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  1. awesome i am already playing exile and zombies and demons and ir rocks.having our rp server on there would be very nice.plz make it happen rolle.
  2. downloading arma3 now can't wait for our server to be up.
  3. Real life picture Thread

    me and my dog.
  4. A Basic Roleplaying Guide

    [align=left]whery nice i really enjoyed the read and i already identified some mistakes that i would have to rectify in game.i am still struggling with the whole text thing,but i guess i will get there.
  5. FN-FAL WIP Preview

    excellent weapons i will take it over the ak any day.here is a pic of mind i am using when on duty.its the urban version with a fold up but and short barrel.
  6. Campsite Protection Rights

    i agree but i also agree that there must be rp like having a bush court so to speak,if the thief is found guilty then he can be executed.lets say he was in your camp looked around but did not take a single thing then i would say there must be some sort of other punishment except death.but witchever way it goes there must be rp. p.s watch out for those warning shots mate,it might just bite you in the ass.
  7. Greetings and Salutations!

    welcome to this community,stay alive and trust no one.

    - SNIP -
  9. Green mountian- stop the bandits

    i tend to find that bandits use the rp excuse to get gear,because they are too lazy to look for their own:)
  10. British Armed Forces (Active Recruitment)

    this is me and what i do for a living,i am a proud member of the south African police k-9 search and rescue team.
  11. British Armed Forces (Active Recruitment)

    hello all,i just wanted to make this post and thank everyone for a kick ass RP,as a newbie i learned allot tonight.and to any one that's looking for a group that has friendly,mature and helpful members this is your group.ones again thank you all and god bless.
  12. Pictures from my Holiday

    Oh don't worry, Math is part of it too Other divers will be able to relate yup your dive table is a must for any diver,without it you will most probably not make it back .nice pics by the way.unfortunately i can't show you my pics because i look for drowning victims in zero visibility,dams,rivers etc. k-9 search and rescue
  13. Its not feels good...

    i have been playing on the us server since yesterday afternoon and let me say i had more good encounters than bad ones.be polite,helpfull and introduce yourself so poeple can see you are not a treat without reason.i gave my ak to someone who did not have a weapond and it paid off,he gave me a hunting scope.my point is yes getting robed is probebly unavoidible if you run into the wrong group,but there are good guys out there that will help you if you help them.
  14. Hello all

    thank you i will do so if there is a problem. Hello And Welcome to the Community! If you have any questions don't hesitate to PM me or any of the people with orange names. Or feel free to join the Helpdesk in the Dayzrp TeamSpeak. Good Luck out there ! thank you kind sir
  15. Hello all

    Hello fellow survivors,i just wanted to introduce myself as i am a new member.my real name is leon harrington and i am from south africa.i hope this server is as good as it sounds and the poeple as friendly,not getting shot on sight is mutch to look forward to.hope i see all of you soon. greetings and god bless