the last two weeks of term, the videos will continue when me and rich do have the time, so we can provide better quality videos for you guys and gals. my apologies and Hope to get new content up as soon as we can .
  15. DayZRP Trailer

    +1 Would require a lot of work but it would be worth it.