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  1. Yuri and Boria discussing about something
  2. - the user was cautioned for this post -
  3. Mikoyan Rykov

    Warming up

    That was the goal. Better "dead" than sorry
  4. Mikoyan Rykov

    Warming up

    Warming up for the long night
  5. Mikoyan Rykov

    Warming up

    Warming up for the night
  6. So in the last 4 hours S1 is running with 80 players, maybe because of 1.0? Any chance on getting S2 back online?
  7. SVR operators at the campfire
  8. I last played DayzRP maybe one week ago. Today, after the 1.0 patch I logged back in and my character got wiped. Is that normal?
  9. Hi. I would like to know when and for how long the server restart occurs. I have also constantly received the "server time out" message and am disconnected.
  10. Mikoyan Rykov

    Free Territory Media

  11. Mikoyan Rykov

    The problem with elitism and elitists on our servers

    Well... i was always on the other side (bandit clan) but the ppl that enjoy rp seemed to enjoy the TP.
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